Mocking Christie: Trump is working on the Jersey vote

graphic via writersbeat.com

graphic via writersbeat.com

Most so called experts are saying that unless Donald Trump wins both the Florida and Ohio primaries tonight that he won’t have the 1237 delegates needed to win the 2016 GOP presidential nomination outright.   Two of Trump’s three remaining competitors for the nomination are openly angling for a brokered nominating convention.

New Jersey’s presidential primary could make a difference in who is nominated for the first time in decades.  Trump is poll obsessed and knows that Governor Chris Christie’s approval numbers at home are in the tank.  As The Donald has been saying about Marco Rubio in Florida, Christie couldn’t get elected dog catcher in New Jersey.

Christie has declared himself the most prominent of Trump’s endorsements.

But every time Christie has left New Jersey to campaign for Trump, The Donald has made a fool of the governor.  After the endorsement speech in Texas there was the video clip of Trump telling Christie to get on the plane and go home.  Christie’s facial expressions while standing behind Trump went viral and prompted the Gannet newspapers, The Star Ledger and three Republican state legislators to call for the governor’s resignation if he was going to continue to neglect his duties at home in favor of the national limelight.

On the presidential campaign trail yesterday, Trump embarrassed Christie twice; once in North Carolina and again in Ohio.

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Christie mocked the thought that he could be second fiddle to anyone when addressing the speculation that he might be a vice presidential candidate.  Now he is playing the role of Donald Trump’s foil.

New Jersey voters are loving it.

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5 Comments on “Mocking Christie: Trump is working on the Jersey vote”

  1. Have always said said at 10:12 am on March 15th, 2016:

    that Christie is running for AG, not president.. as much as many want him gone as governor, he’s made it obvious he’s given up on making any major changes here- the unions reign supreme, and Blue Jersey will go for the Democrat in November, as usual.. Meanwhile, we see how some county organizations are frankly waking up, and putting Trump on their county line.. It is a bit unnerving that NJ Republicans at Cleveland might make an all-important decision like whom our delegates are cast for, on the floor: they traditionally lean and vote RINO, or mainstream/ lib Republican. With any luck, by July, Trump won’t need us!

  2. Christie Crossed Jennifer Beck's "Red Line" said at 12:15 pm on March 15th, 2016:

    Just last week, Jennifer Beck publicly declared that Christie must chose New Jersey or Trump. Well, it’s apparent that Christie chose Trump, and his personal ambitions to remain relevant.

    The bill for this non-candidates state police protection is growing exponentially. Some might argue you can run the state by being out of the state. Really? Christie just missed two funerals for state police because he felt it was more important to be with Trump,

    Jennifer Beck, your red line has been crossed! Are you going to call for your friend’s resignation??

    We all know you never vetoed the man–even to support YOUR OWN initial votes.

    We will be watching!

  3. Kathy Baratta said at 1:12 pm on March 15th, 2016:

    Chris Christie. From bully to butt-boy.

    I’m waiting for the sound-bite where we hear Trump do his best Billy Zane, looking toward Christie and telling a baggage handler, “See my man about it.”

  4. Indict Christie said at 2:01 pm on March 15th, 2016:

    Carrying water for Trump is good training for Christie. Christie needs to learn how to be an obedient bitch before he enters federal prison next year.

  5. Not too sure said at 10:01 am on March 16th, 2016:

    if the gov helps or hurts Trump.. sometimes one can go from helpful supporter to hanger-on, sticking too close,like mud on a shoe..