Praise for Kyrillos, Prayers for Bellew

By Thomas Stokes, Middletown

With the June 4th primary rapidly approaching, I wanted to share why I’m supporting Republican Joe Kyrillos for State Senate.

I began working for Conservative candidates in High School when Barry Goldwater ran for President.  In college, I founded the first Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at NYU.  I served as a Municipal Chairman of the NY State Conservative Party and worked hard to elect Ronald Reagan (Chair, Taxpayers For Reagan) before moving to New Jersey many years ago.

Joe and I have been good friends for a number of years. I have been proud to support him in every election.  Now, he’s facing a new primary opponent – and what I have discovered about his opponent is alarming, and is something that should also concern you. By the way, contrary to claims she’s an attorney, Joe’s opponent never even went to law school, let alone pass a bar exam.

Leigh-Ann Bellew claims she is a champion of fiscal responsibility. Unfortunately, it’s just not true. Three years ago, she racked up almost $140,000 in credit card debt on 20 different credit cards – including payment to a vacation timeshare company in Las Vegas – and didn’t pay the bills. Instead, she filed for bankruptcy.  How can we trust her to be the conservative leader we need when she can’t even be responsible for her own finances?

To make matters worse, the Monmouth County Democrat Chairman has now confirmed reports that Ms. Bellew’s campaign has sought funding and other assistance from the Democrats in this primary!

Joe’s opponent is fiscally and politically irresponsible and doesn’t deserve our vote. However, she certainly needs our prayers. A helping hand, not a handout, is a true hallmark of compassionate conservatism.

What unites us as Conservatives isn’t found in speeches and platitudes, but our firm belief in personal responsibility. It’s not just the talk, it’s also the walk!

We have exceptional leaders in Joe Kyrillos, Amy Handlin and Declan O’Scanlon. In Trenton, they’ve stood side-by-side with Governor Christie to balance our budget, cap property taxes and fix our public pension system. The results? We’re spending less money now than when Jon Corzine left office. There are 5,000 fewer government employees.  And, Pension reforms are saving taxpayers billions of dollars over the next few decades. These are real, conservative results.

And, right here in Monmouth County, Freeholders Tom Arnone and Serena DiMaso along with Sheriff Shaun Golden, have worked tirelessly to ensure that our local government is spending less of our hard earned money while improving services and public safety.

Our Monmouth county leaders have kept their promise of strong, conservative leadership! Now we must stand with them on June 4th.

I urge you join me, and fellow conservatives in supporting Joe Kyrillos in the Republican primary, Tuesday, June 4th. If you can’t make it to the polls, please fill out the enclosed vote by mail application. Please remember, all applications must be received by the Monmouth County Clerk no later than May 28th.

And please keep our servicemen and women in your prayers. They are in the front lines defending our liberties and freedoms. May God Bless them and their families and May God Bless America!


Opinions expressed are those of the author.  Submission may be made to [email protected]

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44 Comments on “Praise for Kyrillos, Prayers for Bellew”

  1. This Is Good Stuff said at 9:21 pm on May 16th, 2013:

    And we know that “where there is smoke, there is fire.”

    But I hope that it is getting out to the voters at large. Yes, Art’s readership is growing; but it doesn’t take a heck of a lot of votes to sway a small turn out election.

    And who knows the lies they are telling when door knocking our handing out their fraudulent flyers.

    These nuts can EASILY reach enough voters


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  2. My Dear Mr. Stokes..... said at 9:21 pm on May 16th, 2013:

    My Dear Mr. Stokes,

    I hope you have proof backing up these accusations. For some reason,you inexplicably don’t share your proof. You go by the word of the Monmouth County Democratic Chairman. Your words may be deemed actionable.

  3. @ My Dear Mr. Stokes said at 9:28 pm on May 16th, 2013:

    They are all true, and more. I have reserved other damaging items about Mrs. Bellew’s character in in the interest of being as civil as possible.

    Mrs. Bellew is simply not a nice person

    Jim Granelli

  4. And right here in Monmouth County said at 9:30 pm on May 16th, 2013:

    Oh Mr. Stokes what the hell are you smoking? You say the freeholders and the sheriff are spending less of our hard earned money??? What was that scandal I read about that the sheriff placed his friend in a fictitious position to earn a pension and salary??? That’s good government? that’s spending less of our hard earned money?

