The Asbury Park Press Needs A Fact Checker

By Art Gallagher

The Asbury Park Press, aka The Neptune Nudniks  really needs to teach their editorial staff how to use google or they need to hire a fact checker who knows how to use google.  In this information age there is no justification for getting the facts wrong as often as the Nudniks do.

In editorial published yesterday about the Live Action video depicting a Planned Parenthood employee in Perth Amboy coaching Live Action activists posing as a pimp and underage prostitute how to avoid being caught trafficking underage sex slaves, the APP editorial  board inaccurately defended Planned Parenthood  They said:

To its credit, Planned Parenthood said it had promptly notified law enforcement authorities after the visit, and it also announced it had fired the clinic employee for violating some of the organization’s policies.

Planned Parenthood also said at least 12 of its clinics across the country had been visited by Live Action undercover operatives claiming to be sex traffickers. None of the clinics’ employees at the other sites took the bait.

Emphasis added.

That’s not true.  The Planned Parenthood clinics’ other employees, at least some of them,  did take the bait.  Live Action released four more videos on Friday morning  that show employees in four Virginia clinics cooperating with activists posing as sex traffickers.

If the Asbury Park Press editorial board didn’t know that, they should have.  At the very least they should have known that LiveAction was going to release more video footage.  They said they were going to.

Incidentally, this is why, in part, that I’ve been critical of Live Action for releasing their videos without including an acknowledgment of the fact that Planned Parenthood’s leadership reported their visits to the authorities a full week prior the video releases.  The mainstream media is both lazy and strapped financially. Their “news” is increasingly nothing more than regurgitated press releases and sound bites.  It’s a shame that their editorials are as well.

On a much lighter note, APP sports writer Steve Edelson started his latest blog post with the cliche “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Edelson’s post was about a Dr. Scholl’s Super Bowl commercial featuring Jets coach Rex Ryan and his wife Michelle of foot fetish video fame.

The press release about the commercial that Edelson received was made up.

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