Elf on the shelf?

Walsh won’t say if he’s running for freeholder

photo via facebook

Howell Councilman Bob Walsh. photo via facebook

It’s been almost two months since Howell Councilman Bob Walsh told us he would challenge Republican freeholder incumbents, Director Lillian Burry and Deputy Director Gary Rich, at the upcoming Monmouth Republican Nominating Convention.  In our early December interview, which Walsh claimed he thought was off the record after publication, he said he would be sending a letter to member of the Monmouth County Republican Committee shortly after the first of the year.

Now, at the end of January, there’s been no letter, and Walsh wouldn’t say if he’s running when we called him late last week.  “I’m busy at work and have a few things to take care of; go to the doctor for my annual check up.  Then I’ll decide,” Walsh said.

But Walsh was overheard at a Howell Republican Club meeting last week saying he was going to run and he was seen working the crowd at Sheriff’s Shaun Golden’s Winter Breakout fundraiser on Friday.

One Republican insider who requested not to be named said Walsh is running.  “He’s all in and its going to be a shit show,” the committee member said, ” he’s calling the municipal chairmen.”

Manalapan GOP Chairman Steve McEnery said he hasn’t heard from Walsh. “He hasn’t called me,” McEnery said, “so I really don’t know what he’s going to do, but I don’t think we need a convention fight for freeholder nominations.”

Another chairperson said Walsh is probably gauging his level of support before committing. “A lot of people rallied around Lillian and Gary as a result of your article in December,” the chair said, “they both (Burry and Rich) have issues, but nothing that disqualifies them. Why should we have a fight just because Bob Walsh wants to be a freeholder?”

Burry, who said Walsh “should wait his turn” in December, laughed when told that he in now equivocating.  “One day he’s running, the next day he’s not. You’ll have to ask him,” Burry said, “I’m running.  I already have more than enough signatures on my petitions and I’m still collecting.”

Burry also noted that Judge Lawrence M. Lawson ruled in the County’s favor in a lawsuit brought by 2013 Democratic freeholder candidate Lawrence Luttrell, wherein Luttrell claimed the freeholder had a conflict of interest when she voted to fund the development rights to Andrew Lucas’s Burke Farm. Lawson ruled that Burry did not have a conflict of interest.

“I’m running with Lillian and we’re running as a team,” Rich said, “That’s really Bob’s decision,” whether to mount a challenge or not.  Rich has sent a letter to committee members and has started fund raising.

Whatever Walsh decides to do, he’ll have to commit soon.  The annual GOP Lincoln Day Dinner, the traditional start of petition gathering and nominating campaigns, is on Monday, February 17.  The convention is on March 22.

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30 Comments on “Elf on the shelf?”

  1. Elf On A Shelf? said at 4:02 pm on January 27th, 2014:

    Nope, more like a chicken in the coop.

    Either you are running Mr. Walsh or you are not. You’ve had enough time to “gauge the response.” You must know it ain’t good otherwise you would have ramped up your efforts.

    Or maybe no one wants to run against you. One lone wolf against two on a slate is not a good position to be in.


    Silence Dogood, Redux.

  2. Bull Halsey said at 4:48 pm on January 27th, 2014:

    Bob Walsh will run, and it WILL be a disaster. The guy is a total clown. He’s gregarious and outgoing, but he is also crude and seems unstable after a short conversation with him. And he reminds me of those obnoxious Brad Benson Hyundai radio commercials.

    However, one thing he has over Burry and Rich in spades is personality. He shows up to a ton of local events. It’s no secret that he’s running.

  3. Middletown Dave said at 4:54 pm on January 27th, 2014:

    I know no one has a birthright to their seat but why would Walsh challenge these two incumbents? They have an almost identical voting record as Curley, DiMaso and Arnone.

    Why didn’t Walsh challege Arnone or Curley or DiMaso?

    2014 is going to be a tough year – but Burry and Rich (like them or not) have a strong record of tax cuts and spending cuts on their resumes. Walsh on the other hand ran as an Independent and lead a recall against an incumbent Republican mayor.

    Again, incumbents dont get the automatic line anymore but do we really need a war?

