Pallone’s Past

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Long before Cory Booker was shoveling snow and tweeting about it, Frank Pallone was delivering generators to storm victims in his district.

~The Star Ledger

And…he was a Republican in he youth? Yes, according to his Wikipedia page, Pallone was a member of the Young Republicans while a student at Middlebury College in Vermont. (h/t The Auditor)

Even as a Democrat, Pallone, who now has a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood used to be strongly pro-life.   He was endorsed by New Jersey Right To Life in his 1988 race for congress against the late Captain Joe Azzolina.

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One Comment on “Pallone’s Past”

  1. Always the politically - expedient one, said at 8:28 pm on July 15th, 2013:

    that Frank.. True, he started out a definite pro-lifer, fiscal conservative.. The further along he got, and the more union and leftist dollars that rolled in, the more “progressive” and leftist he became: up til being the Obamcare writer, tax and spend,wimpy leftie he is now: bought and paid for by the lobbyists and thugs.. God protect us from this,as a US Senator!