Obama Muzzles American Jews

By David Wanetick

david_wanetickDuring the same week that his administration diluted the commitments required from newly naturalized Americans, President Obama in word and deed baited the scorning of American Jews. Let’s take a look at these issues one at a time.

On July 21, 2015, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services modified its naturalization policy to allow immigrants to become citizens while refraining from committing to military service if the country called upon them. With the stroke of a pen, the standards and obligations for becoming an American were lowered. Maybe the intention was to foster a bigger melting pot. A melting pot, the administration would like us to believe, where all Americans will be treated equally. A melting pot where no religious or ethnic group will be the target of government invective and stereotypes. A melting pot where no group will have its, even heretofore higher standards of, loyalty to the United States questioned solely as a function of their religious convictions.

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The Nation’s Most Duplicitous Republican

By David Wanetick, Princeton, NJ

Governor Christie claims to have had no prior knowledge of the September George Washington Bridge closing orchestrated by his staff for purposes of political retribution against Fort Lee’s mayor. Why would he? He is above petty and partisan politics. At least that is what Governor Christie wants us to believe.

But is it really difficult to imagine that a man who has inflicted such enormous damage on his own party through his calculated and duplicitous behavior would not be at least equally vengeful against unsupportive mayors from the opposing political party? Let’s review some recent history.

Chris Christie was given his party’s highest honor when he was chosen to deliver the keynote address at the Republican Convention in August 2012. Instead of ginning up support for the Republican presidential nominee when he had the chance to appeal to tens of millions of voters, Christie made an ostentatiously narcissist speech that trivialized Mr. Romney. A day or two later, Christie claimed not to understand what was expected of him in delivering the keynote address.  Are we really to believe that Chris Christie didn’t know that the Republican Convention was about getting that party’s candidate elected?

Did Mr. Christie correct his behavior after disgracing himself at the convention? No.

He shamefully used the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy to enshrine nearly every step President Obama made during his visits and to rhapsodize about the President’s calls in connection with restoration efforts. At a time when he could have been very constructive in helping the Romney campaign, Christie was giddy in his constant Obama worship. Christie sounded more like a teenage girl’s first encounter with a suitor than a statesman in relating Obama’s telephone calls to him. (Here is Christie cooing over his late night calls with Obama, “…President Obama called me last night around midnight … I have to say the.…president himself…. have been outstanding with us so far..….. I want to thank the president personally for his personal attention to this.”)

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