Why Are The Neptune Pantywaists Hiding The Identity Of The Complainant?

Why is the media cooperating?

By Art Gallagher

The controversy over the venue for the Neptune High School graduation started last July when “a member of the public” objected to the venue on religious reasons at a workshop meeting of the board.   Minutes of the school board meeting do not say who the person is.

A member of the Neptune Board of Education refused to reveal the name of the person, siting board policy.

Media reports in the APP and on News Channel 4 have said that the complainant is a “non-district woman,” and the grandmother of a student who graduated last year. 

Blogfinger, who otherwise has done a very good job covering the story, including publishing a timeline of the district’s communication with the ACLU, is also protecting the ornery granny’s identity.

Even members of the facebook group that is rallying public support to keep they traditional graduation at the Great Auditorium are withholding the name of the grandmother.

I don’t get it.  Commenting anonymously on a blog is one thing.  Threatening legal action anonymously, and having that threat taken seriously is another.

MMM is going to find the identity of the ACLU’s client in this case.  We will publish it when we do.  If you know who it is, please post as much information as you have it in the comments.

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13 Comments on “Why Are The Neptune Pantywaists Hiding The Identity Of The Complainant?”

  1. brian said at 11:43 am on May 12th, 2011:

    Sarah Hussein Obama

  2. Janice said at 12:08 pm on May 12th, 2011:

    Your post illustrates precisely why legal actions often are filed under John Does. The suit will proceed on the merits of the case-why are you so anxious to track down the identity of this grandmother-are you assembling a lynch mob or just “planting the seeds”?

  3. Janice said at 12:13 pm on May 12th, 2011:

    P.S. -Pantywaist is one word- if you are going to incite the masses at least use your slurs correctly.

  4. ArtGallagher said at 12:20 pm on May 12th, 2011:


    I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve never seen a lawsuit filed by a John or Jane Doe. I’ve seen them filed against John Does when the indentity of the defendent is unknown or the plaintiff’s attorney is on a fishing expedition.

    Backchannel communication since I posted this piece indicates that the granny wants her identity withheld because of fear of the public’s reaction. “Fear of intimidation/harassment” is how it was put.

    Well that is exactly what the granny is doing through the ACLU, intimidating and harrassing the kittens in Neptune.

    This kittens are FOS when they say they are “100%” committed to the graduation being held in the Great Auditorium. By their own actions they are protecting a bully. Yes, I say the granny is a cowardly bully. The kittens on the board and the overpaid administrators are complicit with the bully.

    I’m not.

  5. The Masses said at 12:20 pm on May 12th, 2011:

    Hmmm, …not feeling incited. Nope. Must’ve missed something.

  6. Janice said at 12:33 pm on May 12th, 2011:

    Art, Roe v Wade was not filed by a woman named Roe- we discovered her name later but not in the heat of litigation. It is common in cases that have the potential for harassment. Is the Granny bullying anyone by exercising her constitutional rights? Gee, that “taking our country back” and reading of the Constitution on the floors of Congress sure didn’t “take” too well.

  7. brian said at 1:00 pm on May 12th, 2011:

    Joy, don’t you have someone’s kids to pick on…………….go find a leftist blog to spout your nonsense——oh, my bad, they don’t exist.

  8. Janice said at 1:20 pm on May 12th, 2011:

    I prefer to read the”favorite blog of Governor Christie” so I can learn how our governor forms his opinions. And not like it’s so crowded here or anything….Maybe you should just close your eyes when you see my posts and —- off to your Elizabeth Hasselbeck posters?

  9. The Masses said at 6:47 pm on May 12th, 2011:

    Janice said at 1:20 pm on May 12th, 2011: “I prefer to read the”favorite blog of Governor Christie’ so I can learn how our governor forms his opinions.”

    Why?? So you can incite me? Sorry. I’m just not feeling it.

  10. Henry Vaccaro said at 9:04 am on May 13th, 2011:

    If Granny has a right to file suit,We have a right to know. I am sick and tired of all these do gooders hiding behind the AMERICAN FLAG.

  11. The point is, said at 12:25 pm on May 15th, 2011:

    for some 60 years, this beautiful, historic venue has held the graduations for going on 4 generations of Neptune graduates, of all faiths, with nary a problem: the entire Neptune community has always looked forward to and enjoyed this unique experience:we who graduated from there all remember it fondly- I had Christians, Jews, Mormons, and Jehovah’s Witnesses, as well as agnostics, and whatever else, in my class,( this was in the turbulent 60’s, no less), and we all were most happy and proud to walk down that long center aisle, file onto the huge stage,(when the classes are large, the end of the alphabet sits in the top galleries surrounding the stage), the lovely pipe organ bellows, the people speak, the kids get their diplomas, the flashbulbs pop-and then, the giant American flag lights up over us, showing our unity as a nation, and off we go, into the world- it’s truly a wonderful experience, for all who have seen/ been in one, for Neptune.. have photos of me and my friends at the quaint gazebos outside, prior to walking in, and happy photos of my kids with their friends, doing the same.. with ONE outside visitor on ONE year,causing all this noise and strife, the Neptune Board and Admin. had just better “man-up,”and tell them, (and that ACLU), to take a hike right out of the Grove- period, and go try and ruin somebody else’s custom!..

  12. Stef said at 1:42 pm on May 16th, 2011:

    My first thought is Granny even a US Citizen?

  13. What??? said at 6:14 pm on May 16th, 2011:

    the heck does anyone’s age matter in this issue, other than an historical perspective for this unique venue, and this town’s custom?- pretty small and disrespectful..the point again, slowly, (smart, young person), is, we really need to stop being so “P.C.”, catering to the very few cranks and pot-stirrers, and keep those good, longtime customs and traditions that have helped make us all Americans!..and, ps, in those “old” days, the question of “citizenship” RARELY ever came up, since it was long before the mostly illegal “mass exodus” began.. (just another reason the “turbulent ’60’s” aren’t looking so bad, lately,since the taxation/debt/deficit were only beginning to get out of control!)….if you graduated from the usual field or gym, guess you wouldn’t understand how meaningful this particular town’s graduations have been to them, only to have it trashed by one visiting individual, and one fringe group, who just love to try and change our nation’s fabric and spirit into being totally godless and non-believing, in anything but themselves!..a point the APP missed in defending the Auditorium graduations was, look at all the churches and church halls that are needed for places to put our voting machines, so all can exercise their right to vote!.. in our county alone, would bet there are dozens of districts who need churches and their halls to accomodate our ever-increasing number of voters- so far, have not heard the ACLU ask to ban voting from such locations, but, hey, stay tuned,there’s always time for them to come up with another outrage..