The Nation’s Most Duplicitous Republican

By David Wanetick, Princeton, NJ

Governor Christie claims to have had no prior knowledge of the September George Washington Bridge closing orchestrated by his staff for purposes of political retribution against Fort Lee’s mayor. Why would he? He is above petty and partisan politics. At least that is what Governor Christie wants us to believe.

But is it really difficult to imagine that a man who has inflicted such enormous damage on his own party through his calculated and duplicitous behavior would not be at least equally vengeful against unsupportive mayors from the opposing political party? Let’s review some recent history.

Chris Christie was given his party’s highest honor when he was chosen to deliver the keynote address at the Republican Convention in August 2012. Instead of ginning up support for the Republican presidential nominee when he had the chance to appeal to tens of millions of voters, Christie made an ostentatiously narcissist speech that trivialized Mr. Romney. A day or two later, Christie claimed not to understand what was expected of him in delivering the keynote address.  Are we really to believe that Chris Christie didn’t know that the Republican Convention was about getting that party’s candidate elected?

Did Mr. Christie correct his behavior after disgracing himself at the convention? No.

He shamefully used the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy to enshrine nearly every step President Obama made during his visits and to rhapsodize about the President’s calls in connection with restoration efforts. At a time when he could have been very constructive in helping the Romney campaign, Christie was giddy in his constant Obama worship. Christie sounded more like a teenage girl’s first encounter with a suitor than a statesman in relating Obama’s telephone calls to him. (Here is Christie cooing over his late night calls with Obama, “…President Obama called me last night around midnight … I have to say the.…president himself…. have been outstanding with us so far..….. I want to thank the president personally for his personal attention to this.”)

By any measure, New York Governor and Democrat Andrew Cuomo accepted far fewer photo ops with Obama and handled the Hurricane Sandy calamity at least as skillfully as Christie. Governor Cuomo accomplished great feats in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy without endless displays of gratuitous obsequiousness. And if Mr. Christie honestly believed that uninhibited groveling to Obama was a key factor in restoration, why did his public affection for the President drop precipitously immediately after the 2012 election?

I am not aware of any other Republican demonstrating such perfidy against his political party after having so recently received its most coveted honor. For instance, Zell Miller, Rudy Giuliani, Susan Molinari, Phil Gramm, to name a few Republican keynoters,  all acted honorably towards their respective Republican presidential nominees. By his backstabbing of Romney while masquerading under the thin veneer of “working with the President to do what’s right for New Jersey”, Christie is the Republican most responsible for Obama’s re-election. Why there is even discussion that Christie’s treachery could be rewarded with a Republican nomination for his presidential candidacy is beyond my comprehension.

Did Mr. Christie’s duplicity against his political party cease after the 2012 presidential election? No.

When Senator Lautenberg passed away in June 2013, Governor Christie could have done what many other governors have done which is to appoint a senator from his own party to serve in the Senate until the next election. Not only did Christie refrain from taking such legitimate action but he went an ignominious step further. He ordered a special election about a week before the general election. At an unnecessary expense of a reported $25 million, Christie orchestrated this charade to ensure that Cory Booker’s popularity would not erode Christie’s margin of victory in his quest for gubernatorial re-election.  Are we to believe that Christie did not know that Cory Booker was popular? Did Christie really not know that the election for the successor to Mr. Lautenberg could be facilitated concurrently with the general gubernatorial election?

Why would any Republican stand up for a man who has shot down its most promising candidates?

Christie’s backstabbing of Romney and New Jersey Republican US Senatorial Candidate Steve Lonegan has been spun by the Christie camp as indicia that Christie is above partisanship. How does the potentially life-threatening collective punishment meted out to thousands of New Jersey commuters (when the Christie camp engineered a four-day traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge as punishment for a Democrat mayor withholding support for Christie) fit into the thesis of Christie being above partisan politics? Obviously, it doesn’t.

It is time to connect the dots in Christie’s actions and behavior. It is time to stop being bedazzled by the silvery and bloviating oratory of disingenuous and deceitful politicians.


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10 Comments on “The Nation’s Most Duplicitous Republican”

  1. Duplicitous said at 4:51 pm on January 13th, 2014:

    Mr. Wanetick?

    How about duplicitous as in the White House Scandals? How about the actions and behaviors there?

    This is nothing more than Democrat attempts to hide the fires at the White House.

  2. Knight said at 4:58 pm on January 13th, 2014:

    A lot big words but I can’t disagree with him.

  3. Can't dispute most of it, said at 7:56 pm on January 13th, 2014:

    but now the question is: what the hell is the state and national party doing to help manage this mess/ go forward?? Where are all the hangers- on? Where are all the lib/ RINO supporters, now? The silence from many if them is deafening.. Look, the hypocrisy of the Dems must be highlighted and exploited, now, and each day, as all this unfolds.. It is stunning how much Dems get away with and how little wiggle room and benefit of the doubt Reps always get..If the big victories were really all about him, then the blame, and doing the damage control, needs to be,as well.. this is another prime example of: “Everybody loves a winner, and everybody runs for the hills from the bum.. ” – gosh,all that time, support and work , by so many, for what?

  4. Bob English said at 7:59 pm on January 13th, 2014:

    @duplicitous…Blame the Dems!!!!…lol..you need to rely on something besides Fox News or right wing radio for your information!!..Fyi,…I don’t recall seeing the names of White House aids and appointees on the emails discussing Bridgegate or the cover-up

  5. @Bob said at 9:30 pm on January 13th, 2014:

    ….Sigh 🙁

    You always find a way to side step an issue, don’t you?

    THE ISSUE is the duplicitous coverage given by the media. They forget how bad things are at the White House but pounce on small shit. Or, are you too blinded by your own DNC talking points?

    So, please go back to putting your head up your arse. You are an embarrassment to intellectual thinking.

    And that is all that I’ve got to say about you.

  6. » The Nation's Most Duplicitous Republican – MoreMonmouthMusings said at 9:49 pm on January 13th, 2014:

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  7. Bob English said at 9:56 pm on January 13th, 2014:

    @@Bob….actually was just replying to the side-stepping in the original comment. If you can manage to reread the posts maybe you can figure that out.

  8. DontBlameMeIVoted4Lonegan2009 said at 11:44 pm on January 13th, 2014:

    This only shows that Republican voters made a huge mistake when they voted for this ultraliberal RINO instead of a real conservative like Mayor Steve Lonegan in the 2009 GOP primary.

  9. trouble in marlboro said at 9:09 am on January 14th, 2014:

    like lewis black said, and he said it best. we are given two bowls of shit to vote for and we have to pick which smells the least. its sad. im so tied of rino’s like christie, rommeny, mccain, cannt we find a good god fairing man or women to what the people want and what is good for the people? instead of the christies that want to play both ends and the middle. stand up for something already, and quit wasting taxpayers money worrying about yourself and your run for the whitehouse.

  10. Monmouth Girl. said at 5:01 pm on January 14th, 2014:

    “god fearing” really?