Neptune Board Holds Pep Rally for Great Auditorium Graduation

Blogfinger is reporting that the Neptune Board of Education met with approximately 200 students, parents and residents last night to discuss the ACLU’s threat to file suit over use of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association’s Great Auditorium for the high school’s graduation.

Board President John Daniels said that the board “is one hundred percent behind the cause of this event….to continue at the Great Auditorium.”

Superintendent David Mooij said that no lawsuit has been filed, that the negotiations continue with the ACLU and that other venues for the graduation, including the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park, will be considered if the ACLU gets an injunction against holding the graduation at the same venue where it has been held for six decades or more.

Mooij encouraged those at the meeting to rally public support for the traditional graduation by writing letters to the editor and speaking out at other forums, yet said that “the legal arguments will determine the outcome” rather than public sentiment.

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2 Comments on “Neptune Board Holds Pep Rally for Great Auditorium Graduation”

  1. Justified Right said at 12:00 pm on May 12th, 2011:

    The NJ- ACLU is typically broke. They often threaten these suits, and get the municipality, who is usually just as broke, to make some concessions without suit.

    When the municipality ignores them, they go away.

    Stay the course, Neptune.

  2. oh, swell, said at 6:22 pm on May 16th, 2011:

    hold it in a major rivals’ town!.. boo..absolutely stand firm, Nep, and: “onward, Neptune soldiers”, if ya can’t take the word “Christian”!!