Bayshore Tea Party Group Boasts of 1000 Members, Staunch Backers of Anna Little

gonzalez sign blocking

Bayshore Tea Party Group member Frank Gonzalez, husband of the group’s co-founder, Barbara, installs homemade lawn signs on Rt 35 in Middletown during the 2013 Monmouth County Republican primary campaign

Bayshore Tea Party Group co-founder Barbara Gonzalez told HuffPost that her group has nearly 1000 members and that they are staunch supporters of former Highlands Mayor Anna Little’s quest to unseat Congressman Frank Pallone, in an article posted last evening.

“If you don’t get someone in who is totally willing to fight the establishment, it will never change,” Gonzalez told HuffPost.

Little lost to Pallone in 2010 and 2012 with BTPG’s support, but Gonzalez thinks it will be different this year.

Gonzalez said her membership roll has grown by “a couple of dozen new members” since earlier this month when the Bridgegate controversy broke.

BTPG ran primary challenges to Monmouth GOP back candidates in 2010, 2012 and 2013. Little is the only candidate backed by the group to ever win a primary, which she did in 2010 and 2012.  Yet Little, a former Monmouth County freeholder has not won a general election since her association with Gonzalez and the BTPG. Prior to that association, Little was undefeated in four general elections.

The 2013 primary in which BTPG backed former Pallone challenger Leigh-Ann Bellew and a slate of candidates that no one can remember against Senator Joe Kyrillos,  Assembly Members Amy Hanlon and Declan O”Scanlon, Freeholders Tom Arnoe and Serena DiMaso and Sheriff Shaun Golden, will be remembered for a rogue 4am robo call that purported to be from the Kyrillos, Handlin and O’Scanlon campaign.    Bob Gordon, the other co-founder of BTPG, denied that the group had any involvement in the call and denounced it a reprehensible.  Kyrillos placed the blame or the call on the Bellew campaign, a separate entity from BTPG. The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the call.  The Prosecutor’s spokesperson, Charles Webster would not comment on the progress of the investigation when questioned by MMM last week.

The Monmouth GOP is girding for an internal battle over its freeholder nominations to be determined at the March 22 convention, as Howell Councilman Bob Walsh is preparing a challenge to incumbent Freeholders Lillian Burry and Gary Rich.   The party would be wise to prepare for a local and congressional primary challenge as well.



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17 Comments on “Bayshore Tea Party Group Boasts of 1000 Members, Staunch Backers of Anna Little”

  1. What? said at 9:38 am on January 30th, 2014:

    Is Gonzalez completely off of her rocker now?

    If she has “over 1000” supporters, where were they in the trenches last year in their stupid primary challange?

    Hell, Anna’s Army never even had that kind of mojo.

  2. Just to show said at 10:56 am on January 30th, 2014:

    how delusional the leadership of the Bayshore Tea Party is, why the frack would they go to the Huffington Post and allow an article to be written about them, or comment if they were called by Huffpo???

    They, like the Daily Kos are among the most hateful liberal POS on the planet. The BSTPG set themselves up for derision, as seen by the comments under the article. And that is NOT wise leadership my friends.

    Or is this just a desperate attempt to stay relevant by talking to anyone that will listen to you despite stepping on a landmine.

    Ms. Gonzalaz, you think reaching out to the sworn enemy of liberty is a way for you to gain votes when you can’t even win a primary with our own voters?

    You need to concentrate on earning back the trust of your own base which you squandered by your own failed efforts.

    And, if the photo posted with this article is any clue, you have 1000 members just like I’m approaching my 21st birthday.

    Poppycock. We’d like to see that membership list.

    Look folks, I’m not against the ideals of the Tea Party. What I’m against are poorly trained grass roots efforts that keep shooting their own feet off. What’s that they say about insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result?

    It’s time for a change at the helm of the BSTPG because I for one would like to see some success grooming more conservative candidates from the school board and township committee level up so that they are ready for prime time someday in Freeholder and upper level slots, instead of running the same old candidate again and again expecting to win when the stink of defeat is upon them.

    That is NOT to say that I am not proud of our current legislators. But, if you want to win seats as conservatives at upper level races, you have to prove that you can win some easier races first.

    Jim Granelli

  3. Politicalpony said at 11:33 am on January 30th, 2014:

    With concerns to your headline and what was in the interview. I can tell you as a fact, she was misquoted. Let’s not get our undies in a twist over this.

  4. Art Gallagher said at 11:40 am on January 30th, 2014:


    Was Barbara misquoted about the # of members or about her support for Anna Little?

