Christie comes closest to besting Clinton, Virginia poll finds

Christie comes closest to besting Clinton, Virginia poll finds (via NJ.com)

TRENTON — In the swing state of Virginia, Gov. Chris Christie is the Republican with the best chance of beating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a presidential faceoff, a new poll shows, though her lead us shrinking. According to a Quinnipiac…

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4 Comments on “Christie comes closest to besting Clinton, Virginia poll finds”

  1. Yeah, right! And I have a Bridge to sell you said at 4:34 pm on April 2nd, 2014:

    As more revelations of Bridgegate surface, CC doesn’t stand a chance.

    Now there are interesting revelations in the Mastro report that NOT ONE Port Authority employee was interviewed. Boy did the taxpayers get duped!

  2. Skeptical said at 6:21 pm on April 2nd, 2014:

    Was this poll conducted by one of Christie’s lawyers?

    What is the value of Virginia, anyway, if it caused losses in the rest of the country?

    There are a lot of potential Republican volunteers who would sit out the election here in the southwest if Christie got the nod. Who has time and money to waste? He would join the ranks of President Dole, President McCain, and President Romney if he ran.

  3. Totally. said at 9:49 pm on April 2nd, 2014:

    If this is the best we can do, America’s been more dumbed-down than we had hoped.. We can only hope the party doesn’t commit electoral hari kari again,with another RINO: there is far too much on the line, now,to get by with another disaster like the above- mentioned three.. We must nominate a real conservative who presents clear solutions to start to undo the mess these people have put us into, or it’s over.. And, we also hope ol’ Hill- bag’s ready for the home in 2 years,and can’t damage us even further!! Time to wake up, people- too much at stake for the same old, same old!! No 20 wanna- bees, cluttering up the stage,who get picked off one by one by the media and libs, until we wind up with the most lib among them,this time!

  4. Mike Harmon said at 10:09 pm on April 2nd, 2014:

    Christie should focus on being the governor and work on the restoration of NJ.