Bayshore Tea Party Group Can’t Make Rent. Gonzalez Blasts “Dishonorable” Members

cut your nose off to spite your faceMost of the Bayshore Tea Party Group’s members are not paying their $12 per month dues and Barbara Gonzalez is angry.

In an email sent to her membership obtained by MMM, Gonzalez, the group’s co-founder, laments the malaise that has fallen over many tea party groups and recounts how she and fellow co-founder Bob Gordon tried to keep members engaged; movie nights and events.

Admitting that she is not likely to be the named the queen of popularity or move members who have stopped paying dues to pony up, Gonzalez said she was “utterly disappointed” in her members who she finds totally dishonorable. 

Gonzalez, Gordon and someone named Kathy will pay the remaining $5000 rent of the group’s Red Bank office out of their own pockets, because so few of the members are paying their $12 monthly dues.

Here’s an excerpt of the email:

Today, I am specifically writing to tell you all, with the exception of those that should know they are not a part of this, that you have done something that I find totally dishonorable.

Last January, we asked our membership if they wanted to rent another office that was cleaner and cheaper than the first one we had in Middletown.  We had a commitment from many of you. ONLY because of that commitment did I sign the lease to have the office for a year.  Well, little by little, many of you have stopped paying dues.  What do you think happens to the rent payment?  Without your dues payment, that you committed to, the money is not there!

It has come to a point where Bob, Kathy and I have to put our own money towards paying for the office until January. That is 5 months at $1,000 plus the utility bills.  While reading this, you may come up, in your mind, your excuse as to why you don’t pay or stopped paying. Well, we all have financial issues and you are not the only one who has them. If you cannot find $12/ month to honor your word, then I have absolutely no words except that I think of you as a very dishonorable person who left fellow patriots holding the bag.

In writing this, I realized two things; one is that there are people who will read this and gloat thinking that the BTPG is over and done. First, let me say that if you knew me and Bob at all, and the people that do still pay dues and come to the meetings, you would realize how wrong that is. We will find a way to get through this, and continue to do what we do, without you.

Second, I realize that this email will probably not get you to pay your dues!  The truth hurts and most of you will either write me a nasty note back, give me an excuse to why you cannot hold to your commitment, or just read it and ignore it. If there is one thing I’ve learned over the last 4 years, it’s not to mince words. It is what it is.


If everyone who voted for the Bayshore Tea Party Group’s slate of candidates in the 13th legislative district Republican primary, contributed $3, they still wouldn’t have enough to pay the rent.

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18 Comments on “Bayshore Tea Party Group Can’t Make Rent. Gonzalez Blasts “Dishonorable” Members”

  1. Politicalpony said at 8:40 pm on September 10th, 2013:

    You Jackass. With all that’s going on that’s wrong with the country and this is all your concerned about? You and your smartass remarks. You came to many meetings acting like a friend to everyone who attended. Then you talk shit. You and a few others that come in here to post and knock the work of good people. MF I don’t hang with people that stab others in the back. Do us all a favor, make sure you never attend another Bayshore Tea party meeting. I might not run the organization, but if I’m there, bet your ass you ain’t gonna be welcomed. You petty little creep. And just for advanced notice, that goes for any scumbag that don’t like what I got to say. You know who you are and you know who I am. Your all a bunch of Sheep!

  2. Art Gallagher said at 8:45 pm on September 10th, 2013:

    You’re always welcome here, Phil.

  3. Well, Lookee Here said at 8:51 pm on September 10th, 2013:

    Look who’s back, Potty Mouth Horse Manure, ranting and raving AGAIN. Pony sure knows how to illustrate a lack of class.

    NOW, to the meat of the issue…

    Babs has reaped what she has sown. Why would anyone pay dues to a FAILED organization. $12 A MONTH for failure after failure?

    To quote Babs, “Second, I realize that this email will probably not get you to pay your dues! ”


    The only thing I can think of is that it is a flaccid attempt to show you are still in charge, just like Obama throwing around the red line and threats of missiles.

