South Jersey Man Gets 6 Hours In Jail For Shooting Hawks

Robert Losasso

Robert Losasso

Robert Losasso, a 70 year old Somers Point man, was sentenced to 6 hours in jail today on charges that the shot and killed or attempted to kill four species of hawk protected by federal law, U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman announced.

Matthew Reilly, Deputy Public Affairs Officer for Fishman’s office laughed when we asked if Losasso could be released before lunch on good behavior.

Losasso admitted that he fatally shot or attempted to shoot red-tailed, sharp-shinned, red shouldered and Cooper’s hawks on several occasions. These species are among the tens of thousands of birds of prey that migrate every year from Canada along the Atlantic Flyway through New Jersey. Losasso also admitted that he didn’t have any permit to shoot the birds.

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act is a statute that was enacted in 1918 and implements in the United States protections afforded migratory birds under several international conventions to which the United States is a party. Breeding populations of red-shouldered hawks are listed as endangered on the State of New Jersey’s Endangered and Threatened Wildlife list. Sharp-shinned hawks and populations of Cooper’s hawks also have special protections under New Jersey state law.

In addition to the incarceration, which will be served Jan. 5, 2015, Judge Mannion sentenced Losasso to 18 months of supervised release, during which time he may not possess any firearms. He must also pay a total of $4,350 in restitution to four wildlife rehabilitation facilities and perform 60 hours of community service at a wildlife facility.

In his plea agreement, Losasso must also pay more than $4,000 in restitution to the wildlife rehabilitation centers that incurred losses treating or euthanizing hawks injured as a
result of his conduct.

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2 Comments on “South Jersey Man Gets 6 Hours In Jail For Shooting Hawks”

  1. Mike Harmon said at 11:58 am on December 23rd, 2014:

    This ridiculously low sentence shows the lack of conservation values held by the democrats. The US Attorney’s office laughing off shooting dozens of hawks does not even surprise me one bit.


  2. Eve Hershkowitz said at 3:51 pm on December 23rd, 2014:

    Totally agree that this low sentence is laughable, for shooting these endangered raptors. He could have gotten up to 6 months for each charge, and a $15K fine .. too bad he didn’t get even 6 months total!

    Just as frightening, is that “Some residents found bullet and pellet holes dotting the sides of their homes.” (Huffington Press article).