More Evidence That The Neptune Nudniks Are Irrelevant

Need more evidence that the Asbury Park Press’s election coverage is irrelevant?  Go to CNN’s My elections page enter your your zip code and see which site is most prominently featured in their news feed.

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One Comment on “More Evidence That The Neptune Nudniks Are Irrelevant”

  1. Firesign58 said at 10:37 pm on October 25th, 2010:

    Yep. No surprise there – 5-for 6 MMM with one BlueJersey. A big NULL for the Nudnicks on that one.

    I unsubscribed from the Neptune screed years ago and never missed it. The Atlantic Highlands Herald has more relevant news. And more diverse appeal. Seriously.

    And MMM is the best politically-oriented blog around. Art, you rock. Love the dancing penguin!