    Babs, you are a leader of none. And the lack of dues illustrates just that. Curse all you want you POS; you are a nothing, zip, zero, nada.

    Oh, and why would Art attend another meeting? The organization has collapsed, as predicted. Do US a favor, don’t let the door hit you in the behind and shut the lights out please.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

    Oh, and thing of this. Maybe YOU and Babs are the dishonorable people, with the filth and hate that you spew.

    Babs, PLEASE seek psychiatric help. You are off your rocker

  4. Dan Biringer said at 9:05 pm on September 10th, 2013:

    Well Barbara and Bob, et al have been good friends and have worked long and hard for a good cause. I’m not a member but will commit to 4 months worth of dues. If you gave your word to support the rent, you need to step up.

    Dan B.

  5. When personalities said at 9:39 pm on September 10th, 2013:

    take precedence over the purpose, there will be trouble.. Getting back to the philosophy and reasons for being in the first place will go a long way to getting past recriminations, blame and re-focusing on the goal of bringing America back to its founding principles.. I think they are a needed voice of conscience and balance, for crazy, socialists/libs,and for RINOs who try and have it all ways, and self- preserve, rather than serve those who put them there!! Work it out gang.. 2014 is rapidly coming!!

  6. Barbara Gonzalez said at 10:54 pm on September 10th, 2013:

    You are transparent Art. You are also an asshole that has so little to contribute to society, that you printed this. Do you think for one minute I thought you wouldn’t? Wow, now you will get some hits on your useless, worthless “blog”. Asshole. Oh…and by the way….we have been staying in touch with the Prosecutor on that slanderous article you did accusing us of making a robo call. We don’t give up…we don’t forget. In case you don’t believe me….call him and ask him.

  7. Art Gallagher said at 5:06 am on September 11th, 2013:


    What are you complaining about me for? I just got you $48 from Dan.

  8. And Barbara Gonzolez said at 7:09 am on September 11th, 2013:

    Shows here true colors.

    Maybe THAT’S why you have trouble collecting dues Barbara. Look in the mirror and do some self editing.

    It’s all about you, isn’t it?

    Jim Granelli

  9. Bob English said at 10:10 am on September 11th, 2013:

    Art….just goes to show no good deed goes unpunished. When I first read the blog I thought to myself that some people who committed to monthly dues will kick in their $$$$ and maybe a few others that support the cause would also pony up a few bucks.

  10. Monmouth Girl said at 11:15 am on September 11th, 2013:

    What is really sad is that the President has put his bombing of Syria on hold – it is sad because Babs promised on Facebook to move to Canada if he did.

    Come on Mr. President one Tomahawk! That is all it would take to make her Canada’s problem!

  11. Hissy Fit said at 12:33 pm on September 11th, 2013:

    Barbara Gonzalez could be out making new friends and gaining supporters if she were out helping Steve Longan win.

    Oh wait, she bit off that nose too in an earlier hissy fit.

  12. We don’t give up…we don’t forget said at 5:35 pm on September 11th, 2013:

    “We don’t give up…we don’t forget” — Barbara Gonzalez

    So then you were out campaigning with Ernesto against Frank Pallone? You’re out campaigning against Frank Pallone today? You’re out campaigning against Booker today? You’re out campaigning against Buono today?

    I’d say that you certainly gave up Ms Barbara “We don’t give up…we don’t forget” Gonzalez.

    And you certainly remember when Joe Kryillos helped out the BTPG? You remember when Steve Lonegan helped out the BTPG? When Chris Christie had you over for dinner at the Gov’s mansion?

    I’d say that you certainly do forget Ms Barbara “We don’t give up…we don’t forget” Gonzalez

    Liar. Pot Smoker. Potty Mouth. Unfit “Leader”.

  13. @We Don't Give Up said at 6:33 pm on September 11th, 2013:

    Amen. But it begs the question, just who IS Babs campaigning for this season, her self as world leader of the Tea Party?

