Hypocrisy and the Bayshore Tea Party, Perfect Together

Phil Russo, facebook photo

Phil Russo, facebook photo

By Phil Russo

Back in February 2009 I had the honor of being one of 10-15 people in the country that was on the conference calls that planned the first round of tea party protests.  There were only 50 cities and in Orlando, where I was organizing our rally, we only had about 100 people.  From the beginning we developed a set of core values for the tea party that many groups ended up adopting.  It was actually Justin from Cincinnati that came up with “fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets”.  Many tea party web sites you visit will have those core values listed.  I don’t know if the bayshore group uses the core values or not but it doesn’t matter if they do or not because those values become the core of the movement.  How the bayshore group could so ignore these core values in their selection of endorsements astounds me.

The fact that they have decided to run against Declan O’Scanlon shows that they have different reasons for picking their endorsements.  Our group in Orlando, and most tea party groups I know, encourage people to learn about all the candidates and talk to them. Ask them questions. Then decide.  We avoided telling people who to vote for because that is the very thing that the establishment we hate so much does.  Full disclosure:  I worked for Declan for about 2 years in his legislative office.  But I am not writing this article because I worked for Declan.  In fact, it is quite the contrary.  I worked for Declan because he is the kind of legislator about whom I would write such an article. 

Declan O’Scanlon is the living embodiment of the tea party core values.  He fights the Democrats in Trenton and their spending and taxing on a daily basis.  Trying to say that Declan is not a fiscal conservative is a joke.  The reason he ran against Mike Panter in the first place was because of Pantor and the Corzine democrats were taking NJ on a path to fiscal ruin.  Declan fought for years to reform the public employees’ pension and health benefit system.  Declan knew from his time as a councilman in Little Silver how much pension obligations were crushing municipalities. 

One of Declan’s other big issues has been prevailing wage, because once again, he recognizes the impact prevailing wage has on towns and counties and that translates directly into fiscal impact on the people through property, sales, and income tax increases.  I would like for Barbara Gonzalez or one of the other bayshore folks to explain to the voters of Monmouth County how Declan does not fit the tea party core value of fiscal responsibility.  One more important note on fiscal responsibility; Declan is not just fiscally responsible and conservative in his political life, he is fiscally responsible in his personal life, too.

The next tea party core value is limited government, again, let us look at the evidence.  Declan O’Scanlon has fought his entire adult life for less government intrusion into the lives of the people.  When the state of NJ started mandating vaccines for school children Declan stood up and spoke out against it because it is a parents right to decide whether or not to vaccinate their children.  Heck, Declan’s father is a doctor, so he might argue with you till he is blue in the face that you should get your kids vaccines but he recognizes that it is not the proper role of the state to force you to put something inside your child’s body that you do not want there.  Similarly, Declan has been leading the fight against red light cameras which are not just an invasion of our privacy but all the data shows they do not prevent red light running.  They just take tens of millions of dollars out of the pockets of hard working people and put them in the hands of greedy politicians and people like Dan Peters, the tea party candidate for Sheriff, who worked for Redflex, the red light camera company. 

Instead of living within their means and cut spending municipalities have decided they would rather install cameras so they can make money off of people rolling through a right on red.  This is big brother and big government at its worst.  Time and time again Declan O’Scanlon stands up for limited government, yet the tea party doesn’t support him?  Again I ask, what has Declan done to increase the size of government?  What has he done that is inconsistent with the tea party core value of limited government?  Yet, the tea party endorses a candidate for Sheriff who worked for Redflex. 

So, the tea party candidate for Sheriff was a policeman, collecting a paycheck from the government.  Now he is on disability (yet he can run a campaign and be sheriff.  Too disabled to work but not too disabled to campaign, which is physically grueling) and on disability he is, again, collecting a check from the government.  And then there is his time at Redflex, a company that’s sole source of revenue is a government enforced monopoly.  A company that’s sole source of revenue is the hardworking people of NJ.  The tea party candidate for Sheriff has spent his entire life collecting a check from the government, not to mention his disability fraud.  That’s not fiscal responsibility.  That’s not limited government.  That’s not free market capitalism. 

