Red Bank Republicans Pledge To Deliver Reforms Or Step Down


Kelli O’Bosky Colwell and Brian Hanlon

The Republican candidates for Borough Council in Red Bank today unveiled a plan of actions they pledge to take during their first six months in office and promised not to seek reelection if they failed to deliver on their promises.

Brian Hanlon and Kelli O’Bosky Colwell are both running for public office for the first time.  If they win, the Red Bank GOP will have a 5-1 super majority on the council and little justification not to deliver on its promises.  Hanlon and O’Bosky are seeking to unseat incumbents Kathy Horgan, a Democrat and Cindy Burnham, a Republican turned Independent after she was denied renomination by the GOP. Democrat newcomer Erik Yngstrom is also competing for one of the two seats on the Council that voters will choose on November 8.

Hanlon and O’Bosky Colwell’s plan will freeze salaries for borough department heads for three years, establish a new partnership with Red Bank’s business community, create a new pedestrian safety plan and balance the budget with consolidated services.

“We are Red Bank business people, not longtime politicians or government bureaucrats,” said Hanlon. “Like us, our Red Bank neighbors are tired of hearing politicians make vague promises at election time only to watch them ignore or oppose those pledges during their terms. The plan Kellie and I have unveiled contains specific items to make Red Bank an even better place to live, work, and raise our families.”

“Today’s announcement is not just to inform residents about what we are going to do; it is also to ensure residents hold us accountable when we are elected,” said O’Bosky Colwell. “If Brian and I do not follow through with our plan, we will not run for re-election. We are not running to get a government job; Brian and I are running to make government actually serve the public.”

The Hanlon-O’Bosky Colwell Plan adheres to the following schedule:

Meeting 1

-Call for an operational review of our water utility to determine what part it plays, if any, in the pollution of the Navesink River and to make an accurate assessment on the viability of keeping or selling the utility.

– Introduce a resolution demanding an immediate three-year salary freeze for all applicable Borough Directors.

– Introduce a resolution requiring all mayoral/council e-mail correspondences be conducted in Borough e-mail accounts, thus making them subject to OPRA requests.

Month 1

– After conference with the Borough Chief of Police and Engineer, develop a Red Bank pedestrian safety plan.

– Create a Red Bank Business Community Commission to bridge the gap of communication between Red Bank residents, commercial property owners, and business leaders, and to work on fundraising for a new park on the West Side.

Month 3

– Call for an operational review and comprehensive audit of all Borough operations to ensure tax dollars are being spent in the most efficient manner, and to develop a plan to consolidate services.

– Call for the completion of an update to the Borough’s master development plan.

Month 6

– Create an economic development master plan for the borough.

– Introduce a balanced budget that consolidates services where able.


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3 Comments on “Red Bank Republicans Pledge To Deliver Reforms Or Step Down”

  1. Chances said at 9:32 pm on October 24th, 2016:

    of two new, Republican council candidates winning in a presidential year, is unfortunately, slim to none. The division in their local party, not endorsing a winner, has hurt, plus you will see another very large Dem turnout there again, this year.. Maybe try again if this does not work out..

  2. Steve Adams said at 1:22 pm on October 27th, 2016:

    I wish Trump would commit to a single term, or promise to not run if his promises were not yielding the promised results. If he could challenge Hillary to make the same commitment, either way the country would be better off in four years (There is no chance Hillary’s promises will track reality)

  3. Doug said at 2:35 pm on November 4th, 2016:

    Concerning the water utility, we currently are back on Red Bank well water after a recent yearly switch to New Jersey American. The water tasted (and smelled) horribly. Back on our well water, and things are fine. This is not the first time that NJAW has let us down. I don’t like the idea of the water utility being privatized unless there are strict restrictions on the use and availability of our local well water continuing into the future. What happens it they privatize the utility, and we end up on NJAW 52 weeks a year, and they corporate owner of the utility takes all our water and sells it as “Red Bank Spring Water” ????

    To me, that would be grounds for a citizen driven class action lawsuit against the buyer.