Neptune Pantywaists Caving To The ACLU

By Art Gallagher

The pantywaists running the Neptune school district are caving to the ACLU without a fight.  What a bunch of kittens.  Kittens, kittens, kittens.

As reported in the Asbury Park Press, the ACLU wants the Neptune school district to break a 60 year tradition of holding their high school graduation in the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association’s (GOD’S SQUARE MILE AT THE JERSEY SHORE), Great Auditorium.

The ACLU hasn’t filed suit.  The are jawboning the kittens into compliance with the threat of a suit.

The ACLU is arguing that the graduation being held at a religious venue with crosses is a violation of the first amendment separation of church and state.  

If the sight of a cross at a secular event violates the separation of church and state, then school buses should be prohibited from driving past churches, synagogues or mosques for fear that a student will see a religious symbol while being transported at government expense.

The ACLU’s chief bully, state legal director Ed Barocas told the APP, “They are making it uncomfortable for non-Christians to appreciate their child’s graduation.  It gives the impression that there are certain people that are insiders and others who are outsiders.”

Well, there are certain people who are insiders and others who are outsiders. That has nothing to do with religion.  Anyone who has a problem with that, like Barocas, is an outsider and a loser. Next he’ll be wanting to do away with football and cheerleading.

The head pantywaist, Superintendent David “Kitten” Mooij, has already caved to certain of bully Barocas’ demands.  He has removed the convocation and the singing of “Onward Christian Soldiers” from the program. Bully Barocas is not satsified, he wants the graduation held somewhere other than the 3000 seat auditorium.

Bully Barocas is all wet and Kitten Mooij should stand up to him.  Let the bully sue.  Kitten Mooij is probably worried about the legal fees.  He should ask the NJEA for help, they burnt $6 million on political ads last year that made absolutely no difference.  The NJEA would get more good will from defending the kittens of Neptune than they will from their silly TV and newspaper ads bashing Governor Christie.

The Great Auditorium is building, an auditorium.  It holds both religious and secular events.  Tim Conway, Tony Bennet, Paul Anka and Frank Sinatra, JR are performing their in August.  There is a Doo Wop Extravaganza scheduled for Labor Day weekend.

There has to be an attorney somewhere who can win this case, if there is a case.

If kittens like Mooij keep caving every time the ACLU calls, just because they call and the kittens don’t think they can pay for a fight, then the ACLU will always win and keep being a bully.

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20 Comments on “Neptune Pantywaists Caving To The ACLU”

  1. brian said at 10:44 pm on May 10th, 2011:

    Allahu Akbar

  2. NeptuneMatters said at 7:54 am on May 11th, 2011:

    And WE thought we didn’t mince words about subjects we discuss.

    However, Art has clearly shown this is about “drawing a line in the sand” and say NO to bogus claims like this. Kudos

  3. Justified Right said at 8:06 am on May 11th, 2011:

    I’d defend Neptune at a substantially reduced fee.

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  5. Truth Hurts said at 1:35 pm on May 11th, 2011:

    “I’d defend Neptune at a substantially reduced fee.” — Thomas De Seno (JustifiedRight)

    And I’m sure that the press attention that you both crave and would otherwise receive by handling this case would have nothing whatsoever to do with your decision to discount your normal fees. Isn’t that right, Tommy?

    Thanks for the laugh, Tommy.

    Some free advice: Never get between Tommy De Seno and a microphone, a reporter, a blog site and/or anyone else that might give him and/or his opinions the slightest bit of publicity. Getting caught between a microphone and Tommy De Seno can be harmful to one’s health.

  6. Justified Right said at 3:28 pm on May 11th, 2011:


    I’ve told you in the past – you can’t allow personal attacks from people posting pseudonymously. It’s just unfair. You have to give them chance to sign their name or delete them.

    As for “truth hurts, I have a long list of pro bono work, even on high profile issues (meaning the issue was reported in the news) where I did not seek, nor did I receive, any mention in the press.

    Feel free to state your name.

  7. Truth Hurts said at 4:51 pm on May 11th, 2011:

    Tommy, please!

    You want to know my name because you want to divert attention away from the criticisms that I have raised above. You are an attention whore. That fact is not changed because you now want to talk about me rather than what you have written above.

    If you were really interested in representing the Township of Neptune at a “substantially reduced fee,” you would have contacted them in a manner considerably less public than via Art Gallagher’s oh-so-public blog site. You would have, herein, talked about the merits of this case instead of mentioning what you would do at a particular price for a particular client that you do not represent.

    You didn’t do of any of this. Again, you acted in the way that you did — not because you are at all interested in advancing a particular legal point of view, but rather because you are interested in the attention that this case would bring to you — assuming, that is, that you were actually hired to represent a client in this oh-so-newsworthy story. (Surprise, surprise, Neptune is NOT knocking on your door seeking your legal services.) It’s both sad and telling that you, an attorney, sought attention in a legal case that you are in no way whatsoever involved in.

    Tommy, if your point of view is valid and/or otherwise worthy of attention, it should matter not one bit whether someone that is critical of you or your opinion is anonymous or not. It is a shame that you are incapable of recognizing this simple truth. It’s a shame that you have such little confidence in the strength of your own arguments.

    Incidentally, you often allowed anonymous posts on your now barren /abandoned JustifiedRight.com website. Care to tell us why you pretty much gave up on that site? I’m guessing the “yawn” factor was too high for even you to endure.

  8. Justified Right said at 5:39 pm on May 11th, 2011:

    Truth Hurts,

    All I ask is to be put on equal footing. If you are going to attack me and my motives personally, you put in issue your own character, do you not? Shouldn’t you at least have clean hands to be critical of someone else?

