Sheriff Golden warns swimmers of the dangers of riptides

Labor Day weekend is projected to be beautiful. However, Jersey Shore beaches have been experiencing dangerous riptides recently.  This trend is expected to continue through the weekend.

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden recorded this video earlier this summer with Chief Lifeguard Tim  Harmon of Sea Girt to warn of the dangers of riptides and how to avoid a tragedy in the ocean.

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Doherty Sued For Fraud

The Emperor and Empress of Belmar

The Emperor and Empress of Belmar.  photo via facebook

Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty has been accused of fraud, tortious interference, breach of contract and breach of covenant in suit filed against Doherty personally and the Borough of Belmar by the landlord of Salt, the Harmon Brothers’ establishment whose liquor license transfer was denied by the Borough last Spring.

The suit filed by William Wolf of Bathgate, Wegener and Wolf on behalf a Loko Co, LLC, a development company owned by Gregory Kapalko, alleges that Doherty urged Kapalko to suspend the permitting applications with the NJ DEP for the construction of the waterfront property that Loko has an agreement with the Borough to redevelop and instead enter into a Joint Venture with Ollie Klein, the owner of Klein’s Fish Market, and Stephen and Mark Coleman, Florida based real estate investors. Doherty promised that the Borough would extend the schedule of the Redevelopment Agreement  if Klein and the Colemans were involved in the project, according to the suit.  Loko complied with Doherty’s suggestion and he reneged on the deal to extend the Redevelopment Agreement.

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Doherty, Gopal continue to bully young protester

Gopal likens Belmar protest to a home invasion

17 year old says he wasn’t paid to protest

Vin Cory Matt

Vin Gopal speaks at Doherty fundraiser while Sen Cory Booker and Matt Doherty look on. photo via facebook

Belmar Mayor “Lawless Matt” Doherty and Monmouth County Democrat Chairman Vin Gopal are continuing to use a naive 17 year old boy as a political pawn in an attempt to create sympathy for Doherty because his “safe space” was violated by Belmar residents who protested outside the mayor’s home during a fundraiser featuring Senator Cory Booker on August 10.

The residents were protesting Belmar not authorizing a local restaurant to transfer their liquor license to a new location, despite the fact that the borough had approved the building of the location and the mayor had signed a redevelopment agreement authorizing the location.  They were also protesting the mayor allowing a $2500 campaign contributor to land a helicopter in a borough park without obtaining the consent of the Council or providing public notice.  Doherty said the restaurant owners, the Harmon brothers, made a bad business decision by building out the new location without first obtaining approval of the license transfer.

MMM was the first to report on the protest the morning after it occurred.

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Dirty Doherty, Gopal Accuse Monmouth GOP and MoreMonmouthMusings of staging Belmar protest

Monmouth GOP: We’re not run by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz or Hillary Clinton

Doherty fundraiser 081016

Monmouth County Democrat Chairman Vin Gopal has a canny knack for getting otherwise good journalists to print stories based on his libelous allegations that have no basis in fact.

In 2013 Gopal issued a Friday evening press release accusing a Republican Red Bank Council candidate of having a warrant out for his arrest in Texas. MoreMonmouthMusings contacted Texas authorities to confirm the story and found that it was false.  But several respected publications ran with Gopal’s lie before retracting their story after MMM published the truth.

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