Gonzalez: Tea Partiers Are RINOS

Bayshore Tea Party Group co-founder Barbara Gonzalez pinning Sen. Joe Kyrillos

Bayshore Tea Party Group co-founder Barbara Gonzalez pinning Sen. Joe Kyrillos

In her Bayshore Tea Party Perspective blog at APP.com, Bayshore Tea Party Group founder Barbara Gonzalez wrote today that members of the Tea Party are Republicans In Name Only.

Reacting to a derisive comment about the Tea Party by columnist Bernard Goldberg on last night’s O’Reilly Factor, Gonzalez wrote:

You see, we are Republicans in name only.  Most of us are registered as Republicans, but over the last four or so years as the Tea Party movement, we have realized that we are not really what the GOP has become.  With a 2 party system, we have been forced to chose the party that we are registered with.

Well, that was then…..and this is now


Gonzalez went on to implore Tea Party members to discipline the GOP establishment as they would discipline their children:

As we would do with our own children, we must be strong, hold our ground and mean what we say.  Our children would be totally disobedient if we were as milk toast (sic) with disciplining them as we have been with our government officials.

Gonzalez does not want the Tea Party to comply with the GOP establishment and the media nominating a moderate for President in 2016.

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15 Comments on “Gonzalez: Tea Partiers Are RINOS”

  1. OMG said at 3:44 pm on November 12th, 2013:

    The problem here is that first, Barbara Gonzalez and the BSTPG are irrelevant to the discussion.

    Secondly, we see the true Babs show thru, do it or else. So, what now Babs, you going to start a third party?

    Did you see how well that worked in Virginia with a third candidate splitting off 7% of the vote; handing the election to McCauliff?

    Until Barbara learns that you need qualified candidates to win elections, she isn’t going to win elections here in N.J. And the only way she is going to get qualified conservatives is to groom them from the level of Board Elections to Township Committee and up.

    You can’t just jump in Babs with ne’er do wells and expect to take the crown.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  2. Mark F. said at 5:08 pm on November 12th, 2013:

    One of the “infamous” LD 13 candidates was a naval academy graduate and an officer, Steve Barachio(?). Also a successful small business owner. What was his problem?

  3. Politicalpony said at 10:30 pm on November 12th, 2013:

    Hey Dog Doo, I thought I smelled sumptin funny. You opened your mouth didn’t you?
    Lets get you educated quickly before you spit something else out thatsounds as stupid as you actually are.

    Actually Goldberg is right. I saw the interview and after thinking about what he had to say, he’s right! I myself am a registered Republican. But as the Democrats are no longer the JFK Dems of the past, neither are the GOP the Reagans of the Republican Party. Wasn’t it Reagan who said ” IO didn’t leave the Republican Party, the party left me”? Yes of course it was, I was just testing you.

    I am a tea party member. I am a student of our constitution, of ORIGINAL INTENT. Therefore i am not the modern day Republican. So therefore I too am a RINO.
    The 2 party system has become one. The only difference between the Dems and the Reps is that the Dems have a big set of Balls and the Repubs have been gelded.

    George Washington said it himself. The two party system would devide the nation. But I don’t think he counted on the Communists moving in.

    Oh hey Doo Doo, as for Virginia, we all know that you know better than what you said in regards to “see what happens with a 3rd party”. That 3rd party was founded by the left to take those votes away from the conservative candidate. Surely you are smart enough to know that. But yet you try to use it as some sort of argumentive case that we should be greatful and respect the GOP. Got news for you. You and the rest of the country should pray with thanks tha the Tea party isn’t as stupid and the GOP leadership and start a third party. We the tea party are just planning to take over the GOP as did the communists took over the Democrat party. Why have to create a new network when you can just insert your own people to work your will?

    Hey Art! How you been? You been being a nice little Blogger? Have you been being fair and balanced? I think you were calling it a bit close with this one. Almost as if you were implying something bad about barb making the claim that the Tea party are RINO’s. But how about that, you were careful as to not let the tables be turned on you. Ah come on now… you know I’ll never be politically correct and will call anyone out like I see it. Stay nice, I’d hate to have to come back in here and take over your pages “lol” 😉

    Dog Doo, I’ll be keeping an eye out for you. Might even go to pet smart and purchase a pooper scooper just for you.

