Deal reportedly scrapping restricted beach parking plan

assetContentDEAL — A raw deal for taxpayers who paid for a newly widened beach in this wealthy Jersey shore enclave now appears to be no deal at all. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection told The Associated Press on Tuesday night that officials in the borough of Deal said they were tabling an ordinance that…

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One Comment on “Deal reportedly scrapping restricted beach parking plan”

  1. Mike Harmon said at 9:55 am on October 7th, 2015:

    Deal was showing their true colors by trying to deny beach access by handing out multiple parking permits to residents (most of which would go unused in May, June, Sept and October)

    This is not the first time Deal has pulled this crap (my technical word).

    I was there protesting when Deal vacated ocean-front street ends to their buddies with homes on the ocean. The selfish homeowners – with their oceanfront homes – didn’t like anyone on the beach – promptly put up walls, fences to block the street access along with viscous dogs and of course cops to protect the land stolen from the people. Of course the town said it was a safety issue.
    I say it was corruption.

    Just to add another issue. Long Branch put up parking stations on Ocean Avenue between the Skate Park and the beach. There is only one reason for people to park there. To go to the Skate Park on one side or the beach on the other which is a Monmouth County Park Beach, Seven Presidents. So Long Branch is charging people to go onto Monmouth County Parks and Seven President’s Park Beach – despite objections.

    Monmouth County beaches and waterfront access are very important to all of us – year round.