The Best of Boats and Baseball

“Baseball, it is said, is only a game. Right, and the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona.”2016052995212301

—George F. Will

By Greg Kelly

I first became a baseball fan back in 1969—a signature year for the New York Mets. And I’ve been talking to my children about the “Amazing Mets” since they were little. It has stuck with them.

My daughter Lauren went through a time where she watched all the games and got me back into watching regularly. My son Kyle has a real appreciation for baseball history and went to his first professional game before he was 10.

Both of my children love baseball in general and the Mets in particular. (It’s been easy lately—they’re winning.) So the game presents a superb opportunity for us to make a connection. In an effort to build on that connection, I got the rare privilege of taking my daughter to a Met game—the only way to go—via the Seastreak Ferry right out of Highlands, NJ.

2016052995180406If you know something about New Jersey-New York ferry boat history, then you might recall that it has shuttled Kings and Presidents. I felt like I got treatment on par with them, thanks to Seastreak. A comfortable and quick ride, spectacular sights and service, no hassles or waiting, and excellent event seating—so what if I paid $154 for a Yoenis Cespedes jersey (my son, who couldn’t make the trip, wanted it). Lauren and I were smiling all night.

The game was played as part of a weekend celebration for the 1986 Mets team—the last one to win a World Series title 30 years ago. The ballpark atmosphere that night was electrical. Too bad the Mets lost a close game in the 9th inning.

I will be forever grateful for the ease and class in which we attended this ball game. While watching the game my daughter just shined with enthusiasm and delight. Walking around the ballpark between innings, and seeing some historic Met images at Citi Field, Lauren surprised me with her recall for great (and not so great) Met moments and players. After the game on the cruise home, Lauren told me her goal is to become a Met season ticketholder someday. I like the sound of that.

Getting the time and attention of my children nowadays is no small task. They’re growing older (my son, Kyle, is 22 and my daughter, Lauren, is 20), so they have their work, their schooling, their friends, and their interests to pursue. Watching the Great American Pastime brings us together.

So next time you want to see a Big League ball game—forget the long ride, the traffic, the gas and tolls, the parking, and the long ride home. Take the boat and really have a wonderful time. 20160529_182339

For more information on Seastreak’s remaining baseball-ferry schedule (including several NY Yankee and NY Met weekend games) click HERE.  Boat trips for the Yanks include games with the Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, San Francisco Giants, Cleveland Indians, and Baltimore Orioles among others. The Mets will face off against the Chicago Cubs, Washington Nationals, Colorado Rockies, Philadelphia Phillies, and the Minnesota Twins. The baseball excursions run through October. You can also call 800-BOATRIDE (800-262-8743) for the details.

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