In Marlboro: Why are the Hornikcrats lying about John Dwyer?

Why are the Hornikcrats politicizing Marlboro’s schools?

What else are the Hornikcrats lying about?

John Dwyer smiling

John Dwyer smiling

In Marlboro, the incumbent Democrats, Mayor Jon Hornik, Councilwoman Randi Marder and Councilman Michael Scalea have raised over $70,000 and counting for their reelection campaign. They are spending aggressively in an apparent pursuit to keep anyone other than an approved member of the Hornikcrats from participating in municipal government.

In contrast, the “Positively Marlboro” Republicans are spending less than $13,000 on their campaign, according to their filings with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.

The Hornikcrats have also politicized the highly regarded Marlboro School System by endorsing a slate of Board of Education candidates.

They have further politicized the Schools with two mailers to Marlboro voters in the last week or so, in which they lie about former School Board Member John Dwyer’s role in the property tax increase associated with the School Board Budget.  Dwyer, and Sui Allex, are the Republican candidates running against Marder and Scalea.

Dwyer voted NO on the current School Board Budget.   Here’s the proof:

Joining Dwyer in voting against the budget was Hornik ally Bonnie Sue Rosenwald:

Why are Jon Hornik, Randi Marder and Micheal Scalea lying about John Dwyer?  Why do they want to control the Board of Education in addition to maintaining absolute control over the Township?

Dwyer and his running mates, Allex and mayoral candidate Ira Goldberg have criticized Marder for the fact that she was found to have violated New Jersey’s Ethics Code by omitting her family’s ownership of a Township vendor from part of her Financial Disclosure Forms and for voting to authorize the Township to continue doing business with the company.

The Republicans have criticized Scalea for his terrible attendance record as a Councilman….he missed 40% of his scheduled meetings since he was sworn in…and the fact that he voted to spend $16,000 in taxpayers’ money for Marder’s legal fees in appealing her Ethics violation and the associated $800 fine.

Why would the Hornikcrats, who are outspending the Republicans 7-1 on the campaign, blatantly lie in an attempt to defeat Dwyer?

What else have they lied to Marlboro voters about?

New Jersey has a long tradition of separating school governance from local politics?   Why are the Hornikcrats trying to control the schools?   Marlboro voters should ask them.  But don’t be surprised if you get a slick, lawyerly answer.

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11 Comments on “In Marlboro: Why are the Hornikcrats lying about John Dwyer?”

  1. Nice Hail Mary, said at 11:12 pm on October 31st, 2015:

    but that town seems to enjoy its self-inflicted wounds:it’s nearly impossible to take them out, but it was a good effort this year, being badly outspent: Marlboro is apparently one town that means big bucks to a lot of people, there are several that get lots of attention, for what there is to give and get. Only when it gets outrageously senseless and too expensive and the people finally wake up, does a change occur..

  2. Paladin said at 9:36 am on November 1st, 2015:

    Did you actually listen to the tape?

    Dwyer said he voted no on the budget because of contracts? HE VOTED YES FOR THE CONTRACTS!

    He said he voted no because school busses? It looks like he is against replacing broken down buses and is AGAINST SAFELY TRANSPORTING KIDS TO SCHOOL!

    He also said he didn’t want to spend another dollar for technology for PARCC but APPROVED THE MULTI MILLION DOLLAR PURCHASE of technology?

    Another member asked if the computers were purchased for PARCC and Common core and whether they would have been bought anyway. Hibbs said THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN PURCHASED ANYWAY because they are part of the educational programs and they were going to buy more!

    DWYER even VOTED FOR BUYING THE TRAVEL BAGS so the kids an take them home!

    Looks like DWYER would rather have the kids use an abacus rather than the latest tech gear. A teacher describes the Chrome Books as ESSENTIAL!


    Dwyer wants transparency but then says they provided all the info for the budget ahead of time and thanked the business administrator!

    Which is it Mr. Dwyer??????

    Stop using campaign buzz words and attempting to not own your record!

    Man up. You voted for all the things that are causing our school tax to up up an ASTOUNDING 6.5%!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How can you be trusted?????

  3. BonnieSue Rosenwald said at 11:21 am on November 1st, 2015:

    There has been a lot of chatter and finger pointing with regards to the misconception that Mayor Hornik has politicised the Board of Education.

    To be clear, 3 years ago that Mayor supported my candidacy for reelection. He did so because he felt then, as he does now that the best available people should be in place to guide our schools and town.

    As taxpayers, we are all appalled at the 6.45% increase in school tax, including the Mayor.

    The Board of Education, by it’s own admission has not done a good a job as it might of with regards to budgetary matters. I, for one, have been questioning financial and operational issues since the day I was elected, 6 years ago. Others, including Mr. Dwyer and the Board of Education leadership have said they have no choice to raise our taxes due to prior poor decisions.

    The Vice President, Mrs. Dean said “I apologize for raising taxes but we have no more money.”

    The Board of Education’s job is financial oversight and policy. It is not their job to determine how to implement policy or involve themselves in the daily operation of the schools. That is the job of the Superintendent.