  4. DEM said at 5:46 pm on January 27th, 2014:

    I”M loving this. HAhahaha

  5. Read the tea leaves said at 5:48 pm on January 27th, 2014:

    Mr. Walsh and stay out of the race. We don’t need Republicans undercutting Republicans and providing negative fodder for Democrats in the fall.

    A negative campaign is all you seem to be able to run because we haven’t seen much of what you would like to do if you won a seat.

  6. @ DEM said at 5:51 pm on January 27th, 2014:

    But of course you would love it. Dems are mean people who always like to see strife.

    Bob Walsh, take note: And Dems loving it is what we need to avoid.

    Consider your party first before yourself.

    Incumbency is NOT a reason to challenge one of your own.

  7. At least the GOP said at 2:13 am on January 28th, 2014:

    has numerous qualified people on their bench who have actual records of strong community service and actual electoral wins.. Unlike the nasty dolts the other side’s been running,with no positive proposals or successful elective records, anywhere.. word has it bulldog Mallett can’t wait to tear in and tear down again, and Luttrell would face his own tough time getting his party’s nod,this go- round.. I applaud all the good people we have, each has their strong points and good character.. and I believe it will all shake out ok, and be another successful year- this county’s one of the best, and it sure isn’t thanks to those D’s!..

  8. DEM said at 12:33 pm on January 28th, 2014:

    There a lot of good Democrats to bad most of you R are to full of hate toward Democrats to see it.

  9. @Dem said at 12:48 pm on January 28th, 2014:

    Look who’s calling the kettle black. All Dems do is negative campaigning against a solid record of achievement in Monmouth County.

    That’s the real hate buckaroo, hate that Republicans accomplish something every year, hate that you guys have losers for candidates.

    I mean look at yourself. You are actually rooting for problems in our party. Is that the only way you can win?


    Silence Dogood, Redux.

  10. DEM said at 1:05 pm on January 28th, 2014:

    Did your feelings get hurt Dogood Redux? And you of all people know about hate and calling names that is all you do.What a a22 you are

  11. @Dem said at 6:21 pm on January 28th, 2014:

    Is that all you got? If so, “Bring It” loser


    Silence Dogood, Redux.

  12. Check and check: said at 8:21 pm on January 28th, 2014:

    as you accuse Reps of “name calling,” right away you resort to what your ilk ALWAYS resorts to, first! Another example of lib/ Dem hypocrisy! Laughable, if not so pathetic.. GOP will carry the county 2014, again.. Better candidates, hands down, and no, that isn’t name-calling. It is fact.

  13. DEM said at 8:23 pm on January 28th, 2014:

    @ASSgood you are a fool nothing more.The Democratic party are running great qualified candidates and are talking issues.As for your Republicans accomplish outside of higher taxes more spending and back room deals what have they done NOTHING.And anyone who disagree you call names whit

  14. Again with more names... said at 7:57 am on January 29th, 2014:

    thanks for proving what we say- you can’t do a post without dropping to the lowest common denominator.. This is why your offerings to the voters will continue to fail in this county..it’s a shame the school system must have failed you, but we always have the liberals to thank for many of our ills..

  15. @Check And Check said at 9:08 am on January 29th, 2014:

    and @ Again with more names…

    The fool named “Dem” just keeps on proving our point doesn’t he? He lives in a Bizarro World full of tainted facts.

    Great qualified candidates??? ROFLMFOA

    Luttrell, and his team mates who got their butts whopped last time?? Obviously Monmouth County voters disagree with your version BIG TIME.

    Please, you are embarrassing yourself. Now, go away little one, just go away.

    Or, are you bill in a new skin?


    Silence Dogood, Redux.

  16. SORRY said at 9:34 am on January 29th, 2014:

    I was laughing so hard I misspelled something…

    It should be ROFLMFAO. But you get the picture little Dem, don’t you?

    Now, please bug off.


  17. Bill said at 12:31 pm on January 29th, 2014:

    Hey Dogood- Unlike you I use my name.And your party of high taxes high spending and lies will not have the doing nothing lying bully Christie this year.To bad for you Republican Monty hall is going down he is your Nixon.Yes the Democrat are running qualified great candidates and talking about issues like the back room deals of your party.And all you do is call names lf the person disagee with you.

