Under new bill, a ‘smart gun’ in every N.J. gun shop

assetContent (8)TRENTON — More than a dozen years after passing a “smart gun” law that is now blamed for stopping them from being sold across the country, state Senate Democrats on Thursday said they want to revamp the law and force gun dealers to carry the high-tech weapons. Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen) said she is introducing a…

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One Comment on “Under new bill, a ‘smart gun’ in every N.J. gun shop”

  1. Republican in name and actions said at 10:01 am on November 9th, 2015:

    This law is not ill concieved at all. You see the Liberals what to push their gun control agenda anyway they can.

    Defacto gun control is one way. For example, tax ammunition, tax gun manufacturers for Health care, make ammunition very expensive and difficult to get. Have Homeland Security purchase excessive amounts of ammunition so that the citizen gun owner has access to a very limited inventory.

    This law is another example of that. Make the guns so expensive, make the product so unreliable, make the product unable to be used by anyone else so that gun safety, gun hobbies and self defense can not be taught to the next generation. Make the gun so that it can not be passed down to the next generation through inheritance.

    Liberals know that the gun owner will not purchase these guns. They know that the gun is similar to purchasing hammer without a handle.

    The fact that logical defenders of 2A think this law is rediculous on so many levels has no effect on the Liberals positions in fact what a Law abiding gun owner finds rediculous the Liberals finds as logical reason for such a law.

    For example,

    Gun Owner: Why would I buy a gun that my wife and children can not fire. The wife and children have all had safty and training and have been to the gun club to target shoot hundreds of times. The handgun is for home defense. As the gun owner I’m hnot home all the time and I need my family to defend themselves.


    We need these guns so that the wife and children of the gun owner can not use this firearm, every. Not for self defense , not for hobbies and not for training.

    Imagine an entire generation that never got the chance to hunt, target shoot, get a merit badge in Scouting, learn to respect and use a very important tool.

    The Liberals not only imagine this they long for it and will stop at nothing to make it happen.