African American Genocide Organization To Honor Pallone

By Art Gallagher

Frank Pallone will be honored with Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey’s Leadership Award on Sunday evening as the organization celebrates in 75th Anniversary.


Earlier this week I ridiculed Pallone for pulling out of the Monmouth County Medical Society’s Health Care Forum and Planned Parenthood for teaching teens about pulling out as a method of contraception.  In that post I admitted that I really didn’t know much about Planned Parenthood and just assumed it was a place where people went to get cheap (subsidized) contraceptives and abortions.

Now that Planned Parenthood is on my radar, I am appalled to learn what an evil, and racist, organization they are.

Ron Millerron-miller-2009, a U.S Air Force veteran and the Executive Director of Regular Folks United spells out just how evil and racist Planned Parenthood is in his article, Planned Parenthood’s Negro Project Lives On.  Miller writes:

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I believe Planned Parenthood is a morally bankrupt institution, whose legacy of restricting what Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg described as “growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of” is written in the blood of tens of millions of black children who never had the chance to see the light of day.

Their denials to the contrary, the facts continue to indict their ongoing attempts to exterminate as many “undesirables”, as Planned Parenthood founder and eugenicist Margaret Sanger called them, as possible.

From the sting that revealed an all too eager willingness on the part of several Planned Parenthood clinics to accept a donation from a man who explicitly expressed that it be used to kill black babies, to the statistics that reveal black women account for over a third of all abortions, even though they are only 13 percent of the population, they have been caught red-handed – literally – in their gruesome task of carrying on Sanger’s “Negro Project.”

Read the rest of Miller’s piece here.

Happy Anniversary Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey.  Congratulations Frank.

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