Will Christie nominate a conservative Democrat to the Supreme Court?

Where would he find one?

This morning InTheLobby calls on Governor Chris Christie to call the Democrats’ bluff regarding their resistance to his plan to remake New Jersey’s Supreme Court into judicial body that interprets the law and away from the destructive unaccountable body that has been legislating a liberal agenda from the bench over the last four decades by nominating a conservative Democrat to the bench.

Last week, after a charade of a hearing for Christie’s nominee to the Court, Phillip Kwon, Senate President Sweeney admitted that what the Democrats really want is a Court packed with Democrats.

By nominating a conservative Democrat, one who doesn’t believe in legislating from the bench,  Christie would be calling the Democrats bluff, says InTheLobby.

Where would anyone find a conservative Democrat in New Jersey? 

What about Marlboro Mayor Jonathan Hornik?

Hornik tells every Republican he meets that he’s really a Republican.  On his facebook page, Hornik apologizes for his Democratic registration.  “Democrat, but the people matter the most,” is how Hornik describes his politics.

Hornik first got elected in Marlboro with the help of Republicans for Hornik.  Members of the Marlboro Republican Committee remain supportive of the Mayor.

Hornik impersonated 12th district GOP congressional candidate Scott Sipprelle in 2010.

Is Hornik qualified?  That would be up to Christie’s vetters and the Judiciary Committee to decide, assuming the Judiciary Committee cares about qualifications going forward.  They clearly didn’t in Kwon’s case.

From a legal career and public service perspective, Hornik’s resume is not all that different from that of Bruce Harris, the Mayor of Chatham whose Supreme Court nomination is currently pending in the Senate.  Both of specialize in real estate, finance and commercial transaction.

Hornick doesn’t have Harris’s academic pedigree.  Harris went to Amherst, Boston University and Yale. Hornik went to University of Delaware and Brooklyn Law.    University of Delaware is good. It’s better than Rowan.  Governor Christie went to University of Delaware, so that might be good for Hornik.  Brooklyn Law is no Yale, but Geraldo Rivera, Percy Sutton, David Dinkins, Larry Silverman, Sheldon Silver all graduated from Brooklyn.

What do you think MMM readers?  Is Jon Hornik a conservative Democrat?  Would he be an activist Justice or and interpretive Justice?

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5 Comments on “Will Christie nominate a conservative Democrat to the Supreme Court?”

  1. well, said at 12:37 pm on March 27th, 2012:

    it’d get the boy out of the political process, which he probably would miss, since he is what he needs to be to all, plus oh so cute, as well..and, the term : “Conservative Democrat” is such a big oxymoron in my book, so it doesn’t really matter: too bad we never get the majority in either house of the legislature, we shouldn’t even be having this conversation, should we?!..again, here, it’s always: NJ and “Blue”, Perfect Together!

  2. Really? said at 7:12 am on March 28th, 2012:


    I hope you were being sarcastic in this article. Hornik is nothing but an opportunist. Like you said, he’s John “I’m really a Republican” Hornik who according to the NewsTranscript was spending over 1 million dollars in legal fees to Democrat law firms from Bergen County. He’s a sneaky, only out for himself politician. If you want to hear the sky is green he will tell it to you in a way that you would believe him. He’s a snake and he’s only out for one thing, his best interest.

    And I don’t think he would take it, because it doesn’t pay as much as being the sleeze ball politician he already is!

  3. brian said at 11:04 am on March 28th, 2012:

    Conservative Democrat—–this was supposed to run on Sunday 4/1.

  4. Name (required) said at 2:18 pm on March 28th, 2012:

    hornik or skeletons of hornik. I think not

  5. Reality Check said at 4:22 pm on March 28th, 2012:

    Hornik is a Democrat through and through and because of that character flaw, he would be a train wreck as a judge.