Neptune Township Gets $725K For Cops. Pallone Had Nothing To Do With It

Phoney Palloney Is At It Again,  Asbury Park Press  Falls For It (Willingly?) Again

By Art Gallagher

The United States Department of Justice announced their Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) grants on Thursday.  They awarded $298 million to fund the hiring and retaining of 1,388 state, local and tribal law enforcement officers by 379 police and sheriffs departments in 49 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.  The funding will be administered by the department’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), and is being awarded under the COPS Hiring Program.  

The Neptune Township Police Department was among the 379 departments nationwide to get a grant, $725,000.  They applied and met the criteria.

Phoney Palloney told the Asbury Park Press about the grant and they wrote a storythat made it sound like Pallone had something to do with Neptune getting the grant.

New Brunswick, also in Pallone’s 6th congressional district, got almost $1.6 million in COPS funds.  That amount wasn’t mentioned in the APP article, nor did Gannett’s outlet that covers New Brunswick, mycentraljersey.com mention it.  Pallone must have polling data that tells him he needs free press support in Monmouth, but not in Middlesex.

Just as we saw with the coverage of Pallone’s Fish Tales , his $400 million fish counting stimulus that will never be passed by congress, the Asbury Park Press is in the tank for Frank Pallone.  They’re not fair and biased.  They’re just biased, pretending not to be.  They’re unfair and biased.

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3 Comments on “Neptune Township Gets $725K For Cops. Pallone Had Nothing To Do With It”

  1. Freespeaker76 said at 7:59 am on October 1st, 2010:

    The Press, Fair & Balanced? Why would anyone ever think they were. They’re indeed shills for the Democrats.

    Of course, Neptune’s Democrats will try to “make hay” of this; and thanks to Art’s article here, they will be exposed as the frauds they are.

  2. Seamus said at 3:43 pm on October 1st, 2010:

    I live in Neptune Township. We have too many cops here already. This grant notwithstanding, we can’t afford to hire anymore cops. Indeed, we need to lay-off more than a few cops.

  3. Michael S. Golub said at 9:16 am on October 2nd, 2010:

    The Police Department of Neptune Township has one of the best rank and files staffs of any in our area, maybe even in the state. In sharp contrast the brass and Townnship Administration would do better to focus on more actual community policing and less community politicing around town. Taxpayers do not want to see, and deserve other than to have, their Police Department leadership acting as political heavies for the Township Committee and a few paid professionals. Touring around town acting like, “Hey, you pat me on the back in public, and tell everyone how great a job I’m doing, and I’ll say the same or better about you” The time they spend (better discribed as wasting) explaining how well and competently they’re operating our municipality, while it splips ever so closer toward bankrupcy, they could be doing more to prevent it. As an expample: A Hotel Tax is easier to impliment than a comprehensive approach to adresssing poor revenue stimulation & generation. Do they have a plan, or is just something in draft form on the hard drive of the CFO, that he’ll get them up to speed on quickly, just before a vote on it comes up? “here are your bullet points go out there and seel it to the public” It’s called “Teleprompter Politics.” The sadest thing about all this is it’s really all about setting a few in the inner circle up with better paid & or more stipend positions after retirement as well as trading off some current employment positions for new opportunities, of course at the taxpayers expense! These guys are sooooooooo good at this. In the end it will be marketed and announced like they’re doing us a great service and civic favor. Kind of like the cold, heavy and stiff handed doctor who says, “Don’t worry this won’t hurt a bit” It usually doesn’t, not until the pain killer wears off a bit anyway. By that time you’re home suffering and the doctor, well he’s shooting 18 holes, after having your check deposited in the bank, and then going out to dinner on your dime. Don’t you just love it. Keep tuned in as the stuff hits the fan right after the election, because by next year you will have already forgotten about it. TIMING is everything! If your interested in preventive measures to avioid this kind of under-handed government and want a high detenation of ethics to explode on townhall on Election Day, Vote for Warren Lapp. He’s not a “super hero” He’s just super honest! This won’t go away with out your help and vote. It was established solely in the absence of your help and your vote!