“It’s an amazing world” ~ Christie disses Palin

By Art Gallagher

Governor Chris Chrisite dissed former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin last night during his appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.  Asked by Fallon if he thought Palin could be President, Christie shook his head and said, “It’s an amazing world.”  Fallon followed up with “Crazier things have happened?”  Christie said, “I don’t know, it’s an amazing world.”

Christie’s dislike of Palin has been well known in Republican circles for quite some time.  He did not invite her to participate in his successful gubernatorial campaign last year and he instructed New Jersey’s Republican congressional candidates this year that his support was contingent upon Palin not being invited to New Jersey.  Palin cancelled an appearance in Ocean County for Jon Runyan during the last week of the 2010 campaign.

His slight of Palin during the Fallon show was the first public show of dislike between the national Republcian “rock stars.”

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19 Comments on ““It’s an amazing world” ~ Christie disses Palin”

  1. Kathy Baratta said at 1:20 pm on November 24th, 2010:

    That’s because he likes to work with accomplished women. Not a female version of Professor Irwin Corey or Norm Crosby. I know it appears the majority has lowered the bar but obviously Christie still has high expectations of public figures. Erudite people who know the difference between “refute” and “repudiate.” Enter Kim Guadagno.

  2. ArtGallagher said at 1:32 pm on November 24th, 2010:

    Welcome back Kathy. It is always a pleasure to have you here. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. brian said at 1:33 pm on November 24th, 2010:

    Define “accomplished” women. I would think that being a mayor, a Governor, and
    a candidate to be VP would be more “accomplished” than a columnist for shopper’s weekly, but that’s just siily me.

  4. brian said at 1:35 pm on November 24th, 2010:

    I guess a failed column read by 20-25 people is more of an “accomplishment” than two books, each of which sold over
    a million copies. l am not fluent in progressive math, silly me.

  5. sean connelly said at 1:36 pm on November 24th, 2010:

    Why? I am amused and dismayedby K Barattas remarks as they indicate she is one of the many gulled into believing what has become commonplace misinformation. I can accept that one may disagree w/Palin’s poli/philo views;too conservative,etc.,but if that is one’s beef,then be clear and defend your position w/out the juvenile ,lazy habit of resorting to vitriol,schoolyard prattle and foolish displays of estrangement from serious analysis. I caanot know what the Gov. feels or thinks @ Palin,but would very much eant to know the nature of his disagreements w/her from a governance perspective.

  6. Kathy Baratta said at 1:46 pm on November 24th, 2010:

    Right backatcha, Art.

    Happy Turkey Day!


    P.S. Mr. Nelson, I read Ms. Palin’s “book.” I wonder if she has. Just goes to show what can happen if you get the right “ghostwriter.”
    Now me, I write all my own work. That is why I was honored with two of the top awards given by the New Jersey Press Association. Now you, on the other hand, couldn’t get one loser elected Freeholder.

  7. brian said at 2:43 pm on November 24th, 2010:

    While you polish your meaningless awards from Pravda, we booted out all the dims in
    Middletown and dumped Damico.
    I will give you $100.000 if you can correctly
    identify me.
    ps we are all wise to who/what you are.

  8. ArtGallagher said at 2:48 pm on November 24th, 2010:

    Hey Brian, can I get in on that deal?

  9. James Hogan said at 3:29 pm on November 24th, 2010:

    It’s never easy to be critical of “successful” people, especially when you’re a noone like me, and Palin is successful where I am not, but I agree with Christie on this and have been vocal about it in the past and will continue to be vocal about it in the future, should the need arise, like now.

    IMO, as a vice-presidential candidate, Mrs. Palin failed to deliver a “conservative” message; or at least failed to deliver the same “conservative” message that she is now trying(?) to sell, and I do mean “sell” as in books/TV gimmicks/Rallies/Speaking Gigs, which is my beef with her.

    It is the opinion of this AverageNoOne that Mrs. Palin is a mere opportunist who recognized that by quiting her role as Gov of Alaska and becoming an almost TV Star, while purporting to sell “conservative” wares alongside side carnival side-show acts like Glenn Beck, she could make millions, and she has been successful in her sales gimmick, so good for her, YaY Capitalism, and it shows that she has much more business sense than many give her credit for, again good for her.

    However, I for one see Mrs. Palin as a cheap carny act more interested in earning a buck than a dedicated representative of the people most interested in bringing about conservative changes and conservative policy to government. If she cared most about the later, she’d probably still be Gov of Alaska, and probably would be trying to implement a “conservative” policy there, but alas, she was hardly what I’d call a “conservative” Gov and she certainly wasn’t portraying the same level of “conservativeness” that she now plays on TV.

    Sadly, Americans seem most interest in electing the people they see acting in a role on the TV rather than electing people who are genuinely concerned with policy and understand the system well enough to enact that policy, “It’s an amazing world.”.

  10. Mlaffey said at 4:17 pm on November 24th, 2010:

    When Governor Palin first stepped into the limelight I was very intrigued and hopeful.
    Unfortunatly she has, in my opinion, made mis-step after mis-step. The last straw for me is using her celebrity to appear on a reality TV show and her daughter appearing on another reality show at the same time.

    This is just not something a serious leader should be doing. I do not think she is stupid by any means I just don’t think she has shown leadership ability.

    I agree with Mrs. Palin on most issues however in order to be elected President she needs to communicate her message in such a way as to inspire confidence in her ability not just with her base but with a majority of the rest of the country. This was something Ronald Reagan was able to do despite relentless attacks by a liberal elite controlled media.
    Mrs. Palin has not shown that she can do the same.

  11. Tecumseh said at 4:30 pm on November 24th, 2010:

    Sarah Palin is a radioactive cloud hovering over the Republican party. Too shallow to understand the depth of any issue beyond her gee-wiz sound bites, too wierd to be a leader, too self-important to just go away. Hey folks, there is no there there. Open your eyes. If we do not jettison her quick, it can only undermine our attempt to unify around a winning candidate in 2012.

  12. TooLate said at 5:54 pm on November 24th, 2010:

    Our “brave” governor didn’t say it out loud during the presidential election – when it may have mattered. What a newsflash – spineless big mouthed governor disengages his wagon from a falling star. The only thing that distinguishes a Palin from a Christie is that he hasn’t yet quit his governorship to cash in on the big bucks.

  13. Rick Ambrosia said at 6:06 pm on November 24th, 2010:

    I’m sorry…but I think you need to know the difference between North and South Korea to be taken even the slightest bit seriously. She’s a celebrity fool on the path of Paris Hilton. And please, stop with the “Governor Palin” bullshit. As soon as she saw those dollar signs, she resigned in the first half of her only term. She’s a joke, but hey, the joke’s on you guys.

  14. Gene Baldassari said at 10:29 pm on November 24th, 2010:

    I am hoping that people break out of the box while there might still be a slim fighting chance to eliminate the fascist oligarch. The Marc Stevens two minute video at the URL below sums up our blind debates between Tweedledee and Tweedledum.


  15. M. Ward said at 1:23 am on November 25th, 2010:

    When you ask people what they think of Sarah Palin, you’re bound to get vastly different responses, mostly based on geographic location.

    If you travel to america’s heartland, the bible belt, or anywhere in the deep south, you’ll find a particularly warm response for Palin amongst republicans. This is due to that region’s population consisting of many socially conservative individuals, ‘the religious right’, who don’t see any leeway when it comes to abortion, gay marriage, etc.

    Their views, and their passion for those social issues, are inline mostly with what Sarah stands for.

    In the northeastern and west coast regions of the country, especially in urban areas, many people see themselves as more socially moderate/liberal. New Jersey absolutely falls into this territory.

    In fact, bringing Sarah in to campaign for a New Jersey political candidate might do more harm than good. She may rally the true conservative base, but she’ll scare away most if not all of the moderates and soft liberals who are thinking about voting republican.

    Those who follow politics ‘casually’, (as in vote based off of sound bites and tv ads) Will also likely have a negative view of Palin, due to the media’s constant butchering of her intelligence and character.

  16. M. Ward said at 1:34 am on November 25th, 2010:


    Governor Christie is absolutely nothing like Sarah Palin. The way he answered the question I thought was excellent. It would not only to be inappropriate, but it would also be politcally unattractive to blast national political candidates (let’s face it, Sarah Palin is already running for 2012) when it’s not prudent for a governor to do so.

    Jimmy Fallon was hoping that Chris would say something biting about Sarah, which is exactly what your asking him to do. If he did, the media would have torn him apart for it and the already growing devision in the republican party will not have any better of a chance to mend.

  17. Freespeaker1976 said at 11:54 am on November 25th, 2010:

    Gov. Christie,

    Becareful of your words. You may just have alienated the people who are volunteer the hardest for elections. This is the “RINO Elitist” side of the Governor which leaked out. NOT Good Guv.

  18. Freespeaker1976 said at 12:12 pm on November 25th, 2010:

    One more thing. Notice that Barbara Bush also took a dig at Palin this week. Is this a concerted effort and if so why?

    The why is that the “Blue Blood” Washinto insiders are afraid of Palin because they know she can win the Primary. Not probably win but can possibly win. But, they don’t want their apple cart upset.

    Am I positively for Palin, not quite sure yet. But, I believe in fair competition and let the VOTERS decide, not ex Washington insiders or the media.

  19. Amnesia is convenient, said at 8:36 pm on November 25th, 2010:

    when then the jealous and shallow among us just conveniently forget that the sitting Pres. didn’t even know how many states there are when he was campaigning,(57, not 50??), and the current VP is a dopey and total, worldwide embarassment, every time he just opens his mouth!!.. whatever she does/says, I say: good for you, Sarah!.. bright, real, accomplished in more ways than MOST ever will be, still hot and gorgeous after those 5 kids and a grandson, and smart enough to earn honest dollars for her whole family with books and appearances,( which would not be successful if many didn’t like her!)..is just like the dear Clintons have done, and anybody ELSE who capitalizes on their celebrity.. you go, girl, and, my opinion is, go eat your hearts out, Mr. Gov-Bully, and everybody else who can’ t handle it!..