I am all for running against Shaun Golden but why would the tea party pick someone like this?  He does not seem to embody one of their core values.  Maybe he says the right things while campaigning but he doesn’t live them.

Speaking of free markets, Declan O’Scanlon is a small business owner and lives and breathes in the free market every day.  He has also spent years fighting job-killing regulations and legislation that picks winners and losers in the market place.  From his time as a councilman till today Declan has fought for capitalism and against attempts by the Corzine democrats to limit free markets with laws and regulations.  One final time I ask, what has Declan ever done that says he is anything but a champion of free market capitalism?  The answer is: nothing.  And the tea party knows it.

So why would the tea party group be running candidates against Declan?   You want to run against Kyrillos, fine.  He is an empty suit and an establishment hack.  You want to run against Shaun Golden, again, fine.  But to run against Declan is ridiculous.  To say that he is anything but a supporter of the tea party core values and the tea party’s causes is a flat out lie. 

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23 Comments on “Hypocrisy and the Bayshore Tea Party, Perfect Together”

  1. Babs Must Go said at 9:27 pm on May 9th, 2013:

    Nicely put Phil.

    While I accept your basic basic premise that that it’s fine to run against Sean & Joe; the issue becomes are the Tea Party candidates running against him qualified and honest?

    On a personal basis, I will have to disagree especially with regards to anyone, especially Peters running against Sean Golden. He’s done his job well. He’s no “traitor to the Constitution.”

    What I am saying is that any candidate running against another candidate in a primary BETTER bring much more to the table than the incumbent that is being challenged. You can’t just throw candidates at another candidate and risk turning over the seat to a Democrat which would be far worse.

    Patience and vetting well qualified candidates; as well as pragmatism will lead to a better result long term. Remember, the turtle won the race, not the hare.

    It is for these reasons also that BABS MUST GO


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  2. Seth Grossman said at 9:33 pm on May 9th, 2013:

    “Prevailing Wage” as a “conservative” or “Tea Party” issue? We are for liberty. That means when I offer to hire you to do a certain job, I should be free to pay you what I think your work is worth to me. I should not be forced to pay you more than the value of your work, because you “need” more. And if you think I’m offering too little, you should be free to refuse, and work for someone who will pay you more. Each of us knows far better than some politician how much the job is worth and how much our time and energy are worth. When government officials decide these things for strangers based on politics, votes, and campaign contributions, all sorts of bad things happen. Enough! http://www.grossman4NJ.com

  3. And the babble continues said at 9:43 pm on May 9th, 2013:

    From the Grossmanbots.

    Grossman has a whole 254 likes on his Facebook page and barely made it on the ballot with the minimum petition signatures. He’s barely raised $8000 and can only afford 1500 signs.

    Candidates like this can’t compete because he doesn’t appeal to enough people in THIS state. Hence his trouble raising funds. Hence Bellew’s team reaching out to the Democrats of all people for money.


  4. Monmouth girl said at 9:50 pm on May 9th, 2013:

    So what office is grossburger running for?

  5. Conservative for Kyrillos-Handlin-O'Scanlon said at 10:39 pm on May 9th, 2013:

    I am conservative, pro-life, pro-NRA, ect… but I will be voting for the incumbents in the primary! The Tea Party-backed ticket has too much baggage that the Democrats are going to be able to capitalize on in the general election! New Jersey can literally not afford three more Democrats in Trenton, and if the Tea Party ticket wins the primary, that could become a serious possibility. If you want District 13 to remain in Republican hands, Kyrillos, Handlin and O’Scanlon are the way to go!