    The claim that it is in some way improper for municipal officials to endorse candidates for the BOE is misplaced. BOE members are free to support municipal candidates. In fact, board members are actively supporting the Republican slate for Mayor and Town Council.

    I, personally, a registered Republican, support Mayor Hornik, and Council people Marder and Scalia. My support is based on the fact that they are the best people for the job, regardless of political party. They have a proven track record that has set a high bar for the future. The Republican leaders in nearby towns privately admit that Marlboro’s municipal government is doing the right thing.

    To claim that the Mayor, due to his support of candidates has politicized the BOE is far from the truth. The Mayor, to my knowledge has never inserted himself into any BOE issues or business.

    After the horrors of Sandy Hook, the Mayor, as is his responsibility, implored the BOE to adopt stringent future security measures to safeguard our and his children. That is not bringing politics into BOE operations.

    Any politics that enter the BOE meeting room, have been initiated by Mayor Hornik’s opponents and detractors who use any opportunity to attempt blame the Mayor and Council for the BOE’s increase in taxes.

    The administration as well as some board members have admitted that recent collective bargaining agreements have been a major cause for increasing taxes.
    The Mayor, in my opinion, as do I realize that the Marlboro Board of Education is headed in the wrong direction, As any good Mayor and citizen, he looks for ways to fix what is broken. To call this political is just not so.

    The Republicans have latched on to a term “Hornikcrats” to describe the Mayor’s supporters. They fail to say that most supporters of the present administration are Republicans who have abandoned the divisive negative campaigning of the local Republican leaders.

    We look to the future, and IMHO that future will be driven by Mayor Hornik, Councilwoman Marder and Councilman Scelia on the municipal level and XU, Shiffrinson and Harris-Pressler on the BOE

  4. Michael Mirkin said at 7:05 pm on November 1st, 2015:

    @ BonnieSue Rosenwald the facts are facts it is not finger pointing. Unlike Mr. Hornik no one is telling the Republican candidates to not answer questions like Mr. Hornik instructed Mr. Scelia after being asked why he has missed 40% of township meetings when he was selected to fill a hole on the council after LaRocca resigned to become a judge. Why is Mr. Scelia and Mr. Hornik are afraid to answer the question? Hornik early attempts to politicize the board and like you said started 3 years ago when he robo-called for you, and then just as now his endorsement is meaningless. How can you make a statement that he backs the right people? That is an uninformed statement. Has he sat down with all of the candidates to see who really represents what is best for Marlboro and who is most qualified? The answer is a big fat NO! His political tinkering is obvious as his endorsement and candidate’s signs are in the same colors blue and white. Coincidence I don’t think so. Any good manager knows that if you are weak you should surround yourself with people that are stronger than you so you can deliver and perform. If he was really interested in that he would have done a little more due diligence. Mr. Hornik is not interested in independent opinion he wants YES people around him. If you have your own opinion he is not interested! Hard Stop! Mr. Hornilk’s decisions with who to back for the BOE are predicated on the same principals, which led him to select Mr. Kleinstein to head up the Recreation Advisory Board. A man that use his position to advance his sons interests and then used the same position to suppress a criminal investigation of his son’s predatory sexual behavior with underage girls. If folks really want to know about whom Mr. Kleinstein is maybe they should they should Google his name with respect to Carpenters Union in NYC? Interestingly enough Councilman Scelia served on the same board before becoming a councilman. Mr. Hornik selections are always wrong for this town. Just like when Mr. Metzger was up for reelection they magically formed a traffic advisory board and immediately filled it with Hornik’s allies, in a sham selection process. Of course the selection was executed with precision. It was even posted in a Township email asking residence to apply. Guess what I applied 2 minutes after I saw that email and so did Christopher Dean back then Marlboro GOP president. Of course we did not make the cut. This scam of the traffic advisory board met once before the election and never after. That’s according to an empty page of minutes on the Township website. Now let’s talk about Mrs. Marder another bobble head of a Hornicrats that got found guilty of an Ethics violation by the State, and was ordered to pay a $600 fine. Of course Mrs. Marder is too poor to pay the fine so she wants the township to pay her legal bills to the tune of $16,000 that was authorized by the council. Mrs. Marder you made a mistake you were found guilty now pay up on move on. I am and the Marlboro tax payer is not your personal legal defense fund. Perhaps you can use the tax savings from your Navajo mansion to pay the $600? Mr. Hornik not only politicized the BOE after the Sandy Hook he put all of our children at risk. Marlboro is a pimple on an elephant’s rear end. He did not have to bully the BOE to put cops in school. Which they wound up doing for 90 days because that is all the BOE could afford. Just like any political operator he seized on a tragedy to further his political agenda just like Obama, and by going on MSBC to advertise what was being done. If that is not politicking than I don’t know what is. Bonnie when you say” I, for one, have been questioning financial and operational issues since the day I was elected, 6 years ago” my question to you what have you done besides questioning it? You were also on the construction committee were you not? What have you done about assuring proper maintenance and upgrades were done in the last 6 years. From what I can tell you did absolutely nothing. So maybe we need folks that can actually do something o n the BOE instead of folks that just question it. Like I said before another wrong choice on behalf of the Mayor Hornik, his choices and interests do not align with the best interests of Marlboro and its residents. As far as the current council goes you are right there are many ex Republicans there like Jeff Cantor and Carroll Mazolla that flipped so that they can stay on the council because the GOP would no longer endorse their sub-par performance and did not want them to run on a Republican ticket. So my question does Marlboro really need people like this managing its business? People that abandon their values and affiliation just so they can keep their seats on the council?