  4. Alieta Eck said at 12:41 am on November 13th, 2013:

    The Republican Party began under Abraham Lincoln and included Frederick Douglass. They believed in small government, personal responsibility and strict adherence to the Constitution. The mainstream Republican Party has drifted away –though the platform has not. It appears that the problem lies in thinking that Republicans have to behave like Democrats to win in a blue state. But the country needs real Republicans if it is to recover from its economic decline.

  5. What it means to be a Republican said at 6:35 am on November 13th, 2013:

    Fair point Mrs. Eck. However, you are failing to see what being a Republican doesn’t mean.

    1. You ARE a Republican if you don’t believe in Agenda 21 or that the United Nations is out to kill the United States. However, Babs would have you believe that if you don’t buy in, you are not worthy of her or her group’s support.

    2. You ARE a Republican if you believe in all of the principles of smaller government and fiscal conservancy. Social issues have no business being at the forefront of Republican ideology any longer. I can give a horse’s patoot if you are pro choice so long as you are pro-smaller government. The BTPG interpretation of that is as follows: You can cut taxes 1000x but if you don’t fight against women’s reproductive rights, you are not a real Republican.

    I can go on and on and on about the problems with being a Republican today. I am a proud Republican. I am a hard core fiscal conservative. I am an advocate for gun rights and protection of the Constitution. However, I am a social moderate. I am not alone. There are more of me than pretend Tea Partiers. That my friends is what’s wrong with the Republican party today.

    What Babs and the BTPG need to do is finally realize what brought the Tea Party into the fold. The fight against Obamacare. The fight against bigger government. They have lost sight of that and have lost their way. Had they kept that in mind instead of running after loony ideas like Agenda 21 and other loony ideas, they would still be relevant.

  6. Part II said at 6:48 am on November 13th, 2013:

    Tom Arnone never voted for a tax increase as Monmouth County Freeholder. How was he rewarded by the RINO’s aka BTPG? He was primaried.

    I always thought TEA stood for Taxed Enough Already? Hypocrites.

  7. OMG said at 9:16 am on November 13th, 2013:

    That moronic Cayuse, political pony is back. I woulda thought she was still in hiding after the primary whoopin she got, or that she was busy organizing Anna Little’s THIRD House campaign loss. But, like always, potty mouth pony starts right off with personal demonizations and attacks. I believe in the Golden Rule, only this time we are going to turn it back on the pony. She get’s what she gives as karma goes full circle. You see, Potty mouth likes to use Alynski’s Rules For Radicals.

    So, since “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” So, let’s start with this quote from the hateful one:

    “in regards to “see what happens with a 3rd party”. That 3rd party was founded by the left to take those votes away from the conservative candidate.”

    Ah, my little pony? Wake up now, time for your schooling.

    It DOESN’T matter where or how the third party challenge comes from. It matters that it exists. In most circumstances a third party will only help to elect Democrats. It’s especially so in N.J., because if it can happen in Virginia, a third party here in blue New Jersey just makes it worse, especially one run by a rudderless BSTPG. So, if causing even marginally more conservative candidates to lose against far left liberal candidates is what you are for, via a third party; then we are not the problem.

    THAT was the point I was making, NOT where it came from.

    What you don’t get potty mouth is that I am FOR conservative candidates but I don’t believe in shooting my foot off and putting people who can’t win up against Democrats. I will support qualified candidates as long as they can win. But, in N.J. they must come from the bottom up, become known, be able to raise funds and have qualified people running their campaigns. You can’t throw ne’er do wells like Little & Quarmot at people and expect us to run to vote for them. This primary challenge in the spring, rife with unqualified people is an even better example of shooting their own feet off.

    Worse, pony is an elitist. Just because you are a “Student of the Constitution,” it doesn’t make you any better than any of us. Nor does it qualify you to infer that you know much at all about how to return us to a more Constitutionally sound course.

    Actually Pony, what your attitude and tone does is make you look like a jack ass.

    As “What It Means To Be A Republican” says, the Tea Party has lost it’s way. It’s lost it’s way at the hands of naive people who use a scatter gun approach on issues and foist candidates on us that are a laugh a minute.

    And I call them people because I certainly can’t call them leaders. Leaders make bold choices and know when to fight and where to fight. Barbara Gonzalez and Political Pony are no leaders for sure, and we are tired of listening to them as they try to stay relevant.

    The only way to BE relevant is to win races. So, since they have not done that, just give me one good reason why we should listen to them and their ilk?

    Pony, you want to respond; fine by me. But you’ll be howling at the wind till madness sets in because I no longer have time trying to teach a stone how to think. We have your number. It’s a big fat zero.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  8. Tommy De Seno said at 9:25 am on November 13th, 2013:

    Alieta Eck I have one bone of contention – the original Republican party was for a loose construction of the Constitution while the Democrats at the time were strict constructionists. The parties later switched positions.

  9. @ Alieta Eck said at 9:37 am on November 13th, 2013:

    Ms. Eck,

    I do not disagree with your points, NOT at all. I voted for you in the primary. What I fear though is that you do not come to grips with the tangents that some of the Tea Party groups take off on.

    Most concerning, is that groups like BSTPG and people like Political Pony lead you down a path with their inexperience and naivete. Most concerning is that you become discredited by people such as Political Pony associating themselves with you.

    It only leads credence to the charges of extremism that are indeed leveled by the left.

    So, the question is this. Do you condone the type of comments exhibited by Political Pony in her above comments?

    Straight up or down answer. No parsing allowed. 🙂


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  10. as I see it said at 7:30 pm on November 13th, 2013:

    there is a baseball game being played by 2 teams who followed all the rules of the league and are now playing for the championship, then here comes a 3rd team, they tried out for team 2 and didnt make the cut. So instead of practicing and trying another year to make the team they decide that they are going to interrupt the game and heckle the players and try to substitute their own players, challenge the rules of the game and make up their own rules then discredit the winners as not really baseball players.
    Team 3 are not only spoiled brats but they are obstructionist, hell bent on no one else playing because they can’t make the team.

    Team 3’s fans also can’t make up their minds who they support and are fair weather fans changing their minds from game to game or even mid-game as to who they will support with no true conviction except to bash any team that doesn’t provide them with really good giveaways at the game.

  11. Had enough of this absurdity.... said at 9:44 am on November 14th, 2013:

    Does this mean Babs and the Bayshore Tea Party Group have adopted a new mascot? The GOP has the Elephant, the Democrats have the Donkey, and now Babs has what, …the Rhino???

    Yeeesh! Time for her (and the 3 other members of the Bayshore Tea Party) to start their OWN party. Sane Republicans don’t want our local party to be the vehicle Barbara Gonzalez uses to support this nonsense any more.

    Go find another punching bag to abuse, Babs. You wore out your welcome a long time ago.

  12. And Somewhere In Here said at 6:42 pm on November 14th, 2013:


    Is a lesson for Babs & Pottymouth Pony

    Primarily, that people believe the Tea Party movement is dead. That’s for sure in the Bayshore Region of Blue Jersey.

    Maybe that’s what Babs & crew ought to be working on; selling the message first; rather than selling the people losing candidates.

    THEN, maybe more people will vote for candidates that have become known by climbing up the ranks


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  13. Johnny Tremain said at 9:52 pm on November 14th, 2013:

    It’s time to have a real two party system. Right now we have only one party here in New Jersey called the Christiecratic Party. Chris Christie and Steve Sweeney are two heads of the same coin. We need a Conservative Party that will offer an alternative to the Christiecrats, split the Christiecratic vote between two Christiecratic candidates, and restore Constitutional government to the State of New Jersey. If Mike Doherty runs for Senator next year at the top of a Conservative/Constitutional ticket in the election, along with Anna Little for Congress, he’ll become our next Senator and join Rand Paul and Ted Cruz to restore Constitutional government to the USA, while Anna Little joins Tea Party members in the House to stop the Socialists from taking our Country down The Road To Serfdom.

  14. @Johnny Tremain's Cardboard Cut Out said at 9:26 am on November 15th, 2013:


    Are you sure you are not a “Rullobot in Hiding?” I say this because you sure sound like those despicable POS with your moronic, syncophant like drivel.

    Did you not see the results from Virginia where a third party candidate gave the election to a Democrat? Now, you must know that Virginia is a much redder state than blue N.J.

    So, please tell me how the frack running a third party candidate in N.J. would NOT do the same.

    My God man, you must belong to a seriously stupid family of leanings.


  15. @Johnny said at 10:13 am on November 15th, 2013:

    Seriously stupid family of LEMMINGS, that is