Red Bank’s Head Democrat Compares VP Nominee’s Prayer To Oral Sex

Clinton Delegate Zipprich’s Implied Comparison of Prayer to Performing Oral Sex is Beyond Sinful

ed-z-tweetRed Bank Councilman and Democrat Chairman Ed Ziprrich compared GOP Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence’s daily prayer to oral sex on twitter last month, prompting Kelli O’Bosky Colwell, a Republican candidate for Red Bank Council to call for Zipprich to resign his position as a councilman and as the Democrat Local Chairman.

“He’s not fit for public office”, O’Bosky Colwell said of Zipprich.

“While we welcome discourse and disagreement on policy, under no circumstance can we remain silent while Red Bank Democrats make such atrocious comments. Zipprich’s implied comparison of prayer to performing oral sex is beyond sinful. As faithful Catholics – my running mate Brian Hanlon and I are and proud to say that, like Governor Pence, we pray daily. Brian and I call for Zipprich’s immediate resignation; and we call on our Democrat opponents and their local, state, and national parties to do the same. While we cannot imagine all Red Bank Democrats harbor the same thoughts as Mr. Zipprich, it is incumbent on Kathy Horgan and Erik Yngstrom to denounce Mr. Zipprich’s implication and call for his resignation to prove that is the case. Should Ms. Horgan and Mr. Yngstrom not take such action immediately, they will show yet again they are unequivocally unfit for public office.”

Zipprich did not return a call or a text for comment.  His offending tweet was made during the Vice Presidential debate on October 4 and shared with the Stonewall Democrats and Log Cabin Republicans.


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One Comment on “Red Bank’s Head Democrat Compares VP Nominee’s Prayer To Oral Sex”

  1. Tom Stokes said at 6:00 pm on November 2nd, 2016:

    Now that certainly would leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth …

    Again, Christianity, all of Christianity, is under attack, not just by medieval extremists who would cut off our heads, but by leftist Clinton Democrats who think Christianity, including Catholics, are “backwards” because we dare to believe in a higher power than man.

    Yes, we all fail at times, due to our fallen nature, but with Faith we are able to pick ourselves up with the help of God’s Grace of Hope.

    Democrats, stop your attacks on those who do believe in God. Your Godless nature will never help resolve the problems our country faces.

    May I refer you to the leader of the Nation of Islam in America, Louis Farrakhan, who has finally pointed out (10/30/2016) what pro-life advocates have been saying for many years about the founder of Planned Parenthood; namely that it was to control the growth of the black population and other poor minorities.


    If those who follow Moses to the God of Abraham, those who follow Jesus (known as Eesa in the Islamic Holy Book, the Koran) to the God of Abraham, and those who follow Mohammed to the God of Abraham (the same God) could only understand that if we all claim to be the children of the same God, then we are all of the same family.

    What a shame it is that we all have let cultural, ethnic, tribal and national divisions take precedence over behaving in the manner worthy of our Creator. Too many times religion has been used as a screen to hide our lust and greed for power.

    May God forgive us all.