    Your comments are laughable, and leave much factual information absent. Good thing Art let people know at the end of your commentary that the above story is YOUR opinion. Mr. Stokes, I respectfully diagree with YOUR opinion!

  5. Tom Stokes said at 9:31 pm on May 16th, 2013:

    @My Dear Mr. Stokes

    Truth is not actionable.

    Be man (or woman) enough to send me your email and I’ll email you the bankruptcy filing by Ms. Bellew.

    As for the Democrat chairman’s remarks, do you have any proof that he is a liar?

  6. @ And Right Here said at 9:43 pm on May 16th, 2013:

    You have got to be Jim Sage or a clone of him.

    You attack the truth that the county is INDEED spending less money with a tired old charge that has never been prosecuted.

    As to Mrs. Bellew, I would love to share more with you too. But, somehow, you impress me as someone who doesn’t listen to facts.

    Jim Granelli

  7. Stop the Hysteria Granelli said at 9:50 pm on May 16th, 2013:

    I’m not Jim Sage. And I am not a clone of him. I simply agree with some of his points from the past.What we have here is a virtual civil war among Republicans. Many disagreements are unfortunately tearing the party apart. Will the Dems capitlize? I don’t think so. But the incessant attacks among those that “dared” challenge the regulars of the Monmouth GOP has to stop. Those holding these alleged charges over the head of Ms. Bellew, like the sword of Domoceles, should either put up or shut up!!! The Primary is just two weeks away. Lets get this “factual” material out against Ms. Bellew, and perhaps I will change my mind. But until then, I am voting for change–I am voting for Ms. Bellew.

  8. @Stop the Hysteria said at 10:12 pm on May 16th, 2013:

    A) First of all, it is Mr. Granelli or Jim.

    People who use just a last name to people they don’t know are rude.

    B) Who started the civil war? WHO is tearing the party apart? That’s a laugher.

    A SITTING Board Member of the MCRO and her cohorts did, complaining that the “rules were too hard” and primaryed the candidates instead of following the rules of the MCRO as the Board Member is supposed to do.

    If she doesn’t like those rules, QUIT. I or others wouldn’t mind holding that seat.

    No, they want their cake and eat it too.

    C) Maybe the LIES from said challengers need to stop. Hmmmmm?

    D) Alleged Charges?

    There is your problem. I laid out here a week or so ago, problems I experienced with her. Tom has done the same.

    The bankruptcy is public record. Please go look it up.

    Get this “factual” material out? I assure you that YOU don’t want it out, nor does Mrs. Bellew.

    But, for the record; these so called “attacks” are a matter of her record, as to whether she is qualified to serve in the seat.

    VOTERS DESERVE to know them, not have them hidden like Obama’s record.

    Vote for whomever you wish. But be prepared to lose the seat to a Democrat in the fall because the Dems will SURELY “capitalize” on it because Bellew is a weak candidate with lies through out her resume. Money will pour in from Frank Pallone’s big war chest, rolled through out every town of LD district.

    “Stupid is as stupid does.” You don’t risk a seat with an unqualified candidate who can not raise money. Just look at her campaign filings from 2006 and now.


  9. Flo said at 11:36 pm on May 16th, 2013:

    This is very unfair to Leigh Ann Bellew. RINO hacks like Joe Kyrillos never have to worry about bad debt and bankruptcy because whenever they get in trouble they have their country club cronies and supporters bail them out just like Obama bailed out the banks that were “too big to fail”. Ms. Bellew is the victim of not being a professional politician and having to deal with personal finances like every other American who doesn’t have megamillionaire campaign contributors.

  10. Ok Flo said at 6:01 am on May 17th, 2013:

    $140,000 on 20 credit cards is NOT fiscally responsible, like she bills herself.


    Are you, as General Honore said, “stuck on stupid?”

    Now, put the bankruptcy aside. Bellew lied about her being an attorney, called herself an educator when she has no schooling in such.

    And then, there is the issue of going to Democrats for money; of which the underlying cause is that Bellew can not raise campaign funds.

    Geeeeez. Stop with the RINO attacks and look at the FACTS that Bellew is seriously flawed candidate.

    Has Kyrillos gone to his “country club buddies” for a bailout? Are you making an official charge?

    If so, prove it. Otherwise, stop making baseless charges like the Bellew campaign has.

    Otherwise, it’s slander.