    Mr Hornik’s and the council’s track record is nothing but one huge failure! This Mayor and council have a record built on overspending, ethics violations, higher taxes, scandals, and just poor management. Wrong team Wrong direction, Wrong for Marlboro! Let’s wake Marlboro and put someone folks into office that have experience as an engineer, a small business owner and someone who has spent 25 years on Wall Street dealing with billions on a daily basis. People that can take charge and make a real change and not just sit by and question it! So don’t feel blue and join me in painting this town red VOTE for Sui Allex, John Dwyer and Ira Goldberg.

  5. Leave Marlboro Already Bonnie said at 7:34 pm on November 1st, 2015:

    you have sued the school board costing the township ten of thousands of dollars,
    you have turned the board into a joke with your hostile and demeaning and threatening behavior
    you spend most of of the meetings texting and on your ipad posting
    you are part of the problem
    whatever happens on Tuesday the town will be better off with you not being a board member

  6. Marlboro resident for 35 years said at 12:54 am on November 2nd, 2015:

    As a 35 year resident of Marlboro, I am appalled by the tone of this campaign. You should act like grown ups and focus on the issues affecting the residents of our town. This administration has done an incredible job managing the town, especially after the last 2 mayors we had. Shame on you for making the election personal…even making ethics violation accusations that were later retracted (Mrs. Marder does not own any property in Florida). Hopefully the citizens will elect the Hornicrats for another term, they’ve earned it.

  7. BonnieSue Rosenwald said at 11:48 am on November 3rd, 2015:

    @Michael Mirkin

    Real leaders. That’s a joke.
    You are a joke Michael Mirkin.

  8. BonnieSue Rosenwald said at 5:17 pm on November 3rd, 2015:

    @leavemarlboroalreadyBonnie Just like the rest of the Republicans, who are your masters, you make up lies as you go along. Nothing you have written is the truth, only in your little fantasies.

  9. Michael Mirkin said at 5:50 pm on November 3rd, 2015:

    @Bonnie Sue Rosenwald- I find it amusing that you are part of the current board and you inaction is a direct contributor to this condition. You run the school construction committee so can you please explain to us all how your incompetence contributed to this referendum? Perhaps “questioning” things is not good enough! Action speak louder than words. Perhaps you should also explain to everyone how you are about put a noose on the taxpayers with a new teacher contract? Sure it is easy for the Mayor to move money to township coffers when he is stealing money from our schools through programs like PILOT. But that’s ok by you right? Instead of questioning things you should have consulted with the BOE attorney and sued the town for BOE share of the money? Earlier you said that I am an angry man. Well guess what you were right! I am angry at the incompetence at the BOE. I am angry at the lies, unethical behavior, self serving politics of John Hornik and the council. I just love Carroll Mazolla sayin U need a raise to do this part time job. I am angry at BOE and the Township constantly having their hand in my pocket!

    There is an old Chinese saying the people that say it cannot be done should get out of the way of people that are doing it! Got it? Now fade away!

  10. BonnieSue Rosenwald said at 6:22 pm on November 3rd, 2015:


    Lilonsky and Dean controled the construction committee, I was in the minority. You must have missed the numerous times that other board members acknowledged the fact that I was the only one who expressed concerns over building maint since the day I was elected 6 years ago. Nice try but once again you are wrong.

    The teachers contract was negotiated by the same two, Dean and Lilonsky. I voted against it.

    You make me laugh, you can’t sue the town for money that is legally theirs. So you would pay an attorney thousands of dollars? I thought you Deanites hated attorneys.

    If you are so mad at the mayor, you should have run against him.

    If you had something to say or a question please tell us why you never came to a BOE meeting to express you point of view. It must have been easier to listen to your masters, the defunct Marlboro republican party.

    A raise? This just shows how little you know about government. There is no compensation for BOE members. Maybe you should learn a little more about government and school boards before you shoot your mouth off.

    An old saying goes: “better to be quiet and have people think you are an idiot, than speak and have everyone know you are.”

    Your 3 minutes of fame is over.

  11. Disgusted Observer said at 9:04 pm on November 3rd, 2015:

    Must be something in the Marlboro water, cause lately that town just leaves a really bad taste in your mouth.

    Pretty disgusted with this election. Piles and piles of ugly in both camps. Hope you ALL can sleep at night after this one.

    Time to salt the earth and make your amends, people.