  6. Stouthearted Patriot said at 11:14 pm on May 9th, 2013:

    More cheap RINO propaganda and the politics of personal destruction. The biggest mistake the Bayshore Tea Party Patriots and the Republicans 4 Conservative Leadership made was not coordinating their campaign with Tea Party Approved and Constitutionally Certified candidate for Governor Seth Grossman. That’s why they are in this mess having to ask Democrats for help.

    Outside Monmouth County all the other Tea Parties are united behind Seth Grossman and his Tea Party running mates in other counties and legislative districts. That’s why Seth Grossman and the rest of the Tea Party candidates on his ticket will win on June 4, while Bayshore takes a dump and has to clean up their own mess.

  7. Phil Russo said at 4:19 am on May 10th, 2013:

    Prevailing wage is a liberty issue. Prevailing wage forces governments to pay a specific rate of pay for a specific job. You are running for office an don’t understand prevailing wage? You are absolutely right: I should be free to offer you any wage I want and you should be free to turn it down. With prevailing wage municipalities are FORCED to pay the “prevailing wage” in the local area. They are not free to offer you what they want. They MUST pay you what the prevailing wage says they must. That is not liberty. In fact, little Seth, force is the EXACT OPPOSITE of liberty. What are you, 10 years old that you do not understand how prevailing wage works? And you are running for what? Assembly? What a joke!

  8. Phil Russo said at 4:25 am on May 10th, 2013:

    Seth, is it that you do not understand prevailing wage or do we need to work on your reading comprehension? Declan has fought AGAINST prevailing wage not FOR. Whether you do not understand the issue or whether your reading skills are so shitty that you did not understand that Declan is opposed to prevailing wage, either way you are not qualified to be dog catcher, let alone in the legislature.

  9. Phil Russo said at 4:35 am on May 10th, 2013:

    I am sorry to comment so much but I just looked at your website and I wanted to say, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! You are running for Governor? And you have raised $4000? Wow, the campaign is catching fire, huh, Seth? And your goal is $50,000 which is not even enough to run a county commission race, or freeloader whatever you call them in NJ. One more thing Seth, now that I have seen your website and know that you are le, what, 70 years old, I get it. We have a lot of old people here in Orlando who think they understand what the tea party is and what it stands for. Where were you when Amy, Mark, Jennybeth, and I were on conference calls planning rally dates? Where were you when we developed the core values and best practices? Google my name and see how many things come up with tea party in it going back to February of 2009. Now, google your name and tea party, your campaign site comes up. I have never heard of you, none of the tea party people I know have heard of you. Oh, one more thing from 2009-2012 while I was hosting a talk radio show called Tea Party Patriots, where were you? Filing some shister lawsuit no doubt. So now that I have schooled you on prevailing wage and on the tea party maybe you could shut the fuck up because it is obvious from your God-awful fundraising that nobody in NJ gives a flying fuck what you have to say any more than I do.

  10. Politicalpony said at 7:05 am on May 10th, 2013:

    So I see the GOP political hacks are coming out of the woodwork like an infestation of criminal termites eating away at the foundation of morals and liberty again.

    Tell us please Mr GOP hack, who once worked as a PROFESSIONAL POLITICIAN. How do you use the words “fraud” and “disability” in the same sentence? Does one automatically equate to the other? You have just publicly accused a man of something serious. Perhaps you should go into more detail? If Mr Peters has committed fraud as YOU CLAIM, then I think the obligation is yours to expose the details to the public. Don’t you think so?

    All this talk about fiscal responsibility is all fine and good. Amy Handlin holds these same fine qualities. But I ask you and all other naysayers, what about conservative social view points? What about constitutional conservatism? Do any of the current Representatives really know what’s in the constitution? More importantly, do they understand it and respect it in its Original Intent?

    So, there is the answer to your question “why the primary?”. You, just as others just don’t seem to get it. You can’t or won’t look beyond the political parties. The people are tired of being taken advantage of while a small few take advantage. The people are tired of the click, the privatization of the parties. The people are tired of being shut out of the political process of which is rightfully theirs.

