New Jersey: Booker’s outreach resonates in Senate victory

Charles Booker and BradelyWASHINGTON — New Jersey voters gave Sen. Cory Booker six years to show what he means about finding bipartisan solutions Tuesday, re-electing the Democrat easily over Republican Jeff Bell, a staunch conservative who struggled to raise money and get his ideas before voters. Booker, 45, led in polls throughout the campaign and, with the approval rating…

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3 Comments on “New Jersey: Booker’s outreach resonates in Senate victory”

  1. Sorry,but, said at 6:59 am on November 6th, 2014:

    can’t/ don’t understand why the Guv gave that seat away to another Hollywood lib, who did an awful job in our state’s largest and most ill- run city( ok, except for, maybe,Camden).. the more jaded among us may conclude he did it to throw the D’s a large bone and place more focus on his own ambitions. Too bad we had such an out of touch, weak candidate in Bell- with zero money and no clue as to the worries and problems we all deal with every day: you have enough bucks for one commercial, and you lobby for a return to the gold standard- really?? While I am a Conservative, and agree with many of Bell’s views, to leave him out there with no guidance and help, is yet another failure of the NJGOP, and another example of the troublesome, self- serving actions of this governor. And,also sorry to say,it seems there’s just something not quite right about this Booker- predict we will learn more about that, and be sorry he’s there, going forward.. Oh, NJ, why do we settle like this??

  2. @sorry but said at 11:46 am on November 6th, 2014:

    Lets not forget the governor refused to campaign for fellow Republican hopeful rob Astorino in New York. This permitted Andrew Cuomo another 4 years in office.

  3. Exactly! said at 7:17 pm on November 6th, 2014:

    Gov-lovers will just have to forgive us, for the jaundiced eye we must look at him through- due to many of his moves. (like, coming home in time to stand with his Sandy pal, good old Mayor Doherty in Belmar, who was in a real tight race for re- election, but having no time to invite or say a supportive word, to boost our own freeholder candidates, who were embroiled in a rough attack, was both rude and poorly thought out by him and his schedulers! Not nice, to the county who put him over the top, in the first place!)