N.J. to hike salary cap for school superintendents after 5-year freeze

assetcontent-65TRENTON — New Jersey wants to hike the maximum salary for school superintendents to about $191,500 and allow them to make more if they stay in the same district beyond their first contract, the Christie administration announced Wednesday. The proposed increase from the existing $175,000 salary cap for many of the state’s school districts comes as…

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2 Comments on “N.J. to hike salary cap for school superintendents after 5-year freeze”

  1. Higher paid jerks left, quality of education increased! said at 10:10 am on November 17th, 2016:

    Higher paid jerks left for higher pay and yet the quality of education, as measured by percent of students graduating and percent of students moving on to college, increased!

    LOWER THE CAP, NOT RAISE IT! Or eliminate the super position all together, it’s a pointless and unnecessary position that is a hold over from days long gone. Move On Democrats, ELIMIATE the school superintendents and their staffs, watch education IMPROVE.

  2. Forget their salaries- said at 3:21 pm on November 17th, 2016:

    something really needs to be done about the many entities who have failed to cap sick time payouts! No wonder taxes keep going up- we are also paying the interest on years of bonds, so many also get their” boat- checks” or golden parachutes! Greedy? Stupid? Unsustainable?- you tell me!