Float Me Out to the Ballgame

“Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too.”

—Yogi Berra

By Greg Kelly

imagejpeg_0 (1)Both of my children are baseball fans—pretty serious baseball fans. Each has a love and respect for the history and traditions of the game. They remember seasons, teams, players, games, and events. Me too.

So the game presents a superb opportunity for us to make a connection. We got the opportunity to do some very nice baseball bonding just recently when we attended a Met game at Citi Field. And while the Mets stunk up the joint (losing 9-0, with just three hits), we still had a grand time.

You see, to get the time and attention of my children nowadays is no small task. They’re getting older (my son, Kyle, will be 21 next March and my daughter, Lauren, turns 19 in November), so they have their work, their schooling, their friends, and their interests to pursue.

But when I told them we’d be going to a game, and on the ferry, they leaped at the opportunity. The Seastreak boat ride to the game offered up the comfort, relaxation, and time to talk and laugh with my kids (along with my sister, Shannon, who joined us and enjoyed herself very much).

Once we reached our destination in Queens, walking outside the stadium and in it, my kids really shinned. Looking at some historic Met images at Citi Field, the kids surprised me with their recall for great (and not so great) Met moments and players. Thanks to Seastreak, I was in “family” and “baseball” hog heaven. It was without a doubt my favorite moment this summer.


For Jersey Shore baseball fans travel to a pro game can be daunting. While there’s nothing like seeing a major league game in person, getting there is a hassle. Consider the deterrents: the long ride, the traffic, the gas and tolls, the parking, and then the long ride home. Well, thanks to Seastreak, you can forget about all that.

Now, you just take the boat. That’s right, a big league ball game and a water view to boot. For more info on Seastreak’s remaining baseball schedule (including several NY Yankee and NY Met weekend games) click HERE. The baseball excursions run through September.

So take your kids, take your spouse, take your sibling, take your friend, take yourself to a game. It’s a very fun way to make a very fine moment.



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