Scott Sipprelle Is Not Running For President

Neither is Sarah Palin

Governor Chris Christie is not the only Jersey Guy who announced yesterday that he is not running for president.  On the Real Jersey Guys Radio Show with former Senator Dick LaRossa and Art Gallagher yesterday afternoon, Scott Sipprelle, last years GOP nominee for Congress in the 12th Congressional District, said he’s not running either.

Following suit, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin told Mark Levin that she’s also not running.

If you missed the show with Sipprelle, here’s a recording:

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My wife said she enjoyed it.  I hope you do too.

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Who’s hotter? Christie or Palin?

InTheLobby reminds of that the war of words between Governor Chris Christie and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is heating up as neither of them runs from president.

Meanwhile, Quinnipiac released a poll this morning that says voters rate Christie as much hotter than Palin.


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“It’s an amazing world” ~ Christie disses Palin

By Art Gallagher

Governor Chris Chrisite dissed former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin last night during his appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.  Asked by Fallon if he thought Palin could be President, Christie shook his head and said, “It’s an amazing world.”  Fallon followed up with “Crazier things have happened?”  Christie said, “I don’t know, it’s an amazing world.”

Christie’s dislike of Palin has been well known in Republican circles for quite some time.  He did not invite her to participate in his successful gubernatorial campaign last year and he instructed New Jersey’s Republican congressional candidates this year that his support was contingent upon Palin not being invited to New Jersey.  Palin cancelled an appearance in Ocean County for Jon Runyan during the last week of the 2010 campaign.

His slight of Palin during the Fallon show was the first public show of dislike between the national Republcian “rock stars.”

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