    Perhaps that’s the problem here. Are you afraid to say who you are because you fear criticism of yourself? Things to hide? Unless you list a better reason for hiding your name, that seems to be the case.

    If you wish for me to “address the issue” I believe I have. I have a long list of pro bono cases and civic work. Some of it you’ll know of because the Press reported it, some of it you won’t because I didn’t talk about it, which completely belies your point that I’m a glory hound.

    For instance, when the ACLU came after Spring Lake years ago, fathom a guess at who formed an orgainization called “Friends of the Creche” and publically defended Spring Lake with an offer to defend them for free, reported on the television news. The ACLU backed off.

    Unlike you, I’m no stranger to the issue. I’ve acted before. You just talk on the Internet while other men act.

    Now you address the issue. Tell me the public issue I’ve been involved with where I didn’t come through? If you can’t, your criticism is truly hollow.

    As to my post about Neptune adn the ACLU I stated “I’d defend…”

    “I’d” is a contraction for “I would.” And I certainly would. But there will be no chance to do it, because NJ’s ACLU is typically broke. They rattle the sabre and back off. That’s what they did in Spring Lake, and that’s what they will do in Neptune. That’s also why Neptune shouldn’t fold to their demands.

    As for my website “Justified Right” I never let anyone attack another poster anonymously. They were deleted if they did.

    You are right I haven’t been posting there. That’s because I moved my writing to http://www.Ricochet.com.

    Now enough about me.

    Care to say who you are?

    ps: The only people that don’t like me around here to attack my like you have are former Planning Board Members of a particulary town, who I beat in Court, so I’ve got a pretty good idea who you are anyway.

  9. neptunematters said at 6:28 pm on May 11th, 2011:

    Justified Right & Truth Hurts, go stand in the corner or go to your rooms please. This kind of personal stuff detracts from the issue at hand…

    That being the ACLU bullying the Neptune BOE.

  10. ArtGallagher said at 7:13 pm on May 11th, 2011:

    Enough Truth/OPRA,

    Take it private or take it somewhere else.

    We got it. You don’t like Tommy.

  11. Truth said at 7:27 pm on May 11th, 2011:

    Art, I actually like Tommy. I just wanted to point out (in the soon-to-be blocked post above) just how foolish it is, in this Internet age, to suggest that I should make myself known to all in order to express an opinion on a political blog site. For those that missed as much, I was, within a minute, able to provide Art Gallagher’s readers with all too much personal information about Thomas De Seno. (Justified Right)

    Again, how dare Tommy suggest that I am a coward for not being as foolish as he is.

  12. ArtGallagher said at 8:14 pm on May 11th, 2011:


    Only you and I can see the “soon to be blocked post.”

    Let’s get back on topic please

  13. Justified Right said at 8:17 pm on May 11th, 2011:

    NeptuneMatters – don’t lump me in with him. I’m only defending, not attacking.

    TruthMatters – I don’t care if my personal information is on the Internet. Even before the Internet, any good cop will tell you if someone wants to find you, they’ll find you. So no need to stress over it.

    Now let’s take it offline like NeptuneMatters suggest so we don’t bother the good people of MMM.

    My email is [email protected]. My cell phone is 848-459-6504.

    See? Nothing to be afraid of.

    So call me. Let’s find out what the problem is here.

  14. Truth said at 8:34 pm on May 11th, 2011:

    Art, that’s fine. Truth be told, I like it that way. That said, in the post above that you appropriately blocked/deleted, I made public Tommy’s full name, those he lives with, his property records, his date of birth, when he registered to vote in NJ, etc… As you well know, I could go on an on. All of these records are, in this Internet age, available online.

    Art, the point I am trying to make is simple: Ordinary people such as myself should be able to express a political opinion on a public/political blog site without having someone else crawl up their asshole with an Internet microscope. I should be able to make an anonymous post to your blog site. I should be able, anonymously, to criticize, say, Diane Gooch, the Rumson, country club set of this world.

    I should be able to criticize the Tommy De Seno’s of this world. To the extent that I can, we are all better off.

  15. ArtGallagher said at 8:41 pm on May 11th, 2011:


    You are free to be a kitten.

    Let’s get back to the panty waists in Neptune and the ACLU

  16. Anonymous said at 9:16 pm on May 11th, 2011:

    I saw Tom DeSeno kick a puppy.

  17. neptunematters said at 9:22 pm on May 11th, 2011:

    Justified, all I did was tell you two to go to the corner and get back to the issue. Nothing more, nothing less.


    I just got back from the meeting tonight.

    Art, the Board & the Superintendent were FULLY supportive of going ahead with the Graduation at the Auditorium.

    To quote Superintendent Mooij, “The Graduation Will Be Held June 17th At The Great Auditorium.”

    The ball is now in the ACLU’s court and it is time for them to go home.

  18. neptunematters said at 9:23 pm on May 11th, 2011:

    So, Art…

    For the time being at least, until we see otherwise; could you change that kitten title to Tiger? 🙂

  19. Sal Minelo said at 12:55 pm on May 12th, 2011:

    Art… what exactly is a panty waist? You are uninformed about a number of issues here as reading the APP doesn’t qualify as true research. For example, the graduates don’t sing Onward Christian Soldiers, its the march music played before the ceremony. I didn’t see you at the gym last evening and this post is probably the poorest representation of blogging I’ve ever read. The cat fight between Tommy and whoever is fitting for this article.

  20. ArtGallagher said at 1:01 pm on May 12th, 2011:

    Thanks Sal,

    Fill us in on more. I can’t be everywhere.

    You’re right, I wasn’t at the meeting last night, which is why I linked to blogfinger, who was there.

    Panty waist is a sissy