More Hypocrisy, Ignorance and Incompetence from Peters, Bayshore Tea Party Backed Primary Slate

'Queen' Barbara Gonzalez of The Bayshore Tea Party Group via facebook. Click for larger view

‘Queen’ Barbara Gonzalez of The Bayshore Tea Party Group via facebook. Click for larger view

“There will be no double dipping when I am Sheriff,” Dan Peters, the Bayshore Tea Party backed candidate for sheriff said when he introduced himself to the group back in early April, and the last time he talked to MMM in person or on the phone.  Peters was referring to retired police officers working for the Sheriff’s Office, while also collecting a pension.

After repeated attempts to question Peters, MMM was finally successful in engaging the candidate on facebook a couple of weeks ago.  We asked him, given that he is collecting a disability police pension himself, if he would be working for free if elected Sheriff or if he would be giving up his pension.

Peters responded that he would implement a system whereby retired officers salaries are reduced by the amount of their pensions.  This would be a significant savings for the taxpayers, he said.

Not a bad idea, if he could pull it off.  But how could he?   He couldn’t.  Why would a retired police officer take a job with a $90,000 salary, for example, but only get paid $8000 if his/her $82,000 pension off set his salary?  He/she wouldn’t, especially if a similar job where both a pension and salary could be collected was available in another county.  Peters proposal would only result in Monmouth County losing out on the best talent.

For Peters idea (if it is indeed his idea) to work, would require statewide pension reform.  It would require legislation to be passed in both house of the legislature and to be signed into law by the governor.

Well, it turns out there is legislation pending in both the Assembly and Senate now that would accomplish the goal.   Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon, who is also being challenged by the Bayshore Tea Party Group backed slate of candidates, is one of the primary sponsors of the bill.

Other Monmouth County legislators sponsoring the bill are Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande as primary sponsor and Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini as cosponsor.  Senator Jennifer Beck is a primary sponsor in the Senate.

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31 Comments on “More Hypocrisy, Ignorance and Incompetence from Peters, Bayshore Tea Party Backed Primary Slate”

  1. Mark From Monmouth said at 11:54 am on May 28th, 2013:

    Tell us, Art, tell us about the fantastic job the GOP in our legislature is doing. Please point to their successes and point to legislation that has benefited the average Joe.
    (Hint: Shortcut) THERE IS NOT MUCH TO FIND.

  2. shore girl said at 12:03 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    Well Mark:

    The Republicans opposed the following (since after all they are in the minority and the D’s will not post their bills):

    1.Tax Increases
    2.Increase Spending
    3.Two attempts to raise the minimum wage
    4.Two attempts to impose Obama Care Medical Exchanges

  3. shore guy said at 12:06 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    Yeah Mark get a clue. The R’s have introduced tax cut legislation, proposed budgets with less spending.

    They also opposed the knee jerk gun control legislation.

    Do your homework Mark.

  4. Helene said at 12:13 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    @shore couple
    They did not oppose all of the gun control bills, they didn’t have the courage to.

  5. Helene said at 12:16 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    Art, the title of this post is a more appropriate name your blog. Don’t worry though I won’t charge you for the idea.

  6. @ Helene said at 12:19 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    Really Helene – the bills passed the Assembly 80 to 0 and the Senate 40 to 0?

  7. So, let me get this straight said at 12:40 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    This might not be Peter’s own original idea?

    If that’s the case, then it’s the same old song and dance from the BSTPG “Tea Party Approved” candidates.

    And, as for Helene, it seems “gun control” is her primary issue, when most of us are struggling to survive. People are concerned about pocket book issues Helene. I thought that was what the Tea Party was born out of, along with Obamacare.

    And yet, she’s posting here instead of protesting Obama in Asbury Park. Typical. Attack Republicans but let the Dumbos go.

    Ugly McNasties

  8. Lovely, Just Lovely said at 1:56 pm on May 28th, 2013:


    Jim Granelli

  9. TheDigger said at 2:57 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    Would Mr. Peters give up the benefits of the office?

    If he is “disabled”, was he approved by Social Security for Disability Benefits (a much more stringent process than the state’s process)?

    This is the typical police scam against the system, to claim disability than take another job and collect a PFRS pension and medical benefits from the state and go back into the governmental workforce and double dip. And if he is working in a governmental job, he would also receive those medical benefits as primary over and above his disability retiree coverage (we aready pay for).

    First Bankrupt Bellew, than Ms. Walsh being sued over payments on her Mercedes and now the wannabe double dipper (at least for benefits if he actually reduced the salary by the gross amount of his “disability pension). Does it never end?

    As one who actually believes in limited government, reduced government spending, a more fair and flat tax system (eliminate all those loopholes) I should be a supporter of the Tea Party; but this local Tea Party seriously needs to be educated in how to vet candidates before endorsing any candidate. These candidates are truly hurting this local Tea Party group.

    And Art, as you said, he cannot do this under current law – it is the state which regulates these pensions and more reforms are so needed in this area (non police state employees – ie – PERS – now must be approved for Social Security Disability before they are eligible for a PERS Disability pension).

  10. A Question Please said at 3:00 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    Isn’t Jim Sage against double dipping, yet he supports Peters?

    Hmmmmm, confusing.

    Jim Granelli

  11. Oh Jimmy boy said at 3:07 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    I am against FRAUD to permit “double-dipping.” The Guadagno/Golden regime did just that. Art tried to get Guadagno to talk about it; she refused. Perhaps Art could get Golden to speak about it–or is silence Golden?

    And yes, I support Peters, and the rest of the Tea Party supported running this primary.