    I’d ask Barbara herself, but she stopped taking my calls a long time ago, blocked me from all of her social media and has accused me of harassing her. I don’t want to harass her.

  5. Typical Pony said at 11:48 am on January 30th, 2014:

    She just doesn’t get the fact that Huffpo is the last place Babs should be talking to.

  6. shoregirl said at 11:58 am on January 30th, 2014:

    Who cares if Anna runs – no one can beat Pallone, which sucks!

    As for the Freeholder race – I hear Gary Rich had a big fundraiser last night. Lots of County and State folks and chairs from towns all over the county. It was MC’d by Freeholder Arnone.

  7. Incumbency has legs- can't deny it. said at 1:28 pm on January 30th, 2014:

    Appears many in party rallying around the two current incumbents.. Friendly coersion to sign endorsements for county committee convention as well as petitions for primary ballot.. Time will tell as to settling any potential upcoming battles, and when to begin to focus on beating any and all Dems in November..

  8. @ Incombency said at 1:33 pm on January 30th, 2014:

    Friendly coercion to sign endorsements? Where does that come from? No, we are signing their endorsements because they have done a good job overall.

    No need for Mr. Narcissism Walsh to enter the race. It’s all about HIS desire to become a Freeholder.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  9. Hear ya, the point was: said at 1:58 pm on January 30th, 2014:

    Incumbency is not to be taken lightly.. And, am among those who signed….

  10. Astraea said at 2:38 pm on January 30th, 2014:

    What is the BSTP listed as, on the ELEC website?

  11. The Bayshore Bulldog said at 6:35 pm on January 30th, 2014:

    The Bayshore Tea Party Patriots and Anna’s Army are an unstoppable force, which RINOs will discover much to their discomfort come the primary thgis June. Joe Kyrillos and the rest of the Monmouth County RINOs barely dodged a bullet the last time around, this time the Tea Party can’t miss. And the RINOs don’t have their hero, Obama-loving Chris Christie to protect them. He has his own troubles with the fallout from bridgegate and giving out gobs and gobs of Sandy relief money to his RINO and Democratic buddies. Now we know why Chris Christie really loves Obama, but what goes around comes around. All that Obama tush-kissing has finally caught up to him. And the Bayshore Tea Party Patriots will be the ones to let the voters know all about it.

  12. @ Bulldog said at 6:53 pm on January 30th, 2014:

    STFU and go find a fire hydrant…

    And in respect to Art Gallagher, I’ll use the word please.

    You’re moronic dribble looks like a child wrote it and most intelligent people are sick of it.

  13. Bayshore Tea & Crumpets said at 9:47 pm on January 30th, 2014:

    Maybe Babs hit the zero key once too many, probably more like 100 members, but only 10 active… LMAO

    They are a joke. Babs only makes it worse by opening her mouth and making her and the organization look foolish and amateur. And I can’t wait for some news on the 4am robocall, someone is going into the frying pan!

  14. BSTP_OutOfSteam said at 11:11 pm on January 30th, 2014:

    It’s time for Babs to call it quits
    The Bayshore Tea Party gives a bad name to real conservative tea party organizations
    I left her tea party long ago after she & bogus Bob attacked State Senator Doherty’s fair school funding act which would have finally taken the NJ Supreme Court from making laws & distributing our tax dollars w/ Abbott like decisions.
    BTW they didn’t support Doherty bc he believes in free speech

  15. Barely won???? said at 7:12 am on January 31st, 2014:

    Bulldog, barely won the primary? Please tell me you were taking some type of prescription drug when you wrote that. Last year’s primary results were pathetic!!! Heck, the democrats did better percentage wise than the “conservative” candidates. I don’t have the time to go on what the problem with them were. But for starters, Freeholders can’t controll or change any gun or abortion laws. BSTP could have been a great grassroots organization and worked well the the GOP, but they have become the reason that nothing can get done in this country because they HATE the word compromise. It’s their way or the highway. The only difference between them and a lobbyist group is money!

  16. Bob English said at 8:08 am on January 31st, 2014:

    My free unasked for advice would be to try to win at the local/municipal level in a couple of places (such as Mrs. Little did) and have TP candidates establish a record of accomplishing something in elected office. The odds of any TP’s beating incumbent R’s in a primary are zero and Mrs. Little has proven to be unelectable in a general election.

  17. Put that Bulldog to sleep said at 9:08 am on January 31st, 2014:

    “an unstoppable force” Wow, maybe you will get 11% this time! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!