Carol Mazzola Loves Chris Chrisite

Monmouth County’s newest Demcratic office holder, Marlboro Councilwoman Carol Mazzola, is not ready to join Mayor Jon Hormik on the Barbara Buono for Governor bandwagon.

“I don’t know anything about her, ” Mazzola said in a phone interview, echoing the sentiments of 82% of New Jersey voters polled by Quinnipiac.

“I love Chris Christie!’ Mazzola exclaimed when asked what she thought about the Governor.  But she stopped short of endorsing the New Jersey head of her former party. “Ask me in the fall when its time to make a decision.”

Mazzola was elected to the Marlboro Township Committee as a Republican in 2009.  She announced earlier this month that she will run for reelection as a Democrat on Hornik’s team.

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4 Comments on “Carol Mazzola Loves Chris Chrisite”

  1. i'm confused said at 6:35 pm on January 29th, 2013:

    I am a dem and was planning on voting for her but she is so confused.
    She has no idea what she believes in.
    Until she makes up her mind
    I won’t make up mine.
    when she ask’s me in the fall I will be too busy working for real dems and supporting a governor who doesn’t have to switch parties to address my concerns.

  2. only in marlboro said at 6:51 pm on January 29th, 2013:

    first her and her husband sovelove were democrats
    then they became republicans bc the democrats wouldn’t let them run on the ticket

    after 4 years in office local republicans would not agree to put her on the ballot bc she never met a democrat resolution that she wouldnt vote yes for

    so she defects and becomes a democrat again.

    claims she love christie but will not agree to support him because she claims she knows nothing about buono a 10 year member of the legislature

    it doesnt get any better than this Hornik is so much smarter than this woman. he needs to tank her fast and find someone who actually knows what is going on in her state

  3. correction said at 6:58 pm on January 29th, 2013:

    B. Buono has been a member of the state legislature since 1994.
    She is considered a powerhouse in NJ.
    And even when her party was giving her a tough time she didn’t back down or switch sides she pushed back and is now the nominee.

    Show some respect Councilwoman

  4. Unbiased View said at 7:25 pm on January 29th, 2013:

    The only thing that Mazzola did correctly was to join horniks team. While she claimed to be a republican, she consistently voted and acted as though she was a democrat. I have more of a concern for hornick allowing someone as uninformed and (shall we just say – not too smart) to hitch a ride on his wagon. While I may not agree with everything hornik does, i thought him to be much more politically savvy than to allow mazzola to take advantage of all of the progress he made simply for her own personal gain. I know hornik likes to run a transparent government but aligning with mazzola is clouding my opinion. I would love to see hornik step up and run for lt gov with buono.