Golden rallies his supporters, releases Marlboro’s endorsement


Shaun Golden

Shaun Golden

Dear County Committee Members:

Many thanks to all the folks who came out to the kick off to the summer event at Bar A Wednesday night!  With 250+ supporters in attendance, we had a great time connecting, networking and enjoying each other’s company!

As we approach the final days of this campaign, I want you to know that I appreciate all of your support.  All corners of the County, towns large and small, have endorsed my candidacy and more importantly, embraced my vision for the future of our Party. From Wall to Keyport, Howell to Ocean, Spring Lake and Avon to Holmdel and Middletown, Party leaders know that I have the experience, enthusiasm and energy to lead our Party through the challenges we face ahead.  The most recent endorsement, from Marlboro municipal chairman Chris Dean, is included below.

My campaign has been focused upon positive ideas and initiatives.  My opponent pledged to run a positive campaign, yet he and his supporters continue their false and negative attacks.  I will not respond in kind, but it is important for you, the county committee members to know that there is no legal or ethical bar to my serving as Chairman.  Our state’s courts have directly addressed the issue and there are numerous precedents of elected officials on the local, county and state level who hold the position of political party chairman.  Many outstanding elected officials on both sides of the isle serve or have served as County Chairmen, including Senator Sam Thompson, Senator Kevin O’Toole, Assemblyman Scott Rumana. Even our own Senator Joe Kyrillos served as State Republican Party Chairman while a Senator.

I would be happy to speak with you more about my ideas and vision for our Party at any time.  You can reach me at 732-904-2946 or at [email protected].  Please remember to mark your calendars for I-Play America in Freehold, June 10th, doors open at 6pm.  I wish you a great weekend with your families and friends.


Shaun Golden

Municipal Chair, Christopher Dean issues Statement of Support for Shaun Golden for County Chairman

I take nothing away from the work that John Bennett has done as County Chair for the last two years, but I must join with countless Chairs and elected officials across Monmouth County in pledging my support for Shaun Golden.

The party must open itself to new and different ways to communicate and grow our numbers.  I believe that under the Chairmanship of Shaun Golden will be able to do that and see significant growth in Marlboro Township which needs assistance from the County in party building.

While I acknowledge that current Chair John Bennett has kept some of his promises made when he ran 2 years ago, the promises that he specifically made to Marlboro Township have not been kept.  Rarely has he been seen in town, although he promised to work on grassroots initiatives to grow the party.  Instead, the only time he confirmed to me that he was in Marlboro on business with the Democratic Mayor.

Following the close loss of the candidates his response of “I had no idea you would come that close, I might have been able to provide more help”, is extremely telling. It means he was asleep at the wheel; it was his job to know how townships were doing and what assistance they needed and he failed.  Whatever he asked of the township Republicans, we did.  He stated his job was to work for the County and that he did, but we need a Chair that will also work for the Township and encourage growth within the party.

Shaun has shown through his consistent presence here in Marlboro that he is committed to our town and will work side by side with us to not only increase our numbers but to bring back those Republicans in town who have sat on the sidelines in past years. Shaun Golden has reached out to assist all manners of citizens throughout the township, this repeated involvement shows his level of commitment to Marlboro and the County which I believe will only be amplified in his role as County Chairman.

I encourage all Marlboro Township Republican County Committee and Countywide to support Shaun Golden on June 10th for County Chairman.


Chris Dean
Marlboro Municipal Chair


Note from Art:  Comments via facebook only on all posts about the Chairman’s race throughout the rest of the campaign.

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