    Tell me please, who wrote it in stone that any of these people should not and could not be primaried? Tell me who anointed them. You see my little GOP hack friend, what this really all comes down to, is that those in the click of power are afraid of their loss of what they wrongly view as THEIR PERSONAL POWER

    Take a hike with this nonsense. You all act like privilege children about to lose you inheritance.

    Bla Bla Black tell it to someone who cares.
    Be sure to come back in and back up your accusations of fraud. If it were me, I’d be looking to sue your ass.

    One more thing, who’s the Jackass that thinks their name is Babs? Can’t you get any more inventive? I mean really, when do you think you might stop acting like a child and grow up?

  11. Political Pony said at 7:42 am on May 10th, 2013:

    is back with run on mouth disease.

    Peters is a fraud because he worked for a company that proffered red light cameras and is opposing a candidate that is working against red light cameras.

    Other than that, I’m not going to waste any more verbage today on a loser like you.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

    Oh yeah, BABS MUST GO

  12. Hey Dogood...Peters' is opposing a candidate that is FRAUD!! said at 8:27 am on May 10th, 2013:

    I believe this says it all:


  13. Phil Russo said at 8:46 am on May 10th, 2013:

    I am confused, are you talking about me? When did I work as a “professional politician”? And I am not sure the party would agree that I am a “GOP hack” since I write and publish more articles that are critical of the party than anything. Not to mention the fact that I am a registered libertarian which makes it tough to be a GOP anything. But to your bigger point. How can I use words like disability and fraud in the same sentance? It is simple. When one defrauds the disability system by claiming to be disabled when they are not it is disability fraud. Thus the two words get used in the same sentance. Do you follow me or should I slow down? Secondly, you ask if one automatically equates the other and the answer is no. One does not automatically equate the other. I am sure there are many people who collect disability who are genuinely disabled. Now, you want me to offer evidence of his fraud. I have. In this very article. Perhaps you could have someone more intelligent than you read it to you and then explain it. My evidence is the fact that he collects disability and claims he cannot work, yet he can campaign and, one would assume, he thinks he is capable enough to be Sheriff. If he can be Sheriff why couldn’t he be a Sheriff’s Deputy and get a paycheck instead of collecting disability? That is very simple logic, sir. From the general to the specific. That is the definition of deductive reasoning. How could he run a campaign if he is not healthy enough to work? I can tell you from experience how difficult and physically demanding running a campaign is, I have worked on campaigns for the last 10 year’s. Wait, is that what you mean by me being a politician? Because I work as a campaign consultant? That makes me a consultant, not a politician. The politicians are the ones running for office, not the ones running their campaigns. Either way, it is very simple, running a campaign is very challenging physically and mentally. If he is healthy enough to campaign one would assume he is healthy enough to sit at a desk and work. But even if you do not count the campaign as work, being Sheriff certainly would be. And Federal law says that you cannot collect disability and work at the same time, so is he going to give up his disability as required by law or will he collect disability and his paycheck as Sheriff? And if he can give up his disability after the election, why can’t he give it up before the election. Again, either way, the point is clear: he is healthy enough to work and the fact that he collects disability knowing he can work equals fraud.And I believe the people of Monmouth county will see him for what he is: someone gaming the system. Furthermore, the fact that the tea party is supporting someone who makes his living from a welfare system they claim to abhor is hypocritical at best and psychotic at worst.

  14. phil russo said at 8:54 am on May 10th, 2013:

    I caught a few typos in there, sorry. If spell check doesn’t catch it I don’t stand a chance.

  15. @Hey Dogood said at 9:45 am on May 10th, 2013:

    For the 96,787th time, you conspiracy theorists have been told that if there was anything illegal with what was done, there would have been charges brought.