    So Mr. Granelli, lets not obfuscate the issues.

  12. NO Sage said at 3:23 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    you are against double dipping but for Peters who wants to double dip, thus a hypocrite.

    You are the one that is obfuscating.

  13. I'll Spoon Feed you said at 3:32 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    I am NOT against double-dipping. It is perfectly LEGAL, until future (if it happens) outlaws it. HOWEVER, I am against any type of fraud, deception, etc., to permit double-dipping.

    I believe a clear cut example was illustrated in NJ Watchdog regarding the Sheriff’s Office. We had a gentleman that was supposed to re-enroll into the pension system because the position he received is a covered pension position–meaning he had to suspend his pension and re-enroll into the pension system. Remember that one?? Where this individual occupied a fictitious, non-existent position? A position that was eliminated a week before he got employment?

    Sheesh, stop trying to re-write history!


  14. Middletowner said at 4:12 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    Jim Sage is finally starting to see the light:

    Where this individual occupied a fictitious, non-existent position? A position that was eliminated a week before he got employment?

    So yes, the previous person left the job, and it took a week to hire someone new. How is that fictitious or non-existent, if it was existing just a week before the new hire??

    PS: Good to see Grossman as an advertiser on this site. At least someone who puts his money where his mouth is.

  15. @Middletowner said at 5:04 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    The position was indeed eliminated. Below is the order. After elimination, it no longer existed! The new hire was therefore placed into a position that was eliminated! It no longer existed in the organization. The position that was eliminated is called “Chief Warrant Officer.” Please read the entire order, and you will see after the re-organization, it simply doesn’t exist.



  16. Here's a better Illustration said at 5:09 pm on May 28th, 2013:


    For some strange reason, I just don’t think this is going to change your mind as to what happened.


  17. About Sage said at 5:14 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    There is a funny image of Gus Cantrell (Scott Bakula) in one of the Major League base ball movies where he makes Ted McGinley pull his hair out.

    I imagine that is exactly what Sage is doing now.


  18. No Jim said at 5:24 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    I know there is a great attempt at obfuscation, re-writing history, and just torment. It’s not going to work. Reminds me of the old Josef Goebbels trick, keep telling a lie over and over again, and maybe someone will believe it as the truth.

    Lets see if Golden explains to Art what really happened. I bet he has no comment.


  19. Pilgrim said at 6:04 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    The issue that is worth looking closely at is Guadagno’s obfuscation of the double dipping that she allowed and promotoed by the blatant manipulation of titles and an organization chart. Unfortunately Christie through his political appointees has pretty much made sure that that investigation will not happen until after the November 2013 elections.

    Art, you need to get on this and stay with it until the conspiracy is explained in detail to the common folk.

  20. Helene said at 7:23 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    @@ Helene – I was referring to LD13 not the entire assembly & Senate. There are very few truely brave representatives in NJ. One who is brave is Assemblywomen McHose & she was attack for that.
    @ugly – I guess you have already lost your rights, you are told what to say & you do. I am not willing to give up my rights so I will fight for them.
    @the digger – Dan has already answered that.

  21. Shlomo said at 8:13 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    Dan Peters is the only Tea Party Approved and Constitutionally Certified candidate for Sheriff in Monmouth County. When Seth Grossman is elected Governor pensions will be capped at $50,000 a year so that this will not even be an issue.

  22. Thanks Pilgrim! said at 8:14 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    It’s refreshing to see that someone sees this fiasco for what it truly is.

    And Art, please get a comment from Golden. It would be interesting to see if he elects to make a comment before Primary Day.

  23. Shlomo said at 8:17 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    Love the ad for the RINO Kyrillos and the rest of his RINO running mates. Advertising themselves as “Conservative” is like working girls in a brothel proclaiming themselves “Virgins”. Hopefully we’ll see an ad for the real conservatives in this primary election.

  24. W0w. said at 8:28 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    Somebody has Mommy issues…

  25. @Shlomo said at 9:17 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    Hopefully we’ll see an ad? Kinda doubtful as they can’t even seem to raise enough to buy campaign signs.

    Hmmmm, I wonder why. Could it be no one is buying what they are selling?


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  26. Boring! said at 9:45 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    same old crap,over and over! One more time: until it is changed by law, people who are retired can still work.. Until it is changed by law, people who win elections can pick whom they want to work for them. Our fine Pres. has said it correctly: “elections have consequences”! – for the losing side! You run to get to be in charge, period, and you get to gore whom you want, period. Why is that so hard for some to get?? Sour grapes gets you nowhere, except continually ignored and losing!

  27. Barry said at 5:41 am on May 29th, 2013:

    Dan Peters sign (small red sign) spotted in Marlboro on Wyncrestb Rd and also on Robertsville near Green briar.

  28. Joe Blow said at 1:34 pm on May 29th, 2013:

    Pekarshky has no job, no financial qualifications.

  29. Hey Barry said at 3:42 pm on May 29th, 2013:

    There’s alot more in Marlboro and Manalapan.

    More will be going up very soon.


  30. @Hey Barry said at 11:22 am on May 30th, 2013:

    I seen a few Peters’ signs. Same ones he used last time he got womped. His mom’s basement must be full of them.

    If Danny thinks his running mates are SO great how come their names are not on the signs too?

    Must suck that a loser thinks your an even bigger loser!

  31. @ @ Hey Barry said at 8:18 pm on May 30th, 2013:

    I’m sure they Tea Party approved candidates will say that signs don’t win elections.

    Little know candidates don’t win elections either 🙂


    Silence Dogood, Redux