Stupid Parking Tricks in Red Bank



Red Bank Republicans and the business community are opposed to expanding the paid parking zone along Monmouth Street from Maple Avenue west to Bridge Avenue, and along a stretch of Bridge, according to reports on RedBankGreen.

Discussion to end a five year moratorium on parking fees in the area was tabled at Tuesday’s Council Meeting due to the absence of Mayor Pat Menna who is recovering from heart bypass surgery.  I wish Menna well and pray for his quick recovery.

I don’t know enough about the western Monmouth Street parking situation to opine, but if the businesses and Republicans think charging for parking is a bad idea, it probably is.   The wiring for the parking kiosks was installed in 2012 and 13 new kiosks will cost the borough $135,308.  $10,400 per kiosk, installed, sounds to me like more of a ripoff than $1 per hour to park.

What is really dumb about Red Bank’s paid parking is the coin operated meters in the heart of the business district located along side kiosks.

I pulled into a spot on White Street the other day while on my way to lunch at our new advertiser, no Joe’s Cafe. There was a kiosk AND a meter adjacent to the spot. Not having any quarters,  I looked for the spot number painted on the street so I could pay at the kiosk.  There was none, but there was a phone number for the Parking Utility on the meter. (There is actually an utility for this system!) So I called the number to ask how to pay to park in this space. The guy who answered the phone acted like I was the stupid one. He explained that the kiosks are only to pay for parking in the lots. On the street you have to have a pre-paid card, a “smart card” or insert coins.  “Can I buy a smart card at the kiosk?” I asked. “No,” he said as if I was really stupid.

Whoever came up with the idea of having both meters and kiosks to pay for parking is either stupid or is stealing quarters.

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5 Comments on “Stupid Parking Tricks in Red Bank”

  1. Live Woman Walking said at 7:30 am on May 29th, 2015:

    Parking in Red Bank is a nightmare. The kiosks are confusing and so intimidating to the elderly particularly that I know many who will not venture into town. Personally, I walk because I can … but this crazy situation must be hurting businesses. And now they want to expand the insanity??

  2. viscomi said at 7:39 am on May 29th, 2015:

    Hear a business explain why this is a bad idea to the council. https://youtu.be/AkaQ7jTnYQI?list=PLAhgroVkiBUvURFdB220rsJBFqd-58CBH

  3. Sancho Panza said at 11:55 am on May 29th, 2015:

    A town that once welcomed visitors and profited greatly from that turns greedy. Just like Atlantic City.

  4. Double Dip said at 7:00 pm on May 29th, 2015:

    This is just an evil way to exploite people.

    For example if car A pulls into a spot and pays for two hours, but leaves after 1 hour and car B pulls in the same spot as soon as car A leaves.

    In a traditional metered parking spot car B would enjoy 1 free hour of parking. Not in the case of this new system! Each new user must pay for those parking, generating higher fees per spot meanwhile ripping off the public.

  5. Out of control said at 9:34 am on May 30th, 2015:

    – greedy is the word: with all the new condo developments crowding into every available lot and corner, one would think the new ratables would be more than enough to cause a drop in the taxes, no need for their escalating water/ sewer rates, and for sure, no more parking kiosks and fees!.. But no, in Hip Town, it’s never enough- it is nearly impossible to get in and out of town now, what op art of ” critical mass” does this town government not get?? Many residents have given up trying to drive their own town, or frequent the many restaurants: unless one can walk it, it becomes not worth the grief and crowds, so they take their business elsewhere- as evidenced by the ever- increasing number of empty stores and offices up for rent, all along the once- lovely and booming Broad Street.. time for more new blood on that governing body- before Red Bank is “Dead Bank,” again.. enough with the over- development, and ov er- taxing and fees: you can’t add space to a less than two- square mile town, with old infrastructure that can’t handle any more.. this is why they are filling up with renters and transients, and generations of resident families are finally giving up, and getting out! Wake up, mayor and council, please!…