  18. If Bill's really the name, said at 1:57 pm on January 29th, 2014:

    it’s appropriate, since your pals the libs/ Dems sure know how to sock us taxpayers with the Bill(s).. and, you got evidence of any wrongdoing by officials, the Prosecutor’s number’s in the book/ on the internet, go give it to him.. Nice, predictable try- Just Stop..

  19. Republican in name and actions said at 2:28 pm on January 29th, 2014:

    the only posters I see name calling are the Dems. One calls someone an a** and the other calls someone Monty Hall in a derogatory way.

    Lets see Bill, you disagree with Do good and call Republicans Monty Hall. Some poster named DEM disagrees and calls Do good an A**.

    Oh I see in your world that is not name calling. Like saying You can keep your heathcare if you like it is not a lie.

    Same old double standard for Dems and the media. Christie is “terrible” but no scandles in the Obama White House.

    Lets see

    Fast and Furious

    Next scandal up. Obama will write “laws” without Congress. Consitution be damned.

    It goes on and on.

  20. Hey bill said at 2:34 pm on January 29th, 2014:

    unlike you, I post my FULL name.

    How about you doing that before you call some kettle black? You can’t because you are chicken.

    BTW, my charitable donation offer still stands. $500 to the charity of your choice or any others who exposes who bill is.

    Now about those candidates, our Monmouth County Republicans will do just fine. Monmouth County voters know the truth.

    And if you want to talk to us about the party of high taxes and high spending, you most certainly can not do that with a straight face because YOUR Democrat Party owns those positions.

    No please go back to school and learn proper grammar and spelling. You continue to embarrass yourself.

    Jim Granelli

  21. Bill said at 2:41 pm on January 29th, 2014:

    All you Republicans are great at double standard.All of you should be taught to stop disrespecting people and respect people we are all equal

  22. Bill said at 2:46 pm on January 29th, 2014:

    @ jim How come you say nothing about all the Republican who post with out using names? Bill is my name

  23. Bill said at 2:54 pm on January 29th, 2014:

    @ Jim you are almost at the point of a Lawyer and law Enforcement will be call so keep talking.

  24. Republican in name and actions said at 3:23 pm on January 29th, 2014:


    How did I disrespect you? By stating the facts. You called Republicans “Monty Hall” and your fellow Dem called Do good an a**.

    The other facts are the Obama scandals.

    Oh, I see I disrespected you with the facts, Obama’s record and your posts.

    Oh Brother…………

  25. @Bill said at 3:26 pm on January 29th, 2014:

    I call YOU out because YOU are the only one calling anyone out for not using their name.

    THUS, you are a hypocrite. Or, are you that “stuck on stupid” to remember I called you out before, for the same; or “stuck on stupid,” not being able to understand the hypocritical stance?

    Oh, and bill; we “disrespect” such hypocrisy and those that play silly little games and hate.

    And finally, PLEASE do something about your grammar because no one can understand what you say half the time, as evidenced by your most recent rambling.


  26. Republican in name and actions said at 3:26 pm on January 29th, 2014:

    some more facts:

    Lest we forget the attempt by the Dem County Chair to drum up fake warrant charges on a Republican candidate.

    Still no name calling. Just the facts, sorry they hurt.

    Shall I continue………

  27. @ Republican in name said at 7:04 pm on January 29th, 2014:

    I guess it’s time to pull this article out again:


    In the linked article you will see that the likes of bill, DEM and a couple of other liberals that post here operate exactly the way the article suggests.

    And then, I must point out the following about how hateful and how intolerant liberals are:



    It’s just near impossible to break through this kind of mindset, but they serve a purpose of reminding us that we must always be vigilant and always be prepared to fight back against the insanity.


  28. Republican in name and actions said at 10:40 am on January 30th, 2014:

    Here is another one.

    A sitting President goes on National TV and in his stump speaches calls a whole group of US Citizens that he is supposed to represent names.

    Whether you agree with them or not Tea Party members should not be called names by the President of the United States

    Obama calls the Tea Party, teabaggers in a derogatory tone with a smirk on his face.


    I have never heard a sitting President call citizens names.

    Shall I continue………..

  29. Just today said at 11:17 am on January 30th, 2014:


    Shall I continue……….

  30. Where's bill said at 8:27 pm on January 31st, 2014:

    Did he run away again?