Bill to give DEP authority over waterfront access clears committee

TRENTON — With unusual lightning speed, a state Senate committee advanced a bill on Thursday that would give the state Department of Environmental Protection the authority to regulate waterfront access. The quick action by the Senate Environment and Energy Committee comes two weeks after a state appellate court panel concluded the DEP does not have theā€¦

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3 Comments on “Bill to give DEP authority over waterfront access clears committee”

  1. Sounds more like said at 8:55 pm on January 7th, 2016:

    another governmental overreach- but, why think that? It’s only NJ… Oh yeah, that’s exactly why this scares me!!

  2. Really said at 10:46 am on January 8th, 2016:

    If you want a private beach and want to keep the public out then take care of it yourself, pay for all the beach replenisment yourself, pay for the dunes to be constructed yourself.


  3. I pay said at 10:08 pm on January 8th, 2016:

    a pretty large “users fee” every year,at my public beach, (it’s called beach badges,) as well as contribute plenty of my tax dollars toward all beach replenishments, which I am more than happy to do!! .. sour shore is the only good thing about New Jersey!.,Am sure that those who do belong to private clubs- ( I have certainly never been one of them,) pay more than their fair share- remember, those “awful” wealthy folks among us pay the most in taxes, too- so don’t assume you know everything about everybody.. was referring here to the increase in ” eminent domain” cases, where some governments DO overreach and grab private properties for so- called ” public use”..ask the ranchers and farmers out west how much they have been harassed and robbed of what they either inherited and/ or earned!!..