    Silence Dogood, Redux

  11. @ @ My Dear Mr. Stokes said at 6:33 am on May 17th, 2013:

    You want proof of accusations? Here’s some about Bellew’s Bankruptcy.



    This is not about personal destruction. This is about vetting a phoney candidate. This is about qualifications to do the job.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  12. Here's More About Bellew said at 6:38 am on May 17th, 2013:


    If Bellew had come out and explained some of this right away, there would be no problem such as this. She could have offered reasons. All of us have failings. We all screw up.

    But, “we” are not running for statewide office and claiming to be fiscally responsible.

    On top of that, the Wyndham vacation time share in Vegas is troubling, considering her other debt at the time.

    But instead, she continues to hide from the public.


  13. Tommy De Seno said at 8:04 am on May 17th, 2013:

    I support Joe, but honestly raising the bankruptcy issue is always an unnecessary low blow Mr. Stokes. Do you know how many innocent people had to file when the economy collapsed in 2008 having nothing to do with them being irresponsible?

    Abraham Lincoln went bankrupt. Did that make him an unworthy Republican candidate, Mr. Stokes?

    So too did Presidents Grant, McKinley and Jefferson.

    Jefferson seems to have made a commendable contribution to America’s political well being, wouldn’t you agree?

    Anyone who thinks personal finance has any resemblance to fiscally sound public policy was probably naïve enough to vote for Jon Corzine, who was good at personal finance.

    You’re off base here, Mr. Stokes.

  14. Tom Stokes said at 8:15 am on May 17th, 2013:


    Unfair? What would the dems do in the November election? Ms. Bellew would be torn to shreds, along with her running mates.

    She had a chance to answer these “unfair” facts; she hasn’t.

    Will she claim the bankruptcy filing is not true? Will she provide a copy of her law license? Has she even denied what the Monmouth Democrat chairman confimed to MMM?

    Look, as Silence said above, we all make mistakes. Erasers on pencils are there for a purpose.

    A major mistake (like bankruptcy) does not make one a “bad” person, it does however hurt their credibility as a political candidate.

    Politics 101 is to vet your candidate completely. You also need to be able to win in November against those who would throw all of this and more directly at you.

    Keep calling people names and you are only debasing yourself.

    The old political saying is, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”.

  15. Tom Stokes said at 9:10 am on May 17th, 2013:


    That was in an era without all the 24 hour news cycle.

    As for President Grant, didn’t his administration have serious problems with corruption?

    This, unfortunately, is an unforgiving political climate, where a candidate needs to be vetted before running. Are we to leave this vetting until a November election and let the dems vet the candidate (like in Delaware where we lost a US Senate seat)?

    Tommy, we need to look at history to learn lessons, not to romanticize our current situation.

    And any look a history will show that politics, even in the age without electronics and planes, was brutal. As for your comment that many people had to file for bankruptcy, I would ask how many of these are current candidates for political office?

    Do I wish that this was unnecessary? Absolutely. Off base? Absolutely not. The primary voters need to know the truth and make their decisions based upon the truth, not lies.

    I can only provide prayers for Ms Bellew’s family, that they have been able to pick up the pieces after their bankruptcy. But I cannot provide my vote and neither should any other GOP primary voter who wants to win in November and perhaps have a chance of retaking the State Senate to help Chris Christie govern.

  16. Tommy De Seno said at 10:45 am on May 17th, 2013:

    I see know relevance to the 24 news cycle of today.

    Jefferson’s bankruptcy was a quarter millennium ago and we know of it and still speak of it.

    Let me ask you, Mr. Stokes – by your calculation – did you consider the personal wealth of Mssrs. Corzine and Loutenberg to be reasons to vote for them? Did you?

  17. Tommy De Seno said at 10:47 am on May 17th, 2013:

    This website has turned into such a playground for bashing Tea Party people that I’m certain you all qualify for a job at the IRS.

  18. Tom Stokes said at 12:07 pm on May 17th, 2013:

    Tommy – sorry, but you are comparing apples and oranges. Corzine and Lautenberg were liberals running in a November election. Jefferson is not running in this election.

    We are dealing with a primary to determine who can best represent the GOP this coming November. From your first remark, it appears we agree that Joe Kyrillos is the best standard bearer for the GOP. I appreciate agreement.

