Sheriff’s Detectives Make Bomb Threat Arrest

Christopher M. Young’s facebook photos

Christopher M. Young of Freehold Borough was arrested by detectives of the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office yesterday and charged with making a false public alarm of a critical infrastructure. Young texted a bomb threat to the agency’s 9-1-1 Telecommunications Center in Freehold on December 8, 2016 from a pre-paid cell phone.

A former employee of the 9-1-1 center who was fired in October of 2016 during his probationary employment, Young’s text claimed there was a bomb in the center.

“These types of threats are taken very seriously and will not be tolerated to ensure the safety of the people who live and work in Monmouth County,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden. “I commend our detectives from the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office for fully responding to this false public alarm and actively working to find out who was responsible for this disruptive and potentially dangerous threat.”

Detectives investigated the threat through cell phone tracking and surveillance. When apprehended, Young made a full confession to the second degree crime, according to a statement by the Sheriff’s Office.

Last October, following his termination from the Sheriff’s Office, Young threatened to kill MMM publisher Art Gallagher after Gallagher deleted an inappropriate comment Young made about the Sheriff’s Office in the Monmouth County News Group on facebook.

Gallagher reported the threat to the Highlands Police Department.  Detective George Ruth investigated and concluded that Young did not present a credible threat after he confessed.

Young was issued a summons and released after his arrest on February 1.

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  1. Anger management said at 12:35 pm on February 2nd, 2017:

    has become a critical problem of our society, these days. The “everybody wins,” “everyone gets a trophy for showing up” mentality, added to the very spoiled nature of how we are raising our kids to always get “their way,” is really becoming a major social and law enforcement issue, today. The ability to loudly and prominently express negative and potentially dangerous feelings and behaviors, through various technologies, is just becoming nearly unmanageable. Could not believe the news coverage of the riots at UC Berkeley, wherein likely paid and orchestrated rioters caused thousands in damage, and endangered many people: up on the roof were guards with guns, and no one did anything to stop it: what ARE we doing?? And the bratty “snowflakes” who yell “love trumps hate,” continue to show it is they who are the haters- and, if their tuition increases because the damage they caused had to be fixed, they’ll riot again, about that. Unless and until physical threats, and bad behaviors that step over the line are firmly addressed, we will continue to deteriorate into a third world country, no better than terrorists!