Fact Check: Cory Booker Did Not Sing Top Gun Tune While Sexually Engaged with Drunken Teen

By Phil Stilton


WASHINGTON-When telling a good story, often the story is good enough.  Sometimes, the facts behind that story don’t match up to the story, but the strength of the story often overshadows the actual facts.

Such is the case in a story written in 1992 by a young Stanford University Student, Cory Booker.

Fast forward to 2018 and Cory Booker is now a United States Senator clamoring for truth and justice.

Back in 1992, young Booker was just experimenting in social justice.

“New Year’s Eve 1984 I will never forget. I was 15. As the ball dropped, I leaned over to hug a friend and she met me instead with an overwhelming kiss,” Booker reminisced about his sexual encounter eight years earlier.

Again, keep in mind, 1984 was only 8 years prior to his 1992 editorial. Read the rest of this entry »

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