Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll On Terror Watchist List Anti-Gun Bill

In this remarkable video, Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R-Morris) questions Assemblywoman Linda Stender on her bill, A3687, which would prohibit citizens on the federal terrorist watch list from receiving permits to purchase firearms in New Jersey

The bill passed the General Assembly 63-3, with 3 legislators not voting and 10 abstaining.

Click here to view the Assembly Roll Call on the bill.

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7 Comments on “Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll On Terror Watchist List Anti-Gun Bill”

  1. Gene B. said at 2:01 pm on March 7th, 2013:

    Who gets to decide the names on the list? What is the possibility of getting a fair appeal to overturn decisions to put a person on the list?

  2. Ron said at 5:03 pm on March 9th, 2013:

    Thanks for posting the video, Art. I wasn’t able to see how each member voted. The roll call link above doesn’t work for me for some reason. Is there any way you could let your readers know how each member of the Assembly voted? Thanks.

  3. Art Gallagher said at 5:21 pm on March 9th, 2013:

    Thanks Ron. The legislature’s site is suddenly link unfriendly.

    1) go the the legislature’s home page, http://www.njleg.state.nj.us ,

    2)enter the bill #, A3687 in the box on the upper right and hit SEARCH.

    3) On the new page, the bill number A3687 appears in red letter. Click that.

    4) On the bottom of the new page, click Roll Call.

  4. Ron said at 5:43 pm on March 9th, 2013:

    Thanks, Art.

  5. Art Gallagher said at 6:14 pm on March 9th, 2013:

    You’re welcome, Ron.

    Please refrain from using a proxy server when making comments in the future.

  6. James McMahon said at 7:03 pm on March 11th, 2013:

    I am one of thousands of lawful gun owners here in New Jersey. I am opposed to A 1329, a bill that would prohibit ownership of magazines that hold over 10 rounds of ammunition. It is currently legal in NJ to own magazines that hold up to 15 rounds of ammunition. I currently own 12 magazines that hold between 10 and 15 rounds of ammunition. If A1329 becomes law, owning those magazines would instantly make me a felon.

    I live in Jackson, NJ. I used the NJ Legislature website to e-mail my representatives to let them know I was opposed to A1329. Much to my surprise, my own Assemblyman, Robert Clifton, called me on the phone in order to talk to me about my e-mail letter. I told Assemblyman Clifton that I was opposed to all ten of the anti-gun bills that were be voted upon in the Assembly. Assemblyman Clifton told me that he would vote against 8 of the 10 proposed bills. At the end of the day, I got 80% of what I wanted from my Assemblyman.

    I might sound like a kid here but I was humbled that my Assemblyman would actually call me on the telephone in response to what I wrote. I wasn’t happy with 20% of Assemblyman Clifton’s votes on gun issues. I was very happy with the way he voted 80 % of the time on gun issues.

    I will vote for Rob Clifton in the future. I might actually campaign for him. I am using this public forum for a reason. I want to thank my Assemblyman in a public way for respecting the Second Amendment 80% of the time.

    Very truly,

    James McMahon
    Jackson, New Jersey

  7. James McMahon said at 7:09 pm on March 11th, 2013:

    “would be” not “were be” … typo