South Jersey Man Gets 6 Hours In Jail For Shooting Hawks

Robert Losasso

Robert Losasso

Robert Losasso, a 70 year old Somers Point man, was sentenced to 6 hours in jail today on charges that the shot and killed or attempted to kill four species of hawk protected by federal law, U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman announced.

Matthew Reilly, Deputy Public Affairs Officer for Fishman’s office laughed when we asked if Losasso could be released before lunch on good behavior.

Losasso admitted that he fatally shot or attempted to shoot red-tailed, sharp-shinned, red shouldered and Cooper’s hawks on several occasions. These species are among the tens of thousands of birds of prey that migrate every year from Canada along the Atlantic Flyway through New Jersey. Losasso also admitted that he didn’t have any permit to shoot the birds.

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