Christie Roasts Boomer Esiason At The Friars Club

With Governor Chris Christie’s schedule this week…Super Bowl events, appearances on sports talk radio, and Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash, one might think that he is letting the media frenzy over Bridgegate just roll off his back.  He’s having a good time and basking in the limelight.

But Christie’s appearance at the Friar’s Club to roast Nassau County Hall of Fame quarterback Boomer Esiason reveals that Bridgegate has taken a toll on Christie’s fun.

You may have read that the lawyer handling the Bridgegate inquiries for Christie’s office is earning $650 per hour.  Being a good Republican, Christie apparently cut the budget elsewhere to come up with those funds.  His comedy writer must have gotten the axe.


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One Comment on “Christie Roasts Boomer Esiason At The Friars Club”

  1. CC is Really trying to Change his Image said at 12:24 pm on January 31st, 2014:

    Wow…the usually opinionated and accessible governor is doing quite a bit of photo ops. With Boomer and I actually saw him on the news (with wife Mary Pat) installing insulation in a Sandy damaged home in Northern Jersey–can you imagine that??? Do you think if the cameras were not there–he would be there????