    Candidates need to be vetted, preferably before throwing their hats in the ring. A primary is another way to vet one who desires to be the standard bearer of a party.

    This is a real world process all candidates must go through. The true test of one’s character is how one responds to adversity.

  19. monmouth girl said at 1:04 pm on May 17th, 2013:


    Did Lincoln go bankrupt on time shares in Las Vegas?

  20. another view said at 1:19 pm on May 17th, 2013:

    It sounds like Bellew might have learned how to manipulate the banking systems, markets, laws and public safety nets to be in her favor. Another view of her bankruptcy filing might be that she’ll be able to use those same manipulation skills to sneak a few tricks past the Ds where JoeK has been rather lack luster is having his way with the Ds in control.

  21. TR said at 4:17 pm on May 17th, 2013:

    as to problems with personal finances let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    as to lying about credentials. If true that is a different issue.

  22. @Tom Deseno said at 7:04 pm on May 17th, 2013:

    “This website has turned into such a playground for bashing Tea Party people that I’m certain you all qualify for a job at the IRS.”

    That was uncalled for Tom.

    Tea Party ideas are great. Unprepared and ill vetted candidates are not. When they lie and deceive, the need to be called on the carpet. Or, would you prefer that unvetted candidates rise to the surface like Obama did? Just because they are Republicans or Conservatives; it does not mean they do not deserve the full level of vetting.

    Tea Party leaders like Barbara Gonzolez are not good as well. She has vasilated back on forth on so many things, hopstoched across so many Presidential Candidates last year that one’s head turned sideways.

    Then there is the BSTPG’s support if Badar Quarmont who has so many liberal leanings that he’s really a Dem. Of course, this was a candidate they supported against Joe after Joe paid their rent.

    For surely, the Democrats will do it for us if we don’t and they slip past the primary on such lies and deceits.

    Bellew has never offered one iota of an explanation pr rebuttal on any of the issues ANYWHERE.

    Why is that? She doesn’t think the voters deserve to know that she really isn’t an attorney or an educator and that she really wasn’t fiscally responsible like a fiscal Conservative should be??


    She claims to be a Fiscal Conservative and wants to be responsible for our money.

    THAT’S WHY IN THIS CIRCUMSTANCE, it’s an issue. And yes, when I got ill, lost my business and became disabled, I had money problems. We all do.

    BUT, Bellew is a candidate who is asking us to believe she is fiscally conservative. It flies in the face of credibility.

    We ask Obama to explain but not our candidates?

    I assure you, there is MUCH more on the Bellew story that I could share, and up until about yesterday, I wasn’t going to.

    However, I am seriously rethinking that. Again, to some; they may cry shrilly that these are non issues. But, they speak to Bellew’s character and yes, character is an issue.

    And yes “another view,” Bellew is manipulative; but in the wrong kind of way. She has zip, zero, nada the skills needed to “slip one by the D’s.”

    You all attack Obama for hiding things, let’s do the same with our house. And I’m not talking about that old, flacid argument about problems with the Sheriff.

    Jim Granelli

  23. Flo said at 8:24 pm on May 17th, 2013:

    I’d rather have a nonpolitical citizen patriot endorsed by the Tea Party who is a real conservative, even if she is bankrupt, than a slimy, sleazy RINO political hack like Joe Kyrillos for State Senator anytime.

  24. I support the Bayshore Tea Party said at 8:39 pm on May 17th, 2013:

    First of all, Joe Kyrillos has voted to support abortion, and increase taxes, and increase our gun rights.

    Look at how badly he did in his debate against Bob Menendez in 2012. It was embarrassing and he lost by a landslide. If renominated, he has a chance of losing the general election.

    The Tea Party members have all signed a pledge to never increase our taxes, and never vote to restrict our Constitutional rights, and also fix the budget.

    Some of the establishment Republican Party is corrupt and in person come off as kind of fake and say horrible boldface lies about the Tea Party. AND NOT TO MENTION, the fact that they STOLE the Bayshore Tea Party’s slogan “Republicans for Conservative Leadership”. The voters don’t need more deceptive government.

    When I’ve met the Tea Party members, they all feel like real, and genuine people. And we all believe the same common sense ideals.

    I am supporting the Tea Party in the June Primary and I strongly urge anyone suggesting otherwise to reconsider.

  25. Middletowner said at 8:59 pm on May 17th, 2013:

    We ask Obama to explain but not our candidates?

