Volunteer for Tea Party Candidates–Get Free Financial Planning Advice

Ed Pekarsky2It’s a deal a week with the Bayshore Tea Party backed slate of candidates running in the LD13 and Monmouth County GOP primary.

If you missed the opportunity for a free 2013 tax return in exchange for canvassing for the candidates,  freeholder candidate Ed Pekarsky has a new deal for you!

Join the phone bank team at the BTPG bunker on Thursday and Pekarsky will review your retirement plan and investment portfolio.  Bring your statements with you.

Do you know what investments are in your 401K, IRA, Roth IRA or investment accounts? Bring your monthly statement and let Freeholder candidate and BTPG member Ed Pekarsky evaluate your investment portfolio.

He will provide an informal portfolio analysis and go over the investment holdings, along with discussing your allocation strategy. We should all know where our hard earned money is invested, let him assist with some of your financial planning needs.

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10 Comments on “Volunteer for Tea Party Candidates–Get Free Financial Planning Advice”

  1. Leigh-Ann Bellew said at 10:19 am on May 13th, 2013:

    Where was Ed Pekarsky to help me with my finances BEFORE I went bankrupt??? No worries, once I get a hold of The People’s Money, all will be well. – Leigh-Ann Bellew

  2. @Leigh Ann Bellew said at 10:26 am on May 13th, 2013:


    Thanks for a great start to the morning. Seriously 🙂


    Silence Dogood, Redux

    P.S. And if the Equine Imbecile shows up again today, I guess I will have to administer another beat down.

  3. Dan Biringer said at 1:09 pm on May 13th, 2013:

    What? You have a problem signing your own name? Gutless wonder.

  4. Oh Danny, You Silly Boy said at 1:50 pm on May 13th, 2013:

    It’s about the content, not who I am. And lest you criticize Political Pony, et al (and the MILLIONS across the internet) who don’t use their own names; “stop bothering me kid.”


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  5. TheDigger said at 3:52 pm on May 13th, 2013:

    I hope he has liability insurance backing up his recommendations…..

  6. Stouthearted Patriot said at 7:33 pm on May 13th, 2013:

    Monmouth County conservatives are fortunate to have a Tea Party Approved and Financially Certified candidate for Freeholder. Ed Pekarsky is a respected financial manager who will restore conservative values to County government, cut spending and reduce taxes.

  7. Stout said at 7:42 pm on May 13th, 2013:

    Wondering if Stouthearted realizes how ridiculous he is, to the point that people think he is mocking those people

  8. Monmouthgirl said at 9:10 pm on May 13th, 2013:

    Stouthearted you are clueless. go to a freeholder meeting once in awhile. 2008 cut taxes and spending and 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

    600 full time jobs eliminated in the last 5 years.

    AAA bond rating by all 3 agencies. Only a handful of the 3,000 plus counties in the USA have that.

    That is what I call fiscal responsibility!!!!!!!!

    Go fight democrats in Middlesex county not Monmouth!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Joe Blow said at 11:39 am on May 29th, 2013:

    Pekarsky’s unemployed with no certification in financial planning. Crazy!!!

  10. phone book said at 4:39 am on June 6th, 2013:

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