    Other than that, I would love to see a throw down between Chris Christie & Babs. It would make for a lovely You Tube Video, a loverly one at that.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  14. No Reply said at 9:22 am on September 12th, 2013:

    Why no reply to “We don’t give up…we don’t forget” Babs? Those seem like solid observations.

  15. Mark F. said at 10:27 am on September 12th, 2013:

    Tis is a tempest in a “Tea”pot. I do find it amazing the piling on by many persons to Ms. Gonzalez, who is just a citizen activist. Maybe those, especially Silence DoGood, can expend some energy exposing the widespread corruption, criminality and taxpayer theft occurring in this state daily; or the total lack of discussion on issues that truly matter to the midle and working class: Instead, much rancor, hostility and unnecesary insults are aimed at Ms. Gonzaez. I have known Barbara since a July 4th tea party rally in Middletown when the Movement was just getting underway. Although I do not always agree with her tactics, statements and positions, I cannot deny the fact she is a tireless worker bee for the “cause”, that cause being the resurgence of our Costitutional values against a sea of socialism, marxism, criminality and apathy.
    Sorry folks, I won’t be piling on Gonzalez, she is one of “us” fighting “them”.

  16. Wrong said at 11:22 am on September 12th, 2013:

    Wrong Mark, Barbara is a con who is opposed to the people.

    Barbara has given up on her own members, self-included, and forgets the time, work and money we’ve put into the organization. It’s a her way or the highway dictatorship and it is embarrassing to be “led” by her. The public no longer views the BTPG as fighting for them, but instead as a failed and untrustworthy group led by a foul-mouthed, irrational and illogical group of two or three individuals. The claims that the BTPG is made up of 1000s of people holds no water and they have no influence on voters, policy or incumbents ultimately making them an ineffective organization.

    While true citizen patriots like me are out working to defeat Booker and his fellow Democrats who are blatantly opposed to our TEA values, Barbara is holding a grudge against Steve Lonegan for not funding an organization that she controls and not supporting a slate of unqualifit, unfit candidates who were opposing quality TEA leaning incumbents while she herself continues to display an embarrassing lack of leadership and political savvy.

    Again, while we are out “exposing the widespread corruption, criminality and taxpayer theft ” of Cory Booker — Barbara is busy calling a well known and well respected blogger an “asshole” on facebook. Childish and embarassing.

    Meanwhile, she can’t raise $1000 for the rent and that “asshole” blogger is selling $1000s of dollars of advertising space to candidates who are continually supportive of TEA values and that she should be out supporting and have alliances with to help fund her organization.

    The piling on of ill-will towards Barbara is a mess she has brought upon herself and the facade that she is a conservative or a true citizen patriot has crumbled.

    Hopefully, a true conservative leader will emerge from this mess to pool the effort being put in by those like me who and focus our joint efforts into defeating the progressive left. Barbara is not that leader, and no sane conservative TEA supporter would knowingly and willingly join their efforts with her.

  17. Mark F. said at 12:46 pm on September 12th, 2013:

    Admitted, some of what you say is true. Jersey Shore TP is also having it’s own issues. Both groups are in decline.
    I would support any person who can step forward and sort this out to the betterment of the Tea Party Movement, our state & country. We have many patriot firebrands in Monmouth Couny raring to go…..and no, that person IS NOT me. I’m busy w/Robert & Doreen.
    If I may, a Joey Abs, a Shelley Kennedy, Maureen, a Steve Boracchio, someone like that would do. Frank’s group also has a solid footprint in Monmouth and has to enter the equation.
    Thank you whomever you are, you may have sparked something positive. That’s how we roll, baby.

  18. Instant Karma... said at 12:17 am on September 13th, 2013:

    Thank you Art.
    Ms. G’s letter (and her comments here) brought me the best case of the giggles I’ve had in some time.

    Pure gold.