Christie announces change to N.J. gun policy on eve of 2016 kickoff

TRENTON — At 9:30 p.m. on the eve of his Republican presidential campaign kickoff, Gov. Chris Christie announced a change to state firearm policy on an issue that has been riling gun rights activists. The governor also signaled support for loosening New Jersey’s strict gun control laws. Reacting to the June 3 death of 39-year-old Berlin…

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3 Comments on “Christie announces change to N.J. gun policy on eve of 2016 kickoff”

  1. Carolee Adams said at 11:12 am on June 30th, 2015:

    Expedited gun permit applications for victims of domestic violence, other violent crimes or ‘those living under a direct or material threat’ is a no-brainer, long overdue, and near-criminal to have ignored until now. But, Commission After Commission After Commission?! How many are we up to now? Commission to Study PARCC Assessments. Commission to Study Common Core Standards. Commission to Study Pensions. And, now: “Commission to Study New Jersey Firearm Purchase and Permitting Study Commission” – a long name and complex issue that would imply the need for more than three mere selective members.

    My 12-year old daughter, a national debating champion, even then knew that establishing selective commissions was a means of buying time. Yet, it impressed the judges when she applied them to her talking points. Caution applies.

    Political pandering is not presidential; a constitutional candidate with foresight, qualifications, integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, character, work ethic, and a proven, reliable, consistent track record is. Our Governor still has time to provide proof of his constitutional credentials, and more, beyond selective commissions.

  2. Dave said at 6:04 am on July 2nd, 2015:

    The DV bill sent to Christie is yet another failure by Trenton lawmakers to actually address a problem and do so correctTly, instead focusing on their fascination with taking guns from people. With this bill, the 5th Amendment is shredded along with the 4th and of course 2nd Amendments. What gun was used to stab Carol Bowne to death?

  3. jimmy jones said at 6:17 pm on July 2nd, 2015:

    In the end, after all the publicity, and the knashing of teeth by the “Brady Bunch”, little will have changed.

    The idea of “those living under a direct or material threat” is a joke. Who will decide this? A Judge? They do now and the rules are the same. You will have to prove, to their satisfaction that you have a “need”.

    You would think the law abiding citizens in Newark or Camden would fall under that category. The fact I have to often carry large amounts of cash in areas that I might not choose to go should also meet those requirements, but neither do.

    How about the God given right to protect yourself or your family? This doesn’t count either and will not under these “new” rules.

    Spare us the rhetoric and save the Constitution and the rights enumerated in it.

    Being that SCOTUS and POTUS feel that there should universal recognition of same sex marraige as a human right, it follows that all states should recognize the right to carry a weapon and protect ones self and family.

    It is our human right.