    That’s the nature of the current local tea party. Attacking Republicans, but mum on Democrats. If you follow them on Facebook, they haven’t said a word about the IRS scandal, but are mocking Kyrillos, Handlin and O’Scanlon for attacking the IRS.

  26. @ Jim Granelli said at 9:04 pm on May 17th, 2013:

    Well Mr. Granelli, I see you think I’m the bogeyman. The above post that you claim is me or a clone was not mine; yet you think it’s me. Well,that was good for a laugh.

    A couple of comments about your last post:

    You say, “…when they lie and deceive they need to be called on the carpet…” You seem to set standards for Ms. Bellew, that you don’t set for your friend; in particular Shaun Golden, who happens to be the highest ranking elected law enforcement official in this county, who took an oath of office to enforce the constitution–and it’s laws. You also state that “…Ms Bellew has never offered one iota of an explanation or rebuttal on any other issues…” And yet again you seem to hold Ms. Bellew to a standard that you don’t hold Shaun too. Seems very hypocritical –won’t you agree? You even state in your last sentence that “you’re not talking about that old problem with the sheriff.”

    Old problems? I don’t recall Mr. Golden offering an explanation. Matter of fact, he has been very silent on the matter. No press releases, no fake pre-rehearsed TV interviews with Cynthia Scott, and all you can say is the case hasn’t been prosecuted? So your accepting unethical and immoral behavior on the part of the sheriff? Let me be clear: He committed fraud, plain and simple! He placed someone in a non-existent, fictitious position, so he can receive a pension and a salary to circumvent pension laws. Double-dipping is not a crime at all; however, in this case it was unlawful. The employee, was compelled to re-enroll into the pension system–a pension already depleted of necessary funds for retired law enforcement personnel. Not greedy government employees.–The employee was compelled to re-enroll into the pension system because his job title was a “covered position.” The position of “Chief Warrant Officer” was removed from the organization one week prior to the employee coming on board. You see sir, it did not exist.

    I don’t understand why with the above scenario, you continue to support the man. He has lied to the personnel department, he has lied to the Freeholders, and he has lied to the public. I find this unacceptable.

    Shaun also claims he receives much revenue from the federal government when he houses federal inmates at a rate of $107.00 per day. Yet, he was unable to tell me in the past how much “profit or loss” he was able to garner after using the basic business formula
    “Revenue-Expenses=’s Profit or loss” I recently requested that answer, and my response to an OPRA request was, “no records exist responsive to that request.” So when our “fiscally conservative” sheriff tells us how much revenue we have been receiving from the feds, ask him if it was at a profit or loss after deducting associated expenses.

    By the way, the sheriff finally is reducing, if not eliminating the intake of federal prisoners. He realizes that supervising them with current correctional staff, is costing the county untold thousands of dollars. I always felt it was better to close some pods in the MCCI, and re-deploy his existing manpower. Looks like he is taking that advice–only three years later.

    So again Mr. Granelli, was it wrong to place a person in a fictitious, non-exisitent position and rip off taxpayers, and the PFRS pension fund, by permitting a person to receive both a pension and salary??

    This egregious act prompted Mr. John Sierchio, a Bloomfield police sergeant, and chairman of the Police and Firemans’ Retirement System to call for a criminal investigation.

    You also say it hasn’t been prosecuted. You are correct; however, I am told this case is not over.

    Jim Sage

  27. Flo said at 9:26 pm on May 17th, 2013:

    Thank-you Jim Sage for exposing these RINO political hacks for what they are. It’s typical behavior they all feed off the taxpayer trough and look the other way when there is corruption. This is why we need the Republicans 4 Conservative Leadership to clean things up in Monmouth County and throughout the state.

  28. @ Jim Sage said at 6:06 am on May 18th, 2013:


    “There is nothing there.” It’s just you and another couple of vindictive people cranking this up because you didn’t get a job you wanted.”

    Personally, I think you are the one that’s a “laugh”

    And Ms. Flo, I am NO Rino Hack. I assure you my credentials are Conservative and deep. Now, you are sounding like a Rullobot and a Grossbot all wrapped up in one.


  29. @Jim Granelli said at 6:58 am on May 18th, 2013:

    Your absolutely incredible…you still refuse to call it wrong. You, like Golden, have no moral or ethical compass. I agree with Flo: You are a hack.


