Sheriff’s Office on high alert for 9-11 anniversary

Monmouth County Sheriff's Patrol At Seastreak's Highlands Terminal. file photo

Monmouth County Sheriff’s Patrol At Seastreak’s Highlands Terminal. file photo

The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office is on heightened alert for the 14th anniversary of the 9-11 terrorists attacks, according to a statement issued by Sheriff Shaun Golden.

“September 11th is a day of remembrance and reflection for our country,” Golden. “As always, our Law Enforcement Division will be working closely with local law enforcement agencies to take whatever steps are required to ensure the safety and security of the people who live and work in Monmouth County, as well as those who may be visiting.”

In addition to their routine security checks, sheriff’s officers will be assisting local police patrols at ferry terminals and transportation hubs.

K-9 teams will be sweeping ferry terminals and train stations, as well as major 9/11 remembrance observances, as requested. Sheriff’s Marine #1 will be out patrolling the waterways and conducting homeland security checks throughout the day.

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