    Instead, you fall in behind tired old Jim Sage and his ilk (hell you might actually be Jim Sage) with this same old crap and forget the hypocrisy of Dan Peters over red lights and disability.

    So, take the corn cob out of you know where and replace it with a fire hydrant. You people disgust me.

    I can’t wait to see you all go down in flames on Primary Day. And you, along with that feeble and insulting old man Seth Grossman and his Grossbots are going down.

    And, if you don’t replace Babs then, we know that you are nuts, shear fracking nuts, looney toons and psychotics.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  16. Doesn't this mean anything? said at 3:53 pm on May 10th, 2013:


    Nothing was done (so far), because of the above mentioned conflicts of interest.

    As for double dipping–in most cases its legal. In some cases as the one illustrated with the Sheriff’s Dept–it’s illegal, because the person that is receiving both a salary and a pension, should have re-enrolled into the pension system. That would have eliminated his pension. But to get both in this particular situation–some lies, deceit, fraud, nickeyhokey–whatever–had to be done to give the greedy little pig both. I think its that simple. to keep saying over and over it wasn’t wrong–well, is just plain wrong.

  17. Politicalpony said at 10:00 pm on May 10th, 2013:

    Lets start with Doggie FooDie. I got yer trash mouth you piece of waterfall big mouth creep.

    To the guy holding his Dick in the picture “take note of the little “d”, all I see is an assumption by someone who wants to hide behind the name of a Libertarian. Politician you are “Sir”. Take that under your breath political correctness and try it in some low informed lackey.
    Show the world the fraud committed. Because you assume something doesn’t make it fact. Lets pretend we live in Missouri and Show Me the fraud.

    I got no respect for someone who thinks he’s cool just because he can take a picture holding his junk. Didn’t your Mother teach you to have any class?

  18. @Political Pony, You Stupid Insolent Moron said at 10:11 pm on May 10th, 2013:

    He’s holding his belt buckle you arse.

    Didn’t your mother teach you to look at things before you open your fool mouth? My God, you are so stupid.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  19. Politicalpony said at 10:15 pm on May 10th, 2013:

    Oh yea I almost forgot. You are or have been a campaign manager? Political campaign manager? That makes you a political hack. The business I’m in, you’d been known as a Jocks Agent. Their investment involves a Pen they hustled from some bank and a scrap piece of paper they found on the floor to take notes with. They walk around all day talking shit and acting like they know something. Its rare to find one with any real morals. Keep holding yourself, I wouldn’t want to see you lose any if your faculties. I’ll buy you a one way ticket to Bengazi, maybe someone there might be interested in what you have to say. In fact make a video of you playing with yourself.

  20. @Doesnt this mean anything said at 11:49 pm on May 10th, 2013:

    Day 3 and no word from Jim (not so ) Sage on the revelation that his endorsed Sheriff candidate worked for a company which violates the freedom of Americans for profit and committed fraud in multiple states. You’ve asked state legislators to speak out on county issues not in their jurisdiction, but you wont speak out when the candidate YOU endorsed turns out to have worked for a red light camera company under investigation? What a hypocrite and a phony. I guess its not about principles after all, is it?

    C’mon Jim…what say you? Cat got your tongue?

  21. Moron Political Pony Speaks Again said at 6:55 am on May 11th, 2013:

    Just keep digging your own hole to climb back into again. When called out that he’s holding his buckle with an American Flag on it, you refuse to admit you are wrong. Instead, you pile on you insolent arse.

    Do you even think before you post your dribble? You embarrass yourself with every word and sentence you write.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  22. Hey Political Wannabe said at 7:03 am on May 11th, 2013:

    Can’t you see that someone is snapping his picture and he is showing that he is proud to be an American by showing off his belt buckle.

    What rock did you crawl out from under? Better eat your Wheaties so that you can be a nicer person.

  23. Politicalpony said at 9:01 pm on May 16th, 2013:

    LMAO… at everyone of you RINO’s.