Murphy’s response to shooting at federal Judge’s home is inappropriate ideological drivel

By Art Gallagher

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s response to the shooting at the home of U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas should be condemned by gun control advocates and Second Amendment supporters alike.

The shooting at Judge Salas’s home, which took her 20 year old son Daniel’s life and left her 63 year old husband in critical but stable condition, was not a “senseless act” of “gun violence” like a drive by shooting in Newark, a terrorist attack on a U.S. military base, or the act of a deranged madman or religious fanatic.

The shooting last night in North Brunswick was very likely a brazen and planned assasination attempt on the Judge or her criminal defense attorney husband, Mark Andrel.

Numerous media reports state that the shooter was dressed as a FedEx driver pretending to be making a delivery. The U.S. Marshall’s Service is reportedly guarding Salas and Andrel. Salas is presiding over a case with links to Jeffery Epstein and has presided over cases involving members of the Grape Street Crips, in connection with a long-running drug-trafficking network that was taken down by the FBI in 2015.

There have yet to be reports of who Andrel represented that might have motive for an assasination.

There is no reported evidence that the North Brunswick community where the Andrel-Salas family resides is in danger of an outbreak of sensless acts of gun violence.

Members of the legal community, especially high profile Judges, probably feel endangered today.

Is Murphy suggesting that gun control legislation will prevent assasination attempts? I hope a reporter asks him that during his knucklehead briefing in Trenton at noon today.

Murphy’s statement reveals that he is either a thoughtless ideologue or an incompentent leader. Maybe both. Maybe he just had too much sun and whiskey over the weekend.

There is a pandemic of senseless gun violence in urban America. Gun violence is on the rise in New Jersey, according to information shared at Murphy’s knucklehead briefings.

Murphy’s statement regarding the assasination attempt at the Adrel-Salas home, which resulted in the murder of Daniel Andrel, suggests that the governor is not equipped to deal with the problems of senseless gun violence or organized crime.

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One Comment on “Murphy’s response to shooting at federal Judge’s home is inappropriate ideological drivel”

  1. Monmouth Girl said at 12:17 pm on July 21st, 2020:

    Maybe the Governor would have preferred if the guy stabbed them to death.