  30. @ Jim Sage said at 4:46 pm on May 18th, 2013:

    Its a shame that you don’t know the definition of a political hack.


    1 : working for hire especially with mediocre professional standards

    I do NOT work for hire, nor have I ever been an elected political official, nor do I ever plan to be. And Mr. Sage, I do have high ethical codes

    But, you resort to name calling. No Moral Compass Mr. Sage? You don’t know me and know my compass. I do NOT pat myself on the back much; but my moral compass spins in the correct direction. And, until you know me, you don’t have the right to judge that moral compass.

    There was nothing illegal done. And to the best of my knowledge, no ethical canons were broken.

    “Go away, just go away.” You seem to be a frustrated and angry little man who is upset that that he didn’t get a job. Then YOU would have been a hack.

    Whatever you want to think of me is YOUR problem. Not mine. “Go away, just go away” to suffer in your own misery.

  31. Jim, Jim, Jim said at 5:16 pm on May 18th, 2013:

    Your post at 6:06 am, when you say, “whatever,” sounds to me like a high school girl who got jilted on her prom date.

    Let me say right here and now: If you can’t say it is wrong to circumvent pension rules and regulations–than you have no ethical standards at all!!

    Remember: When you see something, you say something. Go away you say, that’s not my style; Hopefully, change is on the way.

  32. @Jim, Jim, Jim said at 6:56 pm on May 18th, 2013:

    Gee, I thought you were going to answer as to your lack of the understanding of the word hack, or come back with the RINO label.

    Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

    Instead you attacked on the “whatever” line calling me a school girl.

    You attack my moral compass without even knowing who I am and what works I have done in my life.

    You call me a RINO hack when you don’t even know which Conservative candidates I worked for at great length and personal expense, nor do you know the meaning of a political hack.

    But that’s what bullies do. And, you are nothing more than that.

    To borrow the words of a good friend “you resort to the tactics of liberals, You give them your opinion – they call you names – plain and simple… all they want is to argue and act like children.”

    I’m done arguing with you Sage. I have been civil with my comments here, and I have explained my reasoning.

    If you don’t like it, WHATEVER. I’ve more important things to do.


  33. Jimmy Dean said at 12:45 am on May 19th, 2013:

    Here is the deal. Just because her family hit some hard times, doesn’t mean she or her hubby are irresponsible. We all have had a horrible time under the current administration.

    You can’t blame anyone for loosing a job when the economy takes a crap. You may not like the fact that perhaps her family could afford a timeshare. They had the resources to pay for it once.

    Nothing against Joe and Co. but they all eat out of the government troff and use their political connections to keep their businesses cranking.

    Just a reminder folks. Bellew is just like the rest of us. Let the dems go after her for this. It will only allow her to expose all the causes for the pain we are all feeling.

  34. @Jimmy Dean said at 6:36 am on May 19th, 2013:

    20 Credit Cards and $140,000 in credit card debt is IRRESPONSIBLE.

    Add to that, the time share. This is spending money like a drunken sailor. And Bellew wants to tell us how money should be spent?

    She can’t be trusted. So, you’re nuts, all nuts.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  35. Middletowner said at 11:36 am on May 19th, 2013:

    Yes, many people went into bankruptcy or lost their jobs, and nothing wrong with that, but they usually don’t run for office as fiscal conservatives, against “RINOs who waste our money”

  36. @ Jim Sage said at 10:48 pm on May 19th, 2013:

    Your hypocrisy truly knows no bounds. For over a week now, its been revealed your endorsed sheriff candidate worked for a company which spied on Americans for profit, basically by charging an arbitrary tax, and did so illegally in more than one state. Yet you’ve yet to rescind your endorsement of this man. What does that say about YOUR moral and ethical compass? Rather than stay true to your alleged conservative principles, you’ll go on supporting this man instead of admitting that in your haste to support anyone against Sheriff Golden, you didn’t vet your candidate ( shocker). The fact that you consider yourself the arbiter of who is morally and ethically pure and who isn’t was laughable before…now its downright hilarious.

    And lets not have any “he’s better than Shaun Golden.” As we’ve learned from you morally superior, absolutist types, there’s no room for that in politics. Our incumbents are better than the Democrats? Not good enough! There must be philosophical purity! So your candidate worked for a company which is antithetical to the very values you claim to hold. Are you still supporting him or did you make a huge mistake? Or are your values a little more flexible than you claim?

    Either way you’re in no position to lecture anyone about anything. And the fact that you haven’t answered the question already tells us all we need to know about YOUR moral compass.

  37. My Moral Compass... said at 1:39 pm on May 20th, 2013:

    My moral compass, my achievements, my community service, my commitment to veterans and fund raisers speak for themselves! I don’t need to prove nothing to no one.

    Your boy Golden committed fraud! He committed an unethical act by granting privileges to those that did not deserve them.

    I rest my case. No stay off the computer and get your people elected in the Primary–“kingmaker.”

  38. One more thing... said at 1:45 pm on May 20th, 2013:

    I did in fact “spy” for lack of a better word– although, I prefer the word “surveilled,” on Americans–to keep America Safe!

    Similar to traffic cameras, people–citizens and non-citizens–need to be watched for acts endangering the American public. You have them at airports, traffic intersections, large cities (like Boston which was essential in capturing two terrorsists–remember???

    So no hypocrite here. So are you going to “trash” me some more because I feel your friend did something very, very wrong. When are you going to realize your on the wrong side of the issue with this?

  39. YOU May Feel said at 8:48 pm on May 20th, 2013:

    someone’s friend did wrong Sage. YOU and a few sycophants may say he committed fraud.

    Until a court of law says he did wrong, there is no wrong. And so far, I don’t even see any indictments. So, get off your soapbox of vengeance. Remember, “it’s a dish best served cold.”

    BTW, from your recent rant, you sound a bit narcissistic just like Babs. Do you have some sort of “savior” syndrome?


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  40. Quote of the century said at 6:38 am on May 21st, 2013:

    “People- citizens and non-citizens- need to be watched…”

    -Jim Sage, “conservative”

  41. @Quote said at 7:09 am on May 21st, 2013:

    I think turnabout is fair play. Maybe it’s Sage that needs to be watched.

  42. Just had to Respond said at 11:58 am on May 21st, 2013:

    I just had to respond to the above attacks which I believe are from our “esteemed” Red Bank chair:

    First of all were you ever in the military, or are you a draft dodger?

    I know all three gentleman, Peters, Sage and Golden. All are outstanding patriots if you ask me. I met Sage through Puharic many years ago–Golden through Oxley, and just met Peters at a BS Tea Party meeting about two or three years ago.

    First of all I considers myself a “conservative” just as the three fine gentleman named above. Sage was doing his surveillance through his job. I guess he was taking orders from superiors. Peters was watching cameras because his job compensated him for it and he was feeding his family. And Golden does it too. The county about two years ago installed cctv cameras thoroughout out the jail to watch prisoners AND officers alike. Is that “Big brother?” I know officers are being disciplined for acts of misconduct–so blame Golden I guess.

    Get with the times. America and Americans are being watched all the time–I don’t like it, but I have to accept reality to keep us safe.

    The military is watching Americans: They watch by satellites. Then they kill the Americans with harm missiles on drones, because they pose a threat to Americans and our way of life. The American that was killed and needed to be killed was named Alawaki in Yemen. Sad to say others must and should suffer the same fate.

    So wake up Mr. Gianell. Your continous bashing shows some sort of desperation on your part.

    And btw, I will be pulling the lever for the Tea Party candidates

  43. @Just Had To Respond said at 6:30 am on May 22nd, 2013:

    FIRST OF ALL, you ought to learn to read the correct spelling of people’s names. You look like an arse attacking the wrong person.

    It’s Granelli, not Gianell.

    I am not the “esteemed” Red Bank chair, but I do look up to him and he certainly is ESTEEMED. Notice, that is not in quotes like you sarcastically try to laugh at him.

    Second of all, you like Sage make personal attacks your specialty.

    Sage questions my moral compass and you call me a draft dodger. No, I was 4 F, even though I tried to enlist in the Air Force.

    Desperation you say? You are so far from the truth that you wouldn’t know it if it hits you in the face. No, I dealt with Bellew, and she is a nightmare.

    Please go commiserate with Sage and vote for whomever you wish. Just beware that you will probably be turning over the seats to Democrats in the fall should the Babs team win in the primary.


    That is spelled in caps in order to educate people such as you.

  44. @Just To Respond said at 5:39 pm on May 22nd, 2013:

    What, the cat got your tongue after being made to look like an angry fool?