Bayshore Tea Party Group Members Stealing Signs

Cullari for Congress Campaign Manager Charles Measley tells MMM that one of the campaign’s volunteers spotted Bayshore Tea Party Group founder Barbara Gonzalez and active member Joe Abburscato stealing Cullari for Congress signs last evening in Middletown.  Measley said he called Abbruscato who initially denied the thefts before calling back with a defiant rant.

Measley called the police and is filing a complaint in Middletown Municipal Court.

It is a shame to see that BTPG has fallen so low as to resort to tactics normally deployed in Middletown by the Democrats.

Gonzalez publically boasts babbles of throwing a member out of her organization for “stealing and spying” information shared via email with a members of the BTPG ememies list.  Who will throw Barbara out?


Rob Little, for the former mayor’s husband, just called with an alibi for Barbara.  Little said that Barabara was with him all night and that she could not have possibly been among the sign thieves.

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23 Comments on “Bayshore Tea Party Group Members Stealing Signs”

  1. Hey Barbara said at 8:43 am on June 2nd, 2012:

    I helped put those signs out.


    But then, this is EXACTLY what happened in 2010. I and a friend put Gooch signs out and the next day, they were replaced with Little signs, practically in the same holes.

    Talk about desperation.

  2. GREAT IDEA said at 8:47 am on June 2nd, 2012:

    I think we should do a Cullari sign wave in front of the BSTP office

  3. Twisted Tea said at 9:03 am on June 2nd, 2012:

    Who will provide the next alibi Bader Quarmont?

    Time for the BTPG to throw the bums out if they are found guilty of this.

  4. No surprise said at 9:04 am on June 2nd, 2012:

    This is the natural progression when a group is losing support and becomes desperate. The Middletown DemocRATS reached that point years ago. Btw, where has Bob Gordon been? Has he left the group too?

  5. Out all night said at 9:37 am on June 2nd, 2012:

    Does Barbara’s husband know she was with Rob Little all night? Were they at that strip club?


  6. Anonymous said at 9:40 am on June 2nd, 2012:

    “….all night…”—??!? Yet another scandal??

  7. Interesting said at 9:44 am on June 2nd, 2012:

    If an eyewitness saw Barbara and another stealing the signs, and will testify to that in court, would Rob Little swear under oath that Barbara was with him at the same time?

    Hmmm…maybe Rob Little was with Barbara and both were stealing signs.

    Perjury anyone?

    Oh what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

  8. Patricia C Nastasi said at 10:02 am on June 2nd, 2012:

    This is just the kind of ridiculous, petty type of accusations and low-sinking, that is driving us away from what used to be the Republican Party. Where do you find these low life’s that think they can represent us in DC? My husband and I and family just casted our votes in the hat for Little and Qarmout. Thanks for the push, Ernie!

  9. Dear Patricia said at 10:13 am on June 2nd, 2012:

    I too have have experienced Little people taking other candidates signs, in 2010. I put Gooch signs out in a SPECIFIC location. The next day, Little signs were in the exact same spot, same frackin holes

    It is NOT petty. Volunteers work tirelessly to put those signs out, myself 4 hours including in the Middletown area till 2:30 in the morning.

    That begs the question Patricia, have you ever worked like that to put out signs at 2:30 in the morning? If you did, you wouldn’t call these charges petty.

    It is NOT petty, I assure you. If that’s what you have to do Anna Little, Barbara & ilk to suppress votes; shameful.


  10. Nasty said at 10:14 am on June 2nd, 2012:


    If an eyewitness will testify under oath that an individual was stealing the property of another, at the very least that person would be considered a “thief” if convicted.

    While stealing campaign signs is only petty larceny due to the value, it is also an indication of desperation.

    What would you say to your children if you found out that they were stealing something?

  11. Oh, And Patricia said at 10:16 am on June 2nd, 2012:

    The lowlife comment just continues to reinforce the view that the BSTP and it’s ilk act like an elitist group, that they are better than others who have a different opinion of Anna, that opinion mind you; based on her loose cannon history

    Qarmout? Third Party Senate Candidate?

    Nuts, You Are All Nuts

  12. Nostalgic... said at 10:52 am on June 2nd, 2012:

    ..is how I am feeling today: here we have a classic, heated, “sign wars” scenario, that has been part of the American political landscape for over 100 years at least, or,whenever people first started putting out signs on both private (ok) and public (questionable, but we all do it) property.. philosophies and personalities aside, today I am glad the Nobama and the socialists have so far failed to stop First Amendment freedom of speech, so am slightly encouraged over this lastest flap!!.. go,team USA, and, may the brightest bulbs win!..

  13. EDITH T. NOWELS said at 11:03 am on June 2nd, 2012:

    AMERICA, ARE YOU LISTENING … ARE YOU WATCHING….! DESTRUCTION FROM WITHIN…! Disgusting BUT very interesting! Days ago I drove up to the Bayshore area, and couldn’t help notice LITTLE signs plastered throughout many roadways. Obnoxiously visible, over the holiday weekend, were clusters of her OPPONENT’s signs throughout the area and LITTLE signs were gone!!!! CD-6 residents, these are ‘TRUE COLORS’ in action. Rise up to PRESERVE OUR PRINCIPLES with your vote on Tuesday, June 5th.

  14. Jim Sage said at 11:17 am on June 2nd, 2012:

    Can the cowards hiding behind fictitious names please use their real names.

  15. EDITH T. NOWELS said at 11:45 am on June 2nd, 2012:

    Jim Sage, they do give true meaning to the word coward: ‘one who shows disgraceful fear or timidity’ … according to Webster’s Dictionary. But ‘sokay’, we know Monmouth County Residents are not stupid.

  16. @Edith T. Nowels said at 12:09 pm on June 2nd, 2012:

    I’ll bet you that Cullari people are not removing Little Signs. Besides, where is your proof?

    However Edith, you do know that State Highway crews regularly remove ANY signs from State Highways, right?

    Get a grip on yourself Edith. This is what desperate people do when confronted with evidence of what they themselves do; just like the Democrats.

    The real problem is that Anna used signs from the 2010 campaign and are just about out, with new signs coming in AFTER the primary. What, are you counting your chicken’s already Anna?

    Besides, how’s that for organizational skills, not ordering signs in time. Or, is it that Anna didn’t have enough donations to order enough signs? And what’s with those silly little notes stapled onto the signs.

    BETCHA they are soaked with last night’s rain and totally “washed up.”

    Screwed up on Campaign Finance filings, screwed up on sign orders.

  17. Gene Baldassari said at 12:26 pm on June 2nd, 2012:

    I just went through the past 500 years of MMM blogs to compile the following statistic:

    Pro-Little commentors who use real identities outnumber anti-Little commentators who use real identities by seventy to one.

    In another words, drive by name callers are usually anti-Little.

    Since it is difficult to get into the voting booth with handles, it is pretty obvious who will likely win on Tuesday.

  18. What B.S Gene said at 12:45 pm on June 2nd, 2012:

    You are using an un scientific polling from a BLOG of all things to predict the outcome of a primary?

    Now I KNOW you Little supporters are all nuts.

    How do you know that there aren’t just a FEW anti Little people using multiple handles, like I have a few times on just this post along?

  19. Thanks Ms. Nowles said at 4:51 pm on June 2nd, 2012:

    Thanks Ms. Nowles. If this is the same Ms. Nowles I have met at a Middletown Republican Club Meeting!!!

  20. Thanks Ms. Nowles (again) said at 4:52 pm on June 2nd, 2012:

    sorry, my old age is setting in.

    Jim Sage

  21. Pilgrim said at 1:54 pm on June 4th, 2012:

    Nasty, 10:14 a.m.,
    Stealing, or removing, campaign signs is a felony.

  22. I am Sparticus said at 4:03 pm on June 4th, 2012:

    to “What B.S. Gene” Poster;
    Gene’s post was a fabulous stab at rhetorical sarcasm. Did you read the post, stop and think about the post, then respond. I’m guessing either you missed step 2, or you should let the adults do the talking.
    500 years of MMM? You mean you really didn’t get that? Wow…

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