Governor Christie’s 3rd Budget Address

Governor Chris Christie will deliver the annual budget address tomorrow afternoon, 2PM, in the Assembly Chambers at the Statehouse.

You can watch it live here:

Watch live streaming video from governorchrischristie at livestream.com


Tomorrow evening at 9PM, CNN will air a taped interview of Christie by Piers Morgan.

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3 Comments on “Governor Christie’s 3rd Budget Address”

  1. NFS said at 11:26 pm on February 20th, 2012:

    When is Christie going to pursue a right to work state? NJ still ranks at the bottom of the list for a business friendly environment. We know it’s because of Unions. So why hasn’t he introduced a right to work state proposal?

    Quite frankly, I’m really tiring of him and his half-ass solutions.

    He needs to something worthwhile. 2.0 hard cap = 2.5 soft cap. Nothing was accomplished.

    I don’t take him seriously anymore and he hurts republicans state-wide and I hate to say it, but it’s true.

  2. yup, that too, said at 1:40 pm on February 21st, 2012:

    and, when do we stop the spigot of our cash going to the so-called “oppressed cities”??..even more for their schools, to me, is another “flush” moment, at our increasing expense- am sick of the nonsense..

  3. Barbara said at 10:27 pm on February 21st, 2012:

    I must have missed the part where he said “vote for Romney”. heh.