Christie rails against open space ballot measure

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SEA BRIGHT, N.J. (AP) – Gov. Chris Christie is railing against a constitutional amendment on the ballot in November that would earmark more money for open space preservation. Christie said Thursday it was wrong for Democrats to use constitutional amendments to push through legislation that he would otherwise veto. He said he would be voting no…

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One Comment on “Christie rails against open space ballot measure”

  1. Mike Harmon said at 9:03 am on September 1st, 2014:

    Where is the parade of R elected officials coming to support Gov Christie on this?

    I will assume their silence means they either support the open space initiative, or more likely know it can not be defeated without political pain.

    Yet the “constitutional amendment” seem like a much bigger and dangerous issue.

    I am sure that if the issue is as dangerous as stated, the Governor will pull out all the stop to make sure it doesn’t pass. He is probably having a “war room” meeting right now to stop it. Yet no one is lining up in opposition.

    While a supporter of open space, my antennae is up with the constitutional amendment method.

    The corrupt democrat machine often uses popular “bipartisan issues” like open space to get their foot in the doors of the homes they want to pillage and plunder.

    Yet we all really know from just looking at the cities and towns they control, democrats have never had any real interest in open space. But they will happily buy land and control development in Sussex County to protect the potable water for their donor’s new high rise in Hudson or Essex County somewhere.

    I sense the use of a constitutional amendment to allocate funds is a likely step to wealth redistribution and other “mob rule” shenanigans.