Disputed Asbury Park Election Ballots Will Not Be Opened

By Asbury Park Sun

A Monmouth County Superior Court judge has ruled that 252 rejected vote by mail [VBM] ballots in the Asbury Park city council election should not be opened.

The number of ballots at issue were enough to change the election results.

Daniel Harris III, an unsuccessful candidate on the A-Team slate, filed the legal challenge to the May 14 election. His A-Team running mates Jim Keady and Duanne Small were 178 votes away from unseating Mayor Myra Campbell and Deputy Mayor Susan Henderson, the two lowest vote-getters who won seats on the five-member city council.

Harris’s attorney, Kristie Howard of Montclair, said Harris will appeal the decision.

“Definitely. Immediately,” she said.

The 252 ballots subject to the ruling today by Judge Dennis O’Brien were disqualified by the Monmouth County Board of Elections. The board had ruled that handwriting on the applications for the ballots indicated other individuals provided assistance to the voter in filling out the applications.

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4 Comments on “Disputed Asbury Park Election Ballots Will Not Be Opened”

  1. No matter what, said at 8:43 pm on July 18th, 2013:

    Asbury remains screwed.. Never will come back in our lifetimes, that once beautiful and proud little city by the sea… More proof positive that, unchecked tons of taxpayer monies thrown at deep-seeded social and economic problems, does not work or fix the problems.. Another sad chapter in what may become a mini Detroit, soon..

  2. dentss said at 9:24 am on July 19th, 2013:

    Once again the old adage…. it not who votes it’s who counting the votes ……..

  3. bill said at 6:13 pm on July 19th, 2013:

    @No matter what-You don’t know what you are talking about go to Asbury Park on a Friday or Saturday night the town is jumping with people.

  4. Obviously, said at 7:46 am on July 22nd, 2013:

    you are relatively new to the town.. Everyone’s glad there are new businesses trying to come back, but, if you never lived the years when the boardwalk had 3 mini golfs, several lovely hotels, a pool, an aquarium, there were bread and clothing factories that employed hundreds, the Casino was a gorgeous structure that held public dances and had a huge ice rink, where we all took lessons in the winter, there were more churches of all denominations on one street, Grand Ave., than any street in the state and possibly the country, the Steinbach’s dep’t. store alone employed hundreds,( I was one if them),and was the class place to buy just about any types of clothing or china and glass in the county, the lake amusements, anchored by one of the oldest and most beautiful carousels in the state, drew thousands every summer, and you could get dropped off there by your folks,and ride the Palace Ferris wheel, peddle the boats or ride the swans, and play the arcade games all night and be perfectly safe, no such things as gangs.. Oh, and take in a movie at the iconic and unique national historic site, the Mayfair theatre, over which the idiots running the town made a deal and knocked it down, anyway.. The best doctors in the area had their practices there.. The shows and baby parade, and the boardwalk itself were nationally known-and, it goes on,there were beautiful, well- kept victorians, safe neighborhoods, good schools, and so much more..it was a magnificent place to be.. And then, came the riots.. no, really, it is YOU